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RIP Phase 2!

Rest in peace Bronx graffiti legend Phase 2 who sadly passed away this week – an influential pioneer who made an indelible mark on the early days of Hip-Hop culture with his spraycan skills and talent for crafting eye-catching event flyers – respect the architects!

phase 2 pic

Make The Letters Dance (Episode 1) – Popmaster Fabel / YNOT

Rock Steady Crew legend Popmaster Fabel drops some science on the relationship between dance and graffiti in this short YNOT-directed documentary.

King Of New York Documentary Trailer – Iz The Wiz

Trailer for the forthcoming Pulse-directed “King Of New York” documentary telling the story of 70s / 80s graffiti legend Iz The Wiz with narration from Homeboy Sandman – check the Kickstarter here.

Back In The Day When I Was A Teenager… – Zephyr / LA II

Associated Press piece featuring fifty-something NYC graffiti legend Zephyr and Keith Haring’s former right-hand art man LA II speaking on why they still can’t resist the lure of the spraycan.

The Introduction – Writers Bench

Clip promoting veteran NY-based graffiti-inspired clothing label Writers Bench.

The Equation Gallery Exhibition Trailer – Rammellzee

Trailer for legendary Rotten Apple graffiti artist Rammellzee of “Wild Style” / “Beat Bop” fame’s new exhibition “The Equation: The Letter Racers” which is currently running in NYC until early April.

Spraycan Art – Nicer (TATS Cru)

TaniaFuentezMedia.Com interview with Nicer of NYC graffiti legends the TATS Cru.

Part One

Part Two