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New Joint – Boom Bap Fam

Boom Bap Fam – “Big Smoke” (BoomBapFam.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Uncut rawness from Australian duo Ovahand (Maim) and Rorks Drift’s new album “Polar Patterns”.

New Joint – WIK101 / Da Buze Bruvaz


WIK101 ft. Da Buze Bruvaz – “German Suplex” (CrateCartel.Com / 2017)

Australian producer WIK101 supplies Philadelphia-based microphone bullies Da Buze Bruvaz with some rugged, concrete-cracking beats for a new limited edition Crate Cartel vinyl release.

New Joint – Must Volkoff / Flu

Must Volkoff ft. Flu – “Dr $euss” (PangProductions.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Moody, atmospheric flavour from the Australian producer’s “Aquanaut” album.

New Joint – Must Volkoff / Adam Koots etc.

Must Volkoff ft. Adam Koots, Joe Snow & One Sixth – “Chemical Haze” (PangProductions.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Hypnotic drum–heavy dopeness from Australian producer Volkoff’s brilliant new album “Aquanaut”.

New Joint – Moodswing / Cappo / Flu

Moodswing ft. Cappo & Flu – “Robert Johnson” (CCWhite.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Future shock flavour featuring Nottingham, England’s Cappo and Melbourne, Australia’s Flu.

New Joint – Must Volkoff / Aslan Neter

Must Volkoff ft. Aslan Neter – “Earth Jewelz” (PangProductions.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Atmospheric flavour featuring London lyricist Aslan from Australian producer Volkoff’s new album “Aquanaut”.

Aquanaut Album Stream – Must Volkoff

must cover

Australian producer Must Volkoff showcases his passion for dusty drums and obscure, atmospheric samples on his new album featuring Jehst, Nelson Dialect, Sonnyjim and more.