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New Joint – Genesis Elijah

Genesis Elijah – “Penny” (@GenesisElijah / 2021)

The UK’s Genesis Elijah continues to demonstrate why he’s one of the most consistent artists in the game accompanied by subtle Pastor Dutchie production.

New Joint – Left Lane Didon

Left Lane Didon – “Goofy Gifts” (PhonicArt.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Smooth, horn-laced flavour from the Delaware artist’s recent “Left Lane OG” EP.

New Joint – LetTheDirtSayAmen / Nathaniel Star

LetTheDirtSayAmen ft. Nathaniel Star – “Lamonica” (LetTheDirtSayAmen.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Raw, soulful flavour from the Washington DC artist’s excellent new album “God Hates Gucci”.

New Joint – Black Magik x Cambatta x Loaded Lux / Sa-Roc

Black Magik x Cambatta x Loaded Lux ft. Sa-Roc – “Beautiful” (ManifestDestinyMusic.Com / 2021)

Accomplished lyricism and pulsating beats from the EP “Manifest Destiny”.

New Joint – Es x Pandamonium

connected cover

Es x Pandamonium – “Connect And Create” (EsxPanda.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Canadian emcee Es delivers motivational rhymes over the elasticated b-line of UK producer DJ Pandamonium on this cut lifted from their forthcoming project “The Connected EP”.

New Joint – Nelson Dialect & NuTone

Nelson Dialect & NuTone – “See Me Now” (Nelson-Dialect.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Introspective rhymes and smooth, spaced-out beats from the Australia-raised, NY-based emcee’s forthcoming album “Opal Mind” produced entirely by France’s NuTone.

New Joint – Snowgoons / Recognize Ali / Ren Thomas etc.

Snowgoons – “Wardance” ft. Recognize Ali, Lord Goat & DJ TMB / “Bad Generals” ft. Ren Thomas (@GoonMuSick / 2020)

Back-to-back visuals from the German production crew’s 2019 album “Snowgoons Infantry”.

New Joint – Him Lo

Him Lo – “Halloween” (Grilchy Party / 2019)

The Buze Bruvaz emcee finds a nightmare on the streets of Philly.

New Joint – Planet Asia / Milano Constantine

DJ Enyoutee Presents Planet Asia & Milano Constantine – “Milano Medallions” (AlphaFaktion.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

These two phenomenal emcees joining forces is the sonic equivalent of me getting amped as a kid seeing my favourite super-heroes appearing together in an issue of “Marvel Team-Up” – lookout for the six-track collabo EP dropping November 8th.

New Joint – A-$harp / Stoneface / William Cooper

A-$harp ft. Stoneface & William Cooper – “Crystal Therapy” (@ASharp79 / 2019)

Fresh visuals from the New Jersey producer’s 2018 album “Earl Smashington 2”.

New Joint – Phyba & Giallo Point

phyba cover

Phyba & Giallo Point – “Hare Krishna” (CDVZ.BandCamp.Con)

Taken from the UK duo’s new concept-based album “Rene Mesrine”.


New Joint – Radio B / Fly Anakin / Henny L.O. / Nickelus F

Radio B ft. Fly Anakin, Henny L.O. & Nickelus F- “Once Or Twice” (RadioBlitz.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

JL Hodges-produced rawness from the Richmond, Virginia emcee’s 2018 album “Jesus Never Wore A Suit”.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Focus” (@BackyardBully / 2019)

Produced by Manny Talvez.

New Joint – Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim / Vandal Savage

Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim  ft. Vandal Savage – “Neutral Leathers” (@EatGoodRecords / 2018)

Effortless flyness from the UK pair’s brilliant collabo project “The Purple Door”.

New Joint – Remulak

Remulak – “Division” (@RemulakBeats / 2018)

Atmospheric roller from the UK producer’s new instrumental project “One” released via the Village Live Records imprint.

New Joint – Watusi87

Watusi87 – “Nubian Mysticism” (@Watusi87 / 2018)

Produced by Scam.

New Joint – DrxQuinnx

DrxQuinnx  – “Lord Gluttony” (@DrxQuinnx / 2018)

Eye-popping, brain-bending visuals from the Chicago-based artist’s new EP “Black Is Gold”.

New Joint – Ghost Of The Machine / DJ Proof / Skyzoo

Ghost Of The Machine & DJ Proof ft. Skyzoo – “Esco Said” (@G_O_T_M / @DJProof305 / 2018)

Taken from the album “Heroes For Hire 2”.

New Joint – ethemadassassin & Luse Kanz

ethemadassassin & Luse Kanz – “Touches” (ethemadassassin.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Taken from the North Carolina / Atlanta duo’s new WDSMN-produced collabo EP “Motivations”.

New Joint – Illa Ghee

Illa Ghee – “Gripped Up” (@IllaGhee2K / 2018)

Don Gotrouw-produced track from the NY veteran’s forthcoming project “Suede Cigarettes”.