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New Joint – Rahiem Supreme

Rahiem Supreme – “Mind Voodoo” (@RahiemSupreme / 2020)

Produced by Riley Lamarre.

New Joint – Rahiem Supreme

Rahiem Supreme – “Thousand Dollar Slippers” (@RahiemSupreme / 2020)

Produced by twelveAM.

New Joint – Ankhlejohn

Ankhlejohn – “Morton’s Menu” (@Ankhlejohn / 2020)

Washington D.C.’s Big Lordy takes a moment to reintroduce himself over slow-and-low Dweeb production.

New Joint – Ankhlejohn

Ankhlejohn – “Day Two” (@Ankhlejohn / 2020)

The Shaap Records artist lets the song cry with this soulful self-produced cut.

New Joint – ANKHLEJOHN / Rahiem Supreme

ANKHLEJOHN ft. Rahiem Supreme – “Lost Tribe Of Shabazz” (@ShaapRecords / 2019)

The two Shaap emcees trade fiery rhymes fuelled by righteous aggression on the title track of ANKHLEJOHN’s new self-produced EP.

New Joint – Ankhlejohn / Rome Streetz

Ankhlejohn ft. Rome Streetz – “Paul Janssen” (@Ankhlejohn / 2019)

Self-produced rawness from the Washington D.C. artist’s Shaap Records project “Reign Supreme”.

New Joint – Ankhlejohn

Ankhlejohn – “The Informant” (@Ankhlejohn / 2019)

Taken from the charismatic Washington DC lyricist’s Vinyl Villain-produced album “A Cold World”.