Monthly Archives: November 2014

Cold North Vol. 1 EP Stream – Allstar Stacks

all star cover

The London lyricist drops intelligent, raw rhymes over the boom-bap beats of Eleven Eleven Production on this latest release featuring the likes of Ray Vendetta, Flow Tecs and Kalel.

New Joint – Does Bros

does bros pic

Does Bros – “Money Where Your Mouth Is” (DXARecords.Com / 2014)

Manhattan Clams and DoamPeace of NYC’s DXA crew drop the lead Calamity-produced single from their forthcoming EP.

New Joint – Muja Messiah / Brother Ali / Boots Riley

Muja Messiah ft. Brother Ali & Boots Riley – “Pocket Full Of Slave Owners” (@MujaMessiah / 2014)

The Minneapolis lyricist attempts to spark your brain cells on this Mike The Martyr-produced track from his album “God Kissed It, The Devil Missed It”

Daily Chronicles Album Stream – Rocdwell

rocdwell cover

Describing his music as “adult contemporary Hip-Hop”, Detroit emcee Rocdwell drops down-t0-earth rhymes over hard-hitting, soul-tinged production, with “Daily Chronicles” designed to act as a motivational soundtrack to assist us all as we battle with the trials, tribulations and everyday struggles of life.

New Joint – Radio Rahim / Quadir Lateef

Radio Rahim ft. Quadir Lateef – “Voice Of America” (RadioRahim.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

Taken from the Washington DC lyricist’s album “In Full Effect” produced by Boston’s Confidence.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Incredible MC” (@KamanchiSly / 2014)

The legendary Hijack emcee returns with his first single in a decade, featuring the UK pioneer dropping rapid-fire rhymes over sample-heavy self-produced beats.

New Joint – Skanks / Ruste Juxx

Skanks ft. Ruste Juxx – “Metal Gear” (@TheRapMartyr / 2014)

Kyo Itachi-produced Brooklyn ruggedness from the Bankai Fam member’s solo album “The Shinigami Flowfessional”.

No Rest In The Kingdom Album Stream – The Kingdom

the kingdom cover

North Carolina-based duo King Draft (emcee) and Jerm Scorsese (producer) have crafted a truly original album in the form of “No Rest In The Kingdom”, with the pair mixing accomplished, thought-provoking lyricism and soulfully stirring soundscapes, resulting in a uniquely captivating listening experience.

New Joint – Fredro Starr

Fredro Starr – “Polo Wars” (@Fredro_Starr / 2014)

The Onyx member celebrates “that man on the horse” with this track lifted from his Audible Doctor-produced solo album “Made In The Streets”.

New Joint – Bunty Beats & Chox Mak

Bunty Beats & Chox Mak – “Nightmares” (MixKingsRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

Taken from the UK / US duo’s new project “#RAWSKILLZ”.

Zoned Out EP Stream – Juss SaYso

juss sayso cover

The Georgia emcee finds herself in a new creative space on this latest EP and delivers a quality collection of introspective rhymes and true-school production.

New Joint – Melanin 9

m9 pic

Melanin 9 – “Cheatin” (@Melanin_9 / 2014)

The Triple Darkness emcee finds himself in a tangled web of lust on this Aaliyah-sampling track.

New Joint – Mega Ran & The Regiment

Mega Ran & The Regiment – “Venting” (@HiPNOTT / 2014)

The Philly-raised former teacher delivers lyrical food for thought from the recent EP “A Gamer’s Anthem”.

New Joint – SilentSomeone / Dave Dar

SilentSomeone ft. Dave Dar – “El Greco” (@SilentSomeone / 2014)

Taken from the Bronx producer’s album “I Have Company” which also features El Da Sensei, John Robinson, Sadat X and more.

New Joint – Ripshop & Reel Drama

Ripshop & Reel Drama – “Rock Rock Y’all” (@Ripshop4Real / 2014)

Head-nodding boom-bap and raw rhymes from the Boston duo’s forthcoming album “Regime Change”.

New Joint – Zion I / Bambu / D.U.S.T.

zion i

Zion I ft. Bambu & D.U.S.T. – “Unity” (@ZionI / 2014)

West Coast duo Zumbi and Amp Live give their own take on the threat of police brutality with this new track produced by The Are.

New Joint – S. Kalibre

S. Kalibre – “Bat By The Door” (@S_Kalibre / 2014)

The UK emcee details his preferred choice of home security on this raw Slap Up Mill-produced banger.

Getting Close To Midnight EP Stream – The Book Thieves

the book thieves cover

Oxford, UK duo Legoman and Ollie Mac have teamed-up with the mighty Boom Bap Professionals imprint to drop their latest EP, a potent blend of creatively intricate lyricism and quality production from the likes of Fredo, Mafegi and Sam Zircon.

New Joint – 5 Grand

5 Grand – “When The World Turns Blue” (@5GrandLife / 2014)

The Philly lyricist drops a timely new single which ties-in with current Stateside events following the recent Ferguson verdict.

New Joint – Calvert & K Zorro

Calvert & K Zorro – “What If?” (KGuavara.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

The UK emcee ponders a number of alternative realities on this track from his Calvert-produced EP “Captured Soul”.