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New Joint – Bub Styles / Rome Streetz

Bub Styles ft. Rome Streetz – “Food Court” (@BubStyles / 2020)

Raw Rotten Apple rhymes from Brooklyn emcee Bub Styles’ new Ace Fayce-produced project “Very Sucio, Muy Picante”.

New Joint – Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz – “The Ugliest” (@Rome_Streetz / 2020)

The NY emcee delivers Rotten Apple attitude over glorious Wavy Da Ghawd loops on this gem off his new “Noise Kandy 4” project.

New Joint – Buckwild / Rome Streetz / Rim

buckwild cover

Buckwild ft. Rome Streetz & Rim – “Fully Loaded” (DITCBuckwild.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Title track from the Diggin’ In The Crates production legend’s forthcoming album, which includes features from Little Brother, Meyhem Lauren, Rasheed Chappell and more.

New Joint – Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz – “Latch Key Kidz” (@Rome_Streetz / 2020)

Taken from the NY emcee’s new EP “The Residue”.

New Joint – Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz – “96 Nauti Windbreaker Sh*t” (@Rome_Streetz / 2019)

Taken from the NY emcee’s “Noise Kandy 3” project.

New Joint – Jay NiCE & Farma Beats / Left Lane Didon / Rome Streetz

Jay NiCE & Farma Beats ft. Left Lane Didon & Rome Streetz – “Earl Simmons” (@NiCESUPREME88 / @FarmaBeats / 2019)

Ominous lead single from the US / UK duo’s forthcoming collabo album “Pompeii”.

New Joint – Ankhlejohn / Rome Streetz

Ankhlejohn ft. Rome Streetz – “Paul Janssen” (@Ankhlejohn / 2019)

Self-produced rawness from the Washington D.C. artist’s Shaap Records project “Reign Supreme”.

New Joint – Madhattan / Rome Streetz

Madhattan ft. Rome Streetz – “Stop&Frisk” (@MadhattanMayor / 2019)

The NY emcee navigates the streets of the Rotten Apple in this video off his forthcoming album “Brown Water Bible” produced entirely by DXA’s IceRocks.


New Joint – Rome Streetz / Planet Asia

Rome Streetz ft. Planet Asia – “Stay Golden” (@Rome_Streetz / 2019)

East-meets-West on this smooth Wavy Da Ghawd-produced collabo off NY emcee Rome Streetz’ “Noise Kandy 3: The Overdose”.

New Joint – Big Turks

Big Turks – “Lionman” (@MercenaryBeats / 2019}

Ro Data-produced rawness from Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol and Lord Juco.

New Joint – B.A. Badd / Rome Streetz

B.A. Badd ft. Rome Streetz – “Codes” (@BaBadd_EbE / 2019)

Taken from the forthcoming project “Everybody Eats (1st Plate)”.

New Joint – Jamal Gasol / Rome Streetz

Jamal Gasol ft. Rome Streetz – “Give Up The Goods 2K19” (@WhoIsJamalGasol / 2019)

Niagara Falls emcee Jamal Gasol takes a trip to Queensbridge with Rome Streetz to pay homage to Mobb Deep on this Camoflauge Monk-produced cut off his “True Stories” release.

New Joint – Rome Streetz & Futurewave

Rome Streetz & Futurewave – “Fortune Favors The Bold” (@Rome_Streetz / @647WaveGod / 2019)

Sharp street-level rhymes from the Rotten Apple emcee’s “Headcrack” album produced by Canada’s Futurewave.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2018 (Part Two) – Kamanchi Sly / Ocean Wisdom / Westside Gunn etc.

Check Part One here.

K-Sly – “Me And My SP” (KamanchiSly.Com) – Kamanchi Sly is a legend and pioneer of the UK Hip-Hop scene, but the Hijack emcee hasn’t been prepared to simply rest on his laurels, with “Me And My SP” being the London mic vet’s third album in six months at the time of its release in May 2018. A rambunctious mix of true-school attitude, classic breaks and raw rhymes, this release was powered by the undeniable and infectious energy generated by Sly’s unwavering love for the culture of Hip-Hop.

sly cover

Crimeapple & Big Ghost Ltd – “Aguardiente” (GourmetDeluxxx.BandCamp.Com) – Backed by the dramatic and ominous production of the mighty Big Ghost (Ankhlejohn, Ghostface Killah etc), New Jersey’s Crimeapple demonstrated throughout this project why he has grown to become one of the most revered rhymers of rap’s new generation, with a sneering confidence in his rugged verses that evoke images of the bearded lyricist holding the mic in one hand and a wack emcee by the scruff of his neck in the other.

Poisonous Diggs – “Volume 84” (IAmKillaKali.BandCamp.Com) – A short-but-effective barrage of fly beats and razor-sharp rhymes from the Gold Chain Music / Poison Ring Regime camp, this collaborative EP from Dirty Diggs and Killa Kali was the type of Hip-Hop that made you screw your face up, adopt an old-school arms-folded b-boy pose  and pledge allegiance to the culture in no uncertain terms.

Big Toast & Jack Diggs – “Call It On” (RevorgRecords.BandCamp.Com) – Opening with the line “I don’t want to listen to your whinging…”, it was clear from the outset that this project from South London blood brothers Toast and Diggs wasn’t about pandering to the masses, with the pair instead offering blunt insight into modern-day life, taking verbal shots at the self-righteous of the world with a heavy dose of  acidic wit and quality self-produced boom-bap beats.

Raashid Aariz – “Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding” (RaashidAariz19.BandCamp.Com) – Virginia-based producer Raashid Aariz delivered music to meditate to on this refined instrumental project, mixing his love of soul and jazz with the influence of 90s Hip-Hop, ranging from mellow, late-night electric relaxation vibes to sax-heavy, Wu-Tang-sampling workouts.

Ocean Wisdom – “Wizville” (HighFocus.BandCamp.Com) – An artistic triumph in every sense of the term, this sophomore project from Brighton’s Ocean Wisdom confidently blended genres, bridged generation gaps and cracked the Official UK Album Charts in the process (a massive achievement for an independent homegrown Hip-Hop artist). Easily holding his own on tracks with long-established artists such as Rodney P, Method Man and Dizzee Rascal, Wisdom’s clever, rapid-fire rhymes shone throughout. Welcome to Wizville, indeed.

AG – “The Taste Of AMbrosia” (AGofDITC.BandCamp.Com) – Diggin’ In The Crates member Andre The Giant has remained consistent on wax for almost thirty years now, with the NY emcee managing to balance his old-school Bronx rap roots here with a desire to step forward artistically and not simply retread old ground. “The Taste…” was the sound of a legacy artist who is as passionate about his craft today as he was when he first picked a mic up all those years ago.

Philmore Greene – “Chicago: A Third World City” (PhilmoreGreene.BandCamp.Com) – Talented emcee Philmore Greene took listeners on a sonic tour around his Windy City stomping grounds on this captivating, hard-hitting project, tackling the impact of street violence, social conditions and politics on the people of Chicago, with the soulful soundscapes of Rashid Hadee adding further poignancy to the lyricist’s earnest, heartfelt verses.

Royalz – “Live 95” (GrhymeProductions.BandCamp.Com) – As its title suggests, this well-crafted project from Australian producer Royalz wore its 90s influences on its sonic sleeve, with the likes of SmooVth, Conway and Dialect blessing a strong selection of raw-yet-refined beats.

Rome Streetz & Farma Beats – “Street Farmacy” (RomeStreetz.BandCamp.Com) –  This transatlantic collaboration from NY emcee Rome Streetz and London producer Farma Beats supplied Hip-Hop fiends with plenty of that uncut dope, as grimy, project-building poetry was laid over an eclectic collection of samples and loops.

Dabbla – “Death Moves” (PotentFunkRecords.BandCamp.Com) – Another blazing display of rhyming agility from Dabbla, this follow-up to 2016’s “Year Of The Monkey” album further cemented the UK emcee’s reputation as a naturally gifted talent, with the Problem Child member putting a lyrical leash on a wide-ranging selection of beats, from futuristic, bass-heavy wave twisters to straight-up, sample-based head-nodders.

Westside Gunn – “Supreme Blientele” (Grisleda / Daupe.BandCamp.Com) – The Griselda Records family continued to stamp their dominance on the rap game throughout 2018, with this immediate cult classic from Gunn just one of a handful of quality releases from the camp over the past twelve months. Backed by heavy-hitting producers such as Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Alchemist and (of course) frequent collaborator Daringer, WG masterfully utilised his distinctive delivery to offer more of his captivating insight and perspective on both the street life and the rap game.

Napoleon Da Legend & Giallo Point – “Coup D’Etat” (FXCKRXP.BandCamp.Com) – It’s always good to hear a full project from an emcee and producer who are truly on the same page creatively. This release from NYC’s NDL and the UK’s Giallo Point definitely hit that mark. Clever, intricate, street-savvy rhymes were coupled here with smooth, atmospheric production, resulting in an album that sounded both familiar and individual at the same time.

K Zorro – “Winnie’s Passion / Bernard’s Legacy” (NewGuardzOnline.BandCamp.Com) – With so much of today’s popular culture dominated by image, hype and empty posturing, it’s always refreshing to hear music from an artist who appears determined to genuinely let the listener into their world, capturing life’s struggles, hopes and regrets along the way. Enter London-based emcee K Zorro with this well-crafted album, which found the New Guardz member getting up-close-and-personal as he spilt his soul over the fourteen tracks on offer here.

Da Flyy Hooligan – “Roman Abramovich” (GourmetDeluxxx.BandCamp.Com) – Possessing a moniker that truly captures his lyrical approach, London’s Da Flyy Hooligan effortlessly elbowed his way through the stripped-down-yet-sublime production of D’Lux Beats on this short-but-satisfying EP. Offering both style and substance, DFH once again proved himself to be a formidable force in the microphone booth.

IceRocks – “Live From The Bunker” (IceRocksDXA.BandCamp.Com) – Following up his 2016 instrumental project “Bunker Beats”, DXA producer IceRocks once again showcased his dope brand of NY boom-bap throughout this album, adding some talented lyricists into the mix this time around, with the likes of AG Da Coroner, Meyhem Lauren and Spit Gemz lending lyrical support. A project best listened to whilst wearing Timberlands and a hoodie.

C.A.M – “Persian Rugs” (CAMOfficial.BandCamp.Com) – The London-based emcee followed-up his impressive 2017 EP “The First Move” with this second collection of sharp, intelligent lyricism superbly produced by Hashfinger. Combining a quick-fire delivery with an attention-grabbing vocal tone able to penetrate a beat like a razor-blade through rice paper , C.A.M’s latest project was immediately captivating, demanding to be revisited again and again.

King Draft – “Two Eyes” (KingDraftMusic.BandCamp.Com) – As both a member of The Kingdom and a solo artist in his own right, King Draft has been on my radar since 2014. The talented North Carolina-based artist added to his already impressive catalogue with this ambitious release, an eclectic blend of organic live instrumentation and concept-driven lyricism.

Vic Spencer & Sonnyjim – “Spencer For Hire” (Eat Good Records / GourmetDeluxxx.BandCamp.Com) – Chicago’s Vic Spencer joined forces with the UK’s Sonnyjim to drop this smoothed-out selection of lo-fi liveness, featuring Quelle Chris, Hus Kingpin and Chris Crack. Spencer’s swaggering, self-assured steez meshed perfectly with Sonnyjim’s supreme stash of soundtrack-style loops.

EvillDewer – “Apocrypha” (EvillDewer.BandCamp.Com) – Boston-based producer and self-proclaimed Crown Chakra Rocka EvillDewer showcased his musical imagination on this instrumental project, steering clear of typical boom-bap beats and pushing his creative boundaries, drawing the listener deep into an intricately-crafted collection of inspired, sample-driven soundscapes.

Part Three coming soon,

New Joint – Jamal Gasol / Rome Streetz

gasol cover

Jamal Gasol ft. Rome Streetz – “Give Up The Goods 2K18” (JamalGasol.Com / 2018)

Niagra Falls emcee Jamal Gasol calls on Rotten Apple rhymer Rome Streetz to pay tribute to Mobb Deep on his “True Stories” EP with this Camoflauge Monk-produced remake of a Hav and P classic.

New Joint – Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz – “Tax Free” (@Rome_Streetz / 2018)

Taken from the NY emcee’s Farma Beats-produced album “Street Farmacy”.

New Joint – Brothers Of The Stone / Rome Streetz

Brothers Of The Stone ft. Rome Streetz – “The Ending” (RLDRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Taken from Leaf Dog, BVA and Illinformed’s forthcoming album “Return To Stoney Island”.

New Joint – SmooVth & Giallo Point / Rome Streetz / Crimeapple

medellin 2 cover

SmooVth & Giallo Point ft. Rome Streetz & Crimeapple – “Enforcers” (@SmooVth / @GialloPoint / 2018)

Back-to-back lyrical darts from the US / UK duo’s new “Medellin II” project.

New Joint – Daniel Son & Finn / Rome Streetz

Daniel Son & Finn ft. Rome Streetz – “Foreign Chauffeur” (@DISSBBM / @MCDJFinn / 2018)

Piano-laced dopeness from the Canadian duo’s forthcoming collabo project “Dirty Dishes”.

New Joint – PR Dean / Marz Money / Rome Streetz / Estee Nack

dean cover

PR Dean ft. Marz Money, Rome Streetz & Estee Nack – “Brooklynn Love” (HardTimesRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Drum-heavy posse cut off the forthcoming album “B.A.S.E. (Bobbito And Stretch Era)”.