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Da Odd Couple – Mista Sinista / Rob Swift

Footage of turntable titans Mista Sinista and Rob Swift performing together recently as Da Odd Couple at NYC’s The Delancey.

Roc4Raida – DJ Rob Swift

Turntable legend Rob Swift talks about the new website which has been set-up to honour the memory of the late, great Grandmaster Roc Raida.

The Point Of Contact Album Sampler – DJ Woody

woody cover

UK turntable titan DJ Woody releases his ambitious debut solo album “The Point Of Contact” in October, with the project featuring the talented deck-wrecker deconstructing and rebuilding an eclectic array of soundscapes crafted by a heavyweight crew of live musicians.

We Move By Instinct – DJ Rob Swift

Turntable legend Rob Swift proves that it’s “all about practice” with the help of a blindfold and doubles of Run-DMC’s classic “Sucker M.C.’s”.

Stuck In The Past Mix Stream – Mista Sinista

sinista cover

Turntable legend Mista Sinista cuts, blend and mixes his way through a quality selection of feel-good classics from the likes of Michael Jackson, Slave, Gwen Guthrie and more.

Cuttin’ It Up – DJ Rob Swift

NY turntable legend Rob Swift gets busy on the ones-and-twos with a routine involving Gang Starr’s “Just To Get A Rep”.

Skratch Practice – DJ Sheep

Australia’s DJ Sheep demonstrates his impressive turntable skills during a recent practice session in Taiwan.