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The Last Pirates – Britain’s Rebel DJs Documentary Trailer – Rodney P

UK Hip-Hop legend Rodney P helps tell the story of pirate radio in 80s Britain on BBC Four this Friday at 9pm

NG83: When We Were B Boys Trailer – NG83 Productions

New 2016 trailer for the documentary “NG83: When We Were B Boys” which captures the stories of various figures from the Nottingham, England Hip-Hop scene of the 1980s.

Chester P For Mayor: Hip-Hop, Homelessness & The Housing Crisis Documentary – Chester P

Quality documentary from veteran UK emcee Chester P, highlighting the talented wordsmith’s personal connection with Hip-Hop, his relationship with the streets of London that raised him, and his determination to make a difference in the world.

Contribute to the cause by downloading the “Real Talk” compilation here.

NG83: When We Were B-Boys Trailer #3 – Electro Barry

Third trailer for the forthcoming documentary “NG83: When We Were B-Boys”, which gives an insight into Nottingham, England’s vibrant early-80s Hip-Hop scene.

Last Stop On The 4 Train Documentary Trailer – John Robinson

Veteran NY emcee John Robinson (aka Lil’ Sci of Scienz Of Life) explores jazz history and the genre’s close relationship with Hip-Hop in his forthcoming documentary “Last Stop On The 4 Train”.

King Of New York Documentary Trailer – Iz The Wiz

Trailer for the forthcoming Pulse-directed “King Of New York” documentary telling the story of 70s / 80s graffiti legend Iz The Wiz with narration from Homeboy Sandman – check the Kickstarter here.

Through The Lens Of Hip-Hop Documentary Trailer – Curved Marginz

Trailer for the upcoming Curved Marginz documentary “Through The Lens Of Hip-Hop: UK Women” highlighting the thoughts, struggles and opinions of a selection of ladies within the British scene.