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New Joint – Spit Gemz

gemz cover

Spit Gemz – “Son Of Abbadon” (SpitGemz.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

The Rotten Apple rhymer unleashes a barrage of sharp lyrical darts on this atmospheric Vic Grimes-produced single.

New Joint – Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz – “I Am The Chaos” (@Vinnie_Paz / 2020)

Vic Grimes-produced punch-you-in-the-face-rap from the Philly legend’s new album “As Above So Below” which drops this Friday.

New Joint – Edweird & Vic Grimes

Edweird & Vic Grimes – “Eddie Munster” (@EdweirdNoise / @VicGrimes / 2018)

Twisted, off-kilter wordplay from the Canadian emcee’s Vic Grimes-produced album “Gonzo” featuring Daniel Son and Asun Eastwood.

New Joint – Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz – “Blood On My Hands” (@Vinnie_Paz / 2018)

Vic Grimes-produced rawness from the Philly legend’s forthcoming album “The Pain Collector”.

New Joint – Saipher Soze & Daniel Son

Saipher Soze & Daniel Son – “Graveyard Shift” (@SaipherSoze / @DISSBBM / 2018)

Vic Grimes-produced rawness from the Canadian duo’s 2016 collabo album “Divizion Rivals”.

New Joint – PhybaOptikz & Vic Grimes

PhybaOptikz & Vic Grimes – “John Doe” (@PhybaCDVZ / 2017)

Atmospheric, dusty-fingered flavour produced by Canada’s Vic Grimes and taken from London rhymer PhybaOptikz’ forthcoming “Diamond District” album.

New Joint – Vic Grimes & PhybaOptikz

crate pic

Vic Grimes & PhybaOptikz – “Carlssons” (@VicGrimes / @PhybaCDVZ / 2017)

Sonic drama in the form of the lead single off the forthcoming collabo album from Canadian producer Vic Grimes and UK emcee PhybaOptikz.