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City To City – Tanya Morgan

Tanya Morgan explain the idea behind the title of their new album “Brooklynati”.

Father Time – Olu Dara

Nas’s father jazz musician Olu Dara speaks on Hip-Hop and his rap legend son.

The Next Generation – Fashawn

Upcoming West Coast emcee Fashawn on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg.

It’s refreshing to hear a young artist talking about going back and studying the history of Hip-Hop – based on what I’ve heard from this dude I’m definitely looking forward to checking his “Boy Meets World” project when it drops in August.

Bonus Clip: Evidence & Fashawn 101 Barz Freestyle

New Joint – Scienz Of Life


Scienz Of Life – “I Am King” ( Project Mooncircle / 2009 )

New single from Scienz Of Life’s forthcoming album “Leviathan”.

Album Review – Ancient Astronauts

Picture 012

Ancient Astronauts

“We Are To Answer”

(ESI Music)

Hailing from Cologne, Germany, production duo the Ancient Astronauts offer a varied blend of sounds on their latest project, encompassing everything from jazzy 90s-era Hip-Hop to moody dub reggae. With so many styles being thrown into the sonic melting pot, “We Are To Answer” could very easily have lacked direction, yet studio partners Kabanjak and Dogu do a relatively good job of ensuring their forays into different musical genres maintain a sense of cohesion.

The atmospheric roller “I Came Running” is indicative of the Astronauts spaced-out approach to their craft, as haunting female vocal samples and beautiful acoustic guitar meet heavy bass and crisp beats. The pair pick up the pace with the clattering drum & bass of “Dark Green Rod”, before moving onto the snappy, piano-laced boom-bap of “Risin High”, which features the positive lyrical affirmations of Crown City Rockers wordsmith Raashan Ahmad. The funky instrumental “Everybody” conjures up thoughts of blaxploitation car chases, whilst underground Bay Area favourite Azeem spits vividly twisted barbs on the sparse “Oblivion” (“That’s a beautiful vision, I just painted Armageddon and made it sound like heaven”).

Only when the Ancient twosome venture into reggae territory do they veer slightly off their interstellar flight path, with the breezy vibes of the Tippa Irie-assisted “All Of The Things You Do” and the dub-influenced “Surfing The Silvatide” not sitting comfortably within the context of the album.

The Ancient Astronauts may not quite succeed in taking the listener on a turbulence-free galactic voyage with “We Are To Answer”, but they do demonstrate enough creative flair and individuality to ensure their newest effort won’t just sit around gathering space dust.

Ryan Proctor

Spraycan Art – The Graff Life

Trailer for new graffiti documentary “The Graff Life”.

New Joint – Taybot


Taybot – “Dynamite” ( Taybot3.Com / 2009 )

Taybot – “Keep Ya Head Noddin'” ( Taybot3.Com / 2009 )

Both tracks taken from the Seattle emcee’s “Taybot / Phil & Numberman” mix-CD.

New Joint – Blaq Poet / Nore

Blaq Poet ft. Nore – “Hate” ( Year Round / 2009 )

Taken from the forthcoming album “Tha Blaqprint”.

Murda Muzik – Kill The Record Labels

“Kill The Record Labels” documentary trailer featuring DJ Green Lantern, DJ Vlad, 50 Cent and Jim Jones etc.

The Foundation – Tony Tone / Grand Wizard Theodore

Tony Tone of the Cold Crush Brothers and Grand Wizard Theodore discuss the future of Hip-Hop on SlopeTV.Com.

New Joint – The Good People


The Good People – “Gotta Thing For You” ( Domination / 2009 )

Taken from Saint and Emskee’s new album “Home Coming”.

The Breakfast Club – Donny Goines

donnybig copy

Download Donny Goines’ new album “The Breakfast Club” here.


1) Don’t You Prod. by Cook Classics
2) Bring It Forward (New York, New York) Prod. by Versatile
3) Whatever It Is (Ft. Mela Machinko) Prod. by Frequency
4) Money (Ft. Mistah F.A.B) Prod. by DJ Static
5) Don’t Mess with a Woman (Ft. Amanda Diva & Naledge) Prod. by Dub Z
6) Sublime (Ft. Peter Hadar & Outasight) Prod. by Buckwild
7) She Like (Ft. Che Grand & Izza Kizza) Prod. by Apple Juice Kid
8 ) Make Me Feel (Ft. Emilio Rojas) Prod. by Kwame
9) Oh No (Ft. Patent Pending) Prod. by The Goverment
10) What U Expected Remix (Ft. Rain, Termanology, Reks & Big Lou) Prod. by Statik Selektah
11) A Love Song (Ft. Lydia Caesar & Skyzoo) Prod. by Digga
12) Closer Prod. by Dame Grease
13) Digital Genocide (Ft. Planet Asia & Poison Pen) Prod. by DJ Snips
14) Grateful (Ft. Tanya Morgan & Jeremy Carr) Prod. by Cookin Soul
15) Party Apple Prod. by Apple Juice Kid
16) Can’t Get it Right (Ft. A.Pinks, Esso & 6th Sense) Prod. by 6th Sense
17) These Times Prod. by Dub Z

Lab Technician – DJ Quik

Quik discusses studio equipment on HipHopOfficial.

No B.S. Allowed – Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes on HipHopOfficial’s “Artist Of The Week” segment promoting his new album “Back On My B.S.”.

Lick Shots – Kyza

Online trailer for Kyza’s new single “Go” taken from the forthcoming “Shots Of Smirnoff” project.

Big Dogs – Redman / Method Man / Emilio Sparks

Emilio Sparks interviews Redman and Method Man on Staten Island.

Part One

Part Two

New Joint – DJ Quik / Kurupt

DJ Quik & Kurupt – “9X’s Outta 10” ( Mad Science / 2009 )

Taken from the forthcoming album “Blaqkout”.

Late Night Hype – Donny Goines

Donny Goines on Peter Rosenberg’s “Real Late” show promoting his new album “The Breakfast Club”.

M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought – M-Dot

A-Front Cover

Download Boston rapper M-Dot’s new mix-CD “M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought” featuring Singapore Kane, Termanology and Domingo here.

B-Back Cover

Home Sweet Home – Tanya Morgan

Tanya Morgan discuss their new album “Brooklynati”.