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Smart Moves EP Stream – DJ Mastamove

Netherlands-based deejay / producer Mastamove drops a fast-paced showcase of funky, upbeat turntable excellence.

New Joint – DJ Stranger

DJ Stranger – “Tekward’s Island” (@JonStrange77 / 2020)

Sail the seas of sound with this tidal wave of turntablism from Florida’s Beer Money Unltd camp.

Da Odd Couple – Mista Sinista / Rob Swift

Footage of turntable titans Mista Sinista and Rob Swift performing together recently as Da Odd Couple at NYC’s The Delancey.

Roc4Raida – DJ Rob Swift

Turntable legend Rob Swift talks about the new website which has been set-up to honour the memory of the late, great Grandmaster Roc Raida.

The Point Of Contact Album Sampler – DJ Woody

woody cover

UK turntable titan DJ Woody releases his ambitious debut solo album “The Point Of Contact” in October, with the project featuring the talented deck-wrecker deconstructing and rebuilding an eclectic array of soundscapes crafted by a heavyweight crew of live musicians.

We Move By Instinct – DJ Rob Swift

Turntable legend Rob Swift proves that it’s “all about practice” with the help of a blindfold and doubles of Run-DMC’s classic “Sucker M.C.’s”.

Stuck In The Past Mix Stream – Mista Sinista

sinista cover

Turntable legend Mista Sinista cuts, blend and mixes his way through a quality selection of feel-good classics from the likes of Michael Jackson, Slave, Gwen Guthrie and more.

Cuttin’ It Up – DJ Rob Swift

NY turntable legend Rob Swift gets busy on the ones-and-twos with a routine involving Gang Starr’s “Just To Get A Rep”.

Skratch Practice – DJ Sheep

Australia’s DJ Sheep demonstrates his impressive turntable skills during a recent practice session in Taiwan.

New Joint – DJ Woody

DJ Woody – “The Nature Of Battle” (@DJWoodyMusic / 2014)

The UK turntable titan pays homage to all his fellow deck-wreckers who’ve ever stepped behind the ones-and-twos with the intention of crushing the competition.

New Joint – DJ Woody

DJ Woody – “I Got Styles” (@DJWoodyMusic / 2014)

The veteran UK turntablist flexes his formidable skills on this track from a forthcoming album project.

Mad Flava – DJ Rob Swift

Legendary turntable technician Rob Swift reminds the world how funky the science of beat-juggling can be with the help of some vintage practice footage, Craig Mack’s classic “Flava In Ya Ear” and a dose of valid advice.

Words From Rob Swift:

“I know we’re in an age were a lot of battle DJs are “Beat Juggling” Electronic and Techno music. And hey, if that’s the stuff you listen to, if that’s the stuff that moves you, if that’s the stuff you wanna “Beat Juggle”… be my guest. But Funk begets Funk and “Beat Juggling” is ALL about sounding Funky. So I strongly suggest you work with actual Funky music when you’re formulating a new pattern or routine. You know… somethin’ wit’ some FLAVA!

Many believe “Beat Juggling” as we know it today is stale, synthetic and flat lines after a few quick seconds. One reason for this is a lot of battle DJs are working with beats that are produced on a computer grid. Sequenced copy and paste style. There’s no soul in that! Factor in the unrecognizable songs competitors are using and you’re audience won’t be able to acknowledge what is your doing to the music. This leads to a disconnect between you and the people you’re supposed to be performing for.

If you wanna conceive your own Funky beat, tackle familiar songs with live Funky drummers or Funky samples. Done properly, Funky Beats equal Funky Beat Juggles.”

Live Video Mix Series Ep 1: Old School Ish – DJ Spinbad

NYC turntable titan DJ Spinbad matches formidable deck skills with visuals from Run-DMC, Biggie Smalls, Naughty By Nature and more in the first episode of his “Live Video Mix Series”.

Identical To None – DJ Woody

UK turntable mastermind DJ Woody demonstrates a selection of his formidable World Championship-winning techniques.


The Mighty Hard Rocker – DJ Cash Money

DMC Magazine interview with Philly legend Cash Money discussing his introduction to deejay-ing, inventing trademark techniques and winning the DMC World Title in 1988.

Table Talk – DJ Rob Swift / DJ Cash Money

Footage of NYC-based turntable titan Rob Swift interviewing Philly’s legendary Cash Money this week in order to introduce the ‘transformer’ technique to his class at the Scratch DJ Academy.

What Is A DJ If He Can’t… – DJ Cash Money

Philly turntable legend Cash Money offers his opinion on today’s mixtape game and the role of the deejay in Hip-Hop.

The Turntables Might Wobble… – TJ Mizell / DJ Scratch

Jam Master Jay’s son TJ Mizell and the legendary DJ Scratch pay tribute to the late, great Run-DMC member with a fast-paced turntable routine live on the streets of Hollis, Queens.

For The DJ’s Mixtape Download – DJ Grazzhoppa

grazzhoppa pic

Belgium-based deck-wrecker DJ Grazzhoppa delivers a mixtape giving those behind the wheels some credit featuring classic 80s tracks from the likes of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Low Profile, Public Enemy and more – download “For The DJ’s” here.

Scratch Nerds 2 Mixtape Download – Klever & Craze

scratch nerds cover

Turntable icons and Allies members DJ Klever and DJ Craze follow-up their classic 2001 “Scratch Nerds” project with another heavy dose of needle-thrashing, cross-fade punishment and next-level sonic wizardry – listen here.

Klever & Craze discuss “Scratch Nerds 2”