Monthly Archives: March 2019

LAZERFOCUS EP Stream – Agallah & DirtyDiggs

lazer cover

West Coast production outfit DirtyDiggs supply Brooklyn-bred rhyme vet Agallah with an impeccable selection of sample-based beats on this expertly-executed collabo project.

New Joint – Eerf Evil / Majical

Eerf Evil ft. Majical – “Polarity” (@Eerf_Evil / 2019)

The London lyricist delivers some food for thought over head-nodding Purple Cloud production.

New Joint – All Hail Y.T. & Benji Socrate$

deluxe cover

All Hail Y.T. & Benji Socrate$ – “Speed Ball” (AllHailYT.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

The Delaware-based artist flexes his “Robert De Niro “Casino” flow” on this smoothed-out cut from his Socrate$-produced “Deluxe Drugz” project.


New Joint – Stack Skrilla

Stack Skrilla – “Viva La Raza” (StackSkrilla.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

The NY emcee slices through the hazy, horn-laced vibes of producer Benji Socrate$ with sharp, precise rhymes for this cut off his 2018 EP “Chow”.

New Joint – FLEEMRKT

FLEEMRKT – “5 n Up” (@BubStyles / 2019)

Producer brassxbeard laces Brooklyn duo Bub Styles and ARXV with some piano-laced niceness for this quality cut off the pair’s new “Sauce Awards” EP.

New Joint – Left Lane Didon / Jay NiCE

Left Lane Didon ft. Jay NiCE – “McCollum & Dame” (PhonicArt.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Mute Won-produced street-wise wordplay from the Delaware-based artist’s new album “Choref”.

New Joint – BeeB

BeeB – “e.r.a. (coke flow)” (@haBibeaUx / 2019)

Creative visuals for the New Jersey emcee’s 2018 single inspired by the impact of America’s 80s crack epidemic and the life of former Major League baseball player Dwight Gooden.

New Joint – Terrence Wood & CrewZoo

Terrence Wood & CrewZoo – “Off The Grid” (@TWoodMusic / 2019)

Confident, self-assured lyricism from the Austin, Texas emcee formerly known as Side Effect.

New Joint – Apokalips The Archangel

Apokalips The Archangel – “Lead By Example” (@TopShelfMuzik37 / 2019)

Piano-laced Mr Jack-produced rawness from the Queens, NY emcee’s “End Of Days” album.

New Joint – Ridlaa

Ridlaa – “Mars Attacks” (@The_Ridlaa / 2019)

The Birmingham-based emcee attempts to cut through the matrix of everyday existence on this Micall Parknsun-produced track.

New Joint – Wish Master / Glock

Wish Master ft. Glock – “Jupiter” (WishMaster.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Taken from the Bristol-based lyricist’s Baileys Brown-produced release “Boombap To The Future”.

New Joint – Illa x Diatribe

Illa x Diatribe – “Very Clear” (Kynz-Illa.BandCamp.Com / DannyDiatribe.BandCamp,Com / 2019)

Melodic boom-bap from the Irish duo’s forthcoming collabo EP.

New Joint – Illaman

Illaman – “Shook” (@Illaman / 2019)

Earnest, confessional rhymes and minimalist, atmospheric production from the UK emcee’s Normoddity-produced EP “Give Us A Smile”.

New Joint – Eto & Superior

Eto & Superior – “Fortune” (BelowSystem.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Taken from the forthcoming album “Long Story Short”.

New Joint – Wish Master

Wish Master – “Destroy & Rebuild” (WishMaster.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Head-nodding Baileys Brown-produced beats and contemplative rhymes from the Bristol emcee’s “Boombap To The Future” release.

New Joint – Rasheed Chappell

Rasheed Chappell – “Franchi$e” (@RasheedChappell / 2019)

The talented East Coast emcee demonstrates why he wants to be mentioned in your ‘favourite emcee’ conversations with this eighth video to be lifted from his Kenny Dope-produced “First Brick” project.

New Joint – Supreme Cerebral

Supreme Cerebral – “Paid In Full” (@BugzyNino / 2019)

Raw, razor-sharp rhymes delivered over haunting production from The Kurse off West Coast emcee Supreme Cerebral’s recent “Gaddafi” project.

New Joint – Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez / Benny The Butcher

carnage cover

Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez ft. Benny The Butcher – “James Brown VS Jimi Hendrix” (ShinigamieRecords.BandCamp,Com / 2019)

Shinigamie-meets-Griselda on this atmospheric, hardcore track off French producer Kyo Itachi and Rhode Island rhymer Milez Grimez’ new collabo album “Carnage”.


New Joint – Falconcrest / Ray Vendetta

Falconcrest ft. Ray Vendetta – “Topsy Turvy” (@FlyFalconCrest / 2019)

Toronto’s Falconcrest and London’s Ray Vendetta showcase their respective brands of lyrical mastery on this dope cut produced by TheRealSkitso.

New Joint – Tek tha Supah LAtin

Tek tha Supah LAtin – “Wess Wess” (@TekthaSupahLAtin / 2019)

The Cali artist proudly reps for the Left Coast in no uncertain terms on this title track (produced by his father Click tha Supah LAtin) off a forthcoming EP release.