Monthly Archives: July 2021

New Joint – Wish Master x Illinformed / Axel Holy

Wish Master x Illinformed ft. Axel Holy – “Got Em Shook / Got Em Scared” (WishMaster.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Taken from Bristol emcee Wish Master’s forthcoming Illinformed-produced album “Cold Harbour Tales” which drops in September.

New Joint – Big Kahuna OG & Unlucky Bastards

Big Kahuna OG & Unlucky Bastards – “Seance” (MutantAcademyRVA.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Slick, swaggering rhymes and soulful beats from the Richmond, Virgina emcee’s new Unlucky Bastards-produced album “Flameboy Advance”.

New Joint – vsteeze & Funky DL

vsteeze & Funky DL – “Jam” (FunkyDL.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Nimble wordplay and crisp, jazz-influenced beats from the US / UK duo’s new collaborative EP “The Honey Pack”, the follow-up to “The Lilac Pack” released earlier this year.

New Joint – John Robinson

John Robinson – “Dear John” (JohnRobinson.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

The NY-based emcee gets up-close-and-personal with this short-but-effective track from his Blu-produced release “King JR”.

New Joint – Tracey Lee / Jermaine Hardsoul

Tracey Lee ft. Jermaine Hardsoul – “Butter Soft” (TraceyLeeMusic.Com / 2021)

Smoothed-out feel-good summertime party vibes from the ever-impressive Tracey Lee.

New Joint – Casual

Casual – “Distracted” (@SmashRockwell / 2021)

The Hiero emcee demonstrates why he’s still one of the best to hold a microphone with this potent freestyle over a Conway instrumental.

New Joint – Stetsasonic

Stetsasonic – “(Now Y’all Giving Up) Love” (Stetsasonic1.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

One of my all-time favourite groups, the mighty Stetsasonic make a welcome return with this lively, upbeat blast of quality Hip-Hop.

New Joint – Ockz / M.A.V. / El Camino

Ockz ft. M.A.V. & El Camino – “Sun Tzu Fly Sh$t” (@MansaOckz / 2021)

Taken from the Brooklyn emcee’s forthcoming “Ahki Manteca” release.

New Joint – Rich Jones & Montana Macks / Matt Muse / Psalm One etc.

Rich Jones & Montana Macks ft. Matt Muse, Defcee, SKECH185, Psalm One & Jovan Landry – “Locals Only” (RichJonesMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Windy City wordsmith Rich Jones calls on the lyrical talents of some fellow Chi-Town representatives for this posse cut from his Montana Macks-produced album “How do you sleep at night?”.

New Joint – Pruven

Pruven – “Chopsticks” (Pruven.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Produced by Japan’s ILL Sugi and taken from the NY-based emcee’s 2020 album “Asiatic African Arts”.

New Joint – Big Kahuna OG & Unlucky Bastards

Big Kahuna OG & Unlucky Bastards – “Scales Tippin'” (@BigKahunaOG / 2021)

Sopranos-inspired visuals from the Mutant Academy member’s new Unlucky Bastards-produced “Flameboy Advance” project.

New Joint – Boom Bap Project / Rachel Panni / Alison Balano

Boom Bap Project ft. Rachel Panni & Alison Balano – “Ink Drips” (BoomBapProject.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Veteran emcees Karim and Destro Destructo get introspective on this Vitamin D-produced track from the Portland / Seattle crew’s forthcoming “Return Flight” album, the first Boom Bap Project release since 2005.

New Joint – Rasheed Chappell & Reckonize Real

Rasheed Chappell & Reckonize Real – “Walk Amongst The Gods (3:16 AM)” (@RasheedChappell / @ReckonizeReal / 2021)

Taken from the EP “15 Minutes In Queens”.

New Joint – Oshea Boyd / Skyzoo

Oshea Boyd ft. Skyzoo – “Heaven” (@OsheaBoyd / 2021)

Cali’s Oshea Boyd and NY’s Skyzoo both deliver some lyrical food for thought over the jazz-influenced production of Ckwnce.

New Joint – Brainorchestra x Alsogood

Brainorchestra x Alsogood – “Chosen” (Brainorchestra.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Smooth, drum-heavy single off the new “Olive Branch” collabo EP from New Jersey’s Brainorchestra and Italy’s Alsogood.

New Joint – TrueMendous / Masta Ace

TrueMendous ft. Masta Ace – “Emmett Till” (@HighFocusUK / 2021)

Birmingham’s TrueMendous delivers powerful rhymes addressing racism and police brutality alongside Juice Crew legend Masta Ace on this Dirty Dike-produced track from her recent album “Misdiagnosis Of Chyvonne Johnson”.

More Randoms Beat Tape Stream – Storm Watkins

Baltimore’s Storm Watkins continues his run of impressive instrumental projects, delivering yet another sterling selection of finely-crafted beats heavy with head-nod appeal.

New Joint – Jay Holly x Prime

Jay Holly x Prime – “Product” (@JayHolly247 / 2021)

Transmitting live from the galaxy of Queens, NY duo Jay Holly and Prime trade sharp rhymes over quality Vitto_Himself production.

New Joint – Uncommon Nasa

Uncommon Nasa – “Vincent Crane” (UncommonRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Creative visuals and engaging rhymes from the NY artist’s forthcoming sixth album release “Only Child”, produced entirely by Messiah Musik.

New Joint – S.Kalibre / Genesis Elijah / Verbs / JabbaThaKut

S.Kalibre ft. Genesis Elijah, Verbs of Iron Bridge & JabbaThaKut – “Warriors” (@S_Kalibre / 2021)

Heavyweight UK collaboration vibes produced by Slap Up Mill.