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Going Way Back – KRS-One

The Blastmaster remembers the origins of the mighty Boogie Down Productions on Hip Hop Official.

Release Therapy – Young Buck

If you were looking at the previous G-Unit post wondering why Buck wasn’t featured on the “Return Of The Body Snatchers” cover, this interview with Arizona’s Power 98.3 might explain the Southern rapper’s absence.

End Of An Era? – 50 Cent / G-Unit


Now I’ve never been the world’s biggest 50 Cent fan, so the reason for this post isn’t to tell everyone to cop Mr. Jackson’s new free mix-CD when it drops online next week. To be totally honest, the tracks that have leaked from it already ( “Paperchasers”, the Fat Joe dis “I’m Leaving” and the diabolical “Bottom Girl”) sound pretty weak to say the least.

But what’s interesting about the release of “Return Of The Body Snatchers” is that it might just signify the final nail in the coffin of the mainstream rap industry as we know it. Why? Well, let’s look at the bigger picture for a minute. The G-Unit general has been seriously stepping his internet game up recently with ThisIs50.Com and has openly voiced his dissatisfaction with Interscope’s handling of last year’s  “Curtis” album. 50 has also been quoted in recent interviews as saying that due to declining sales he views his music as more of an advertisement for his other business ventures than a viable income generator. Plus, rumours suggest that the ever-savvy rapper has moved all of his employees off of the G-Unit Records payroll and they now ‘officially’ work for ThisIs50.Com, which effectively makes his label nothing more than an offshoot of his bigger online operation, rather than being the focal point for the G-Unit brand that it once was.  

Even though it will be followed by a physical release a week later with a bonus DVD, the free online release of “Return Of The Body Snatchers” further indicates 50’s desire to move into the digital world and leave the traditional music industry business model behind him.  

So the point I’m trying to make here is that, if a popular mainstream artist such as 50 Cent feels that being signed to a major powerhouse label can no longer offer him the promotion, sales and career stability it once did, then what hope has any other artist got?

With Curtis now appearing to be concentrating heavily on building the profile of ThisIs50.Com in terms of using it as both a launchpad for viral online promotion and an outlet for his music, what trickle down effect will that have on other artists who’ve been considering abandoning the slow-moving confines of a major label for the freedom of going digital with their own online venture? Who’ll be next? Kanye West? Timbaland? Dr. Dre? After all, there’s already been talk of Jay-Z being involved in the creation of an online-only record label.

There’s been much debate in recent times about how the music industry can combat declining sales, downloading etc. But perhaps the truth is that they actually can’t and 50’s recent business decisions are the moves of an artist who has accepted that realisation and is taking the matter into his own hands now instead of waiting for the industry ship to completely sink.

So when you download “Return Of The Body Snatchers” for free from 50’s site next week, you might just be participating in the Hip-Hop industry taking its next step towards a completely digital online music world. 


Thursday Throwback (Part 8) – 3rd Bass

3rd Bass – “Steppin’ To The A.M.” (Def Jam / 1989)

Back when Eminem was still in school, MC Serch and Pete Nice were letting the world know that an emcee’s lack of melanin didn’t necessarily mean a lack of lyrical skills.  

Street Promotion – Mike GLC

London’s Mike GLC stops off in Luton Town as part of his UK-wide effort to promote his album “The Whole Truth” – this dude works hard.

Industry Rule #4080? – Joell Ortiz

Miss Info talks to Joell Ortiz about the truth behind his failed deal with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label.

In my humble opinion, in today’s times of one-dimensional ringtone rappers, Aftermath missed the opportunity to put out an album from one of the most promising and well-rounded emcees to have emerged in recent years.

New Joint – Fat Joe

Fat Joe – “300 Brolic” ( Imperial / 2008 )

New video clip for the recently leaked track from Joe’s album “The Elephant In The Room” due early March.

Lazy Boy Lyrics – Pyrelli

Pyrelli on London’s Kiss FM with Shortee Blitz.

New Joint – Memphis Bleek / Uncle Murda

Memphis Bleek ft. Uncle Murda – “Let It Off” ( Roc-A-Fella / 2008 )

Word on the street might be that Jay-Z has dropped most of the Roc roster, but Mr. Get Low still seems to be throwing the diamond up regardless of the rumours.

Jam Session – Mary J. Blige

The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul performs her recent single “Just Fine” at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios in London.

Lights, Camera, Action! – Rik Cordero

Bronxrap.Com talks to your favourite rapper’s favourite video director Rik Cordero about life behind the camera.

New Joint – Wordburglar

Wordburglar – “Cream Of Wheat” ( Urbnet / 2008 )

Quirky clip from the Canadian emcee.

New Joint – I.Q.

I.Q. – “Good Lord” ( Remainz Music / 2008 )

Nice cut from Maryland-based member of the Low Budget camp (Kev Brown, Oddisee, Kenn Starr etc).

New Joint – Jay-Z

Jay-Z – “Pray” (Roc-A-Fella / 2007)

Official live video clip for Jigga’s new single – how damn funky do those guitars sound??!! 

New Joint – Skillz

Skillz – “Crazy World” ( Koch / 2008 )

Interesting video clip from the Virginia native’s forthcoming album “Million Dollar Backpack”. 

Resident Gangster – Saint / Muneshine / Jay-Z


Yep, you’ve guessed it, another “American Gangster” remix set.

Aside from completing his upcoming album for Domination Recordings, “About Time”, Long Island, New York producer/ emcee Saint has teamed-up with his good friend Muneshine to put together “The Resident Remixes”.

The accompanying press release says the project contains “more of a throwback vintage Jay-Z style of production” – download it here and make up your own mind.

Saint’s own album will feature guest appearances from underground favourites such as Raw Produce’s Cadence, Mr. Man of Da Bush Babees, El Da Sensei, NYOIL and Mr. Complex.

Pass The Shovel – Gravediggaz

Frukwan and the late Poetic take the crowd six feet deep at LA’s legendary open mic venue The Good Life Cafe during the summer of 1994.

New Joint – Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu – “Honey” (Universal / 2007)

Dope new video for the dope 9th Wonder-produced single from what will hopefully be Erykah’s dope new album.

From The Corner – Chester P

UK freestyle legend Chester P breaks down the science behind his art.

Currency Exchange – Pound Sterling

London’s Pound Sterling on Tim Westwood’s 1Xtra radio show.