Monthly Archives: January 2009

MCs Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS-One

Footage of the Blastmaster freestyling at a recent show in Texas.

Classic Material – Nas / Blackstar / Jay-Z / The Notorious B.I.G. / 2Pac

HipHopOfficial celebrates Black History Month by showcasing five albums that have “changed Hip-Hop music”.

It’s Hammer Time! – El Prez

West Coast emcee El Prez performs his new track “Hammerman” for HipHopOfficial.

Light Another – B-Real

Cypress Hill frontman B-Real talks about his forthcoming solo album “Smoke N Mirrors”.

Long Kiss Goodnight – Jadakiss

Kiss ranks his top five dead-or-alive emcees on RealTalkNY.Net.

I Like It Loud – Homeboy Sandman / LF Daze / Kaze / Knonam

Favourite verses from the Loud.Com finalists.

Presidential MC – El Prez

Inglewood’s El Prez scoops HipHopOfficial’s Artist Of The Week segment.