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New Joint – Ghostface Killah / Solomon Childs

Ghostface Killah ft. Solomon Childs – “Pistol Smoke” (@GhostfaceKillah / 2019)

Taken from the Wally Champ’s new album “Ghostface Killahs”.

New Joint – Inspectah Deck

Inspectah Deck – “Can’t Stay Away” (@INSpectahDECKWU / 2019)

The Wu member delivers a heartfelt dedication to the culture of Hip-Hop off his new album “Chamber No. 9”, recalling old-school memories such as “poppin’, lockin’ to Mantronix”, recording DJ Red Alert radio shows and hearing Rakim for the first time.

New Joint – Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah – “Party Over Here” (@GhostfaceKillah / 2019)

Ghost Deini drops the latest instalment of his drama-fuelled video trilogy off his forthcoming album which drops in August.

New Joint – Inspectah Deck

Inspectah Deck – “Game Don’t Change” (@InspectahDeckWu / 2019)

Wu-Tang’s Rebel INS takes it to the streets Terminator-style in this first video from his forthcoming album “Chamber #9”.

New Joint – Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah – “Conditioning” (@GhostfaceKillah / 2019)

First instalment of a drama-laced video trilogy taken from the Wally Champ’s forthcoming album “Ghostface Killah’s” dropping in August.

New Joint – Cappadonna

Cappadonna – “Young Hustler” (GLF Entertainment / 2019)

The Wu-Tang representative drops some Shaolin street science on this cut from last year’s “Ear Candy” project.


Live Sessions – Amerigo Gazaway

Talented Cali-based producer Amerigo Gazaway recreates Wu-Tang’s classic “C.R.E.A.M.” in the first of his “Live Sessions” series.