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New Joint – Aver

Aver – “Verschobenes Bassline Syndrom” (VillageLiveRecords.Com / 2017)

Sparse, unsettling dub-influenced cut from the UK producer’s new instrumental project “‘Die Berlin Dateien”.

New Joint – Ray Of Light aka Ray Vendetta

ray pic 2

Ray Of Light aka Ray Vendetta – “Pen-icillin” (@Ray_Vendetta / 2017)

The Triple Darkness member puts his own lyrical mark on a late-90s Beatnuts favourite as he preps a new “Verse Murder” project for later this year.

New Joint – Remulak

Remulak – “Tales Up Quicksie Hill” (VillageLive.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Haunting, melodic vibes from the UK producer’s recent album “Earth” on Village Live Records.

New Joint – Mark Ski / J57

mark ski cover

Mark Ski ft. J57 – “Truck Jewels” (@FunkByFunk / 2017)

UK producer / deejay Mark Ski teams-up with Brown Bag Allstars member J57 for this potent dose of heavy-duty, speaker-blowin’ Hip-Hop.

New Joint – Aver

Aver – “Portale” (VillageLiveRecords.Com / 2017)

Pounding, piano-laced instrumental flavour from the Natural Curriculum producer’s new album ” Die Berlin Dateien”.

New Joint – Jones Brothers

flukebeat pic

Jones Brothers – “Black Lives Matter” (@FlukebeatMusic / 2017)

Joker Starr and Anyway Tha God show the culture some tough love on this El Ay-produced cut from the duo’s “Roughs With The Smooth” project.

New Joint – Legion Of Goon

Legion Of Goon – “Y.K.W.T.I.” (LegionOfGoon.Com / 2017)

Speaker-thumping boom-bap and raw wit from the forthcoming Stig Of The Dump / Stu The Don collabo release “Project Goon”.