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Make The Letters Dance (Episode 1) – Popmaster Fabel / YNOT

Rock Steady Crew legend Popmaster Fabel drops some science on the relationship between dance and graffiti in this short YNOT-directed documentary.

King Of New York Documentary Trailer – Iz The Wiz

Trailer for the forthcoming Pulse-directed “King Of New York” documentary telling the story of 70s / 80s graffiti legend Iz The Wiz with narration from Homeboy Sandman – check the Kickstarter here.

Back In The Day When I Was A Teenager… – Zephyr / LA II

Associated Press piece featuring fifty-something NYC graffiti legend Zephyr and Keith Haring’s former right-hand art man LA II speaking on why they still can’t resist the lure of the spraycan.

The Introduction – Writers Bench

Clip promoting veteran NY-based graffiti-inspired clothing label Writers Bench.

The Equation Gallery Exhibition Trailer – Rammellzee

Trailer for legendary Rotten Apple graffiti artist Rammellzee of “Wild Style” / “Beat Bop” fame’s new exhibition “The Equation: The Letter Racers” which is currently running in NYC until early April.

Spraycan Art – Nicer (TATS Cru)

TaniaFuentezMedia.Com interview with Nicer of NYC graffiti legends the TATS Cru.

Part One

Part Two

Classic Hits Book Trailer – Ale One

Trailer for the forthcoming Dokument Press book “Classic Hits: New York’s Pioneering Subway Graffiti Writers” featuring stories, memories and thoughts from original Rotten Apple spraycan kings such as Blade, Iz The Wiz, Taki 183 and Phase 2.

Props to DailyDiggers.Com for the heads-up.