Album Review – Venomous2000

venomous2000 cover


“Will To Power” 


Positive energy activates constant elevation. That appears to be the overall message behind New Jersey emcee Venomous2000’s ninth full-length solo album.

Having consistently worked at sharpening his lyrical sword on each of his previous releases, “Will To Power” arguably finds Venomous more creatively focussed and artistically determined than he’s ever been before, delivering a quality collection of life-affirming Hip-Hop that embodies the true-school values of the culture whilst looking towards the future.

Backed by a talented team of producers, the East Coast wordsmith does a sterling job throughout of matching his poignant verses with their ideal sonic backdrop, a selection process which allows his words to resonate and hit home that much more effectively.

The opening “All You Need (Within Your Self)” sets the overall tone of “Will To Power”, with Venomous delivering motivational rhymes over airy keys and thumping beats courtesy of Germany’s Robot Orchestra. Encouraging us all to strive for our goals whilst acknowledging the hard journey that can lead to, the NJ lyricist suggests we “keep exercising (our) mental gifts like this was all aerobics” in order to succeed.

Lead single “Will Power” pairs the driving, organic boom-bap of producer Alex KidOne with 2000’s purposeful wordplay, whilst the jazzy, Dilla-esque “Stormy Nights” finds Venomous displaying his fluid skills over the sonic mellow madness supplied by MentPlus

The Methuzulah-assisted “Reflect On Music” is the sound of a truly passionate emcee who remains resolute in his mission to leave a mark on the world of Hip-Hop whilst staying true to the art, a sentiment also echoed on the pounding “Watch The Pen Smoke” (“If people want the fresh I bring my best to the table though, I guess it’s not about blowin’ like fellatio…I pray my fans sit down and listen, They can feel this…”).

The sombre “Is Life Fair?” vividly details the self-proclaimed Ultra Emcee’s experiences growing-up in New Jersey, whilst the piano-laced “Now Justice (NJ)” offers present-day social commentary, as Venomous balances the spirituality of his Yoruba religious beliefs with the harsh realities of the world around us.

Thoughtful, intelligent and sincere, “Will To Power” succeeds in its aim to enrich the lives of those who hear it, with Venomous2000 presenting himself as an artist who firmly believes in the power Hip-Hop has to have a lasting, beneficial impact on its audience.

Ryan Proctor

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