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New Joint – Supreme Cerebral / Tristate

Supreme Cerebral ft. Tristate – “Twin Dragons” (BugzyNino17.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

The two Gold Chain Music-affiliated emcees each deliver a potent lesson in lyrical expertise on this Sirplus-produced track.

New Joint – DirtyDiggs x Tristate

DirtyDiggs x Tristate – “Alkaline Water” (@DirtDiggs / @IAmTristate / 2022)

Gold Chain Music’s lyrical general Tristate fires off some darts on this track lifted from the Killer Tape Network’s DirtyDiggs-produced album “Mountains. Do The Knowledge. A Tent And Trail Soundtrack”.

New Joint – Styliztik Jones x DirtyDiggs / Tri-State

Styliztik Jones x DirtyDiggs ft. Tri-State – “Seafood Scampi” (StyliztikJones.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Los Angeles-based lyricist Styliztik Jones trades rhymes with the brilliant Tri-State on this upbeat track from the DirtyDiggs-produced album “Everybody Eat”.

New Joint – Tristate

Tristate – “The Collection Plate” (@IAmTristate / 2019)

The West Coast emcee unleashes a barrage of potent rhymes over dope Alchemist production off his DirtyDiggs-helmed album “Illustrious Tablets”.

New Joint – Tristate

Tristate – “Digital Diary” (@IAmTristate / 2019)

The Gold Chain Music affiliate flexes his formidable lyrical muscle over smooth Oh No production off his new EP “Illustrious Tablets”, helmed by West Coast duo DirtyDiggs and featuring appearances from Planet Asia, Big Twins and The Alchemist.

New Joint – Planet Asia / Tristate

planet asia cover

Planet Asia ft. Tristate – “Black Magic” (PlanetAsia2.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

The West Coast emcee drops “aerodynamic alphabet acrobatics” on this DirtyDiggs-produced track from his forthcoming album “KEITA”.

New Joint – Planet Asia / Lyric Jones / Tristate

chaos cover

Planet Asia, Lyric Jones & Tristate – “Uncontrolled Chaos” (IconCurties.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

The Gold Chain Music trio get busy over solid production from Italy’s Icon Curties.

New Joint – Tristate & Oh No

Tristate & Oh No – “Spaceship” (HieroglyphicsImperium.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Taken from the West Coast duo’s “3 Dimensional Prescriptions” album.

New Joint – Tristate & Oh No / Xiomara

Tristate & Oh No ft. Xiomara – “G.T.D.” (@HieroImperium / 2017)

Smoothed-out, soulful vibes from the West Coast duo’s recent album “3 Dimensional Prescriptions”.

New Joint – Tristate & Oh No / Washeyi Choir


Tristate & Oh No ft. Washeyi Choir – “Tears On My Nautica” (HieroglphicsImperium.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

West Coast emcee Tristate gets caught up in a complicated love triangle on this smoothed-out cut from his Oh No-produced album “3 Dimensional Prescriptions”.

New Joint – Durag Dynasty

Durag Dynasty – “Neighborhood Dope Dealers” (@DuragDynasty / 2015)

Planet Asia and TriState float effortlessly over Just Blaze’s “Moleskin Conclusion” instrumental as they prepare to release new material in the very near future.

New Joint – TriState & Dirty Diggs / Planet Asia / Mitchy Slick

TriState & Dirty Diggs ft. Planet Asia & Mitchy Slick – “Polyester Square” (@IAmTriState / 2014)

Colourful lyricism, sharp flows and thick beats from the EP “Digital Documents”.

New Joint – Dirty Diggs / TriState / Rasco

Dirty Diggs ft. TriState & Rasco – “Never Change” (@DirtDiggs / 2014)

The West Coast emcees showcase their new team-up steez The Replacement Killers on this track off Diggs’ forthcoming production project “Gold Diggers”.

New Joint – Durag Dynasty / Casual

durag dynasty cover

Durag Dynasty ft. Casual – “Baseball” (GoldChainMilitary.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

Planet Asia, Killer Ben and TriState hit lyrical home-runs with Smash Rockwell on this Bobby Oz-orchestrated track featuring co-production from Raphael Saadiq.

New Joint – TriState & Dirty Diggs / Washeyi Choir

TriState & Dirty Diggs ft. Washeyi Choir – “All I Had” (GoldChainMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

Rasco-directed visuals for this soulful track off the Durag Dynasty emcee’s new EP “Digital Documents” which features Planet Asia, Mitchy Slick and Killa Kali.

New Joint – Supreme Cerebral / Tristate / Banish Habitual

Supreme Cerebral ft . Tristate & Banish Habitual – “Forbidden Cloth” (@BugzyNino / 2014)

Taken from the West Coast lyricist’s recent album “Loop Dreams” featuring Planet Asia, Definite Mass, Maylay Sage and more.

New Joint – TriState / DirtyDiggs

tristate cover

TriState ft. Washeyi Choir – “All I Had” (@IAmTriState / 2014)

Taken from the Durag Dynasty member’s forthcoming DirtyDiggs-produced EP “Digital Documents”.

New Joint – Agallah / TriState / Rasco / Planet Asia

Agallah ft. TriState, Rasco & Planet Asia – “Coast Of Arms” (@AgallahTheDon / 2013)

Oh No-produced track from the veteran NY artist’s forthcoming mixtape “Red V”.

New Joint – Durag Dynasty

Durag Dynasty – “360 Waves – Part II” (Nature Sounds / 2013)

Viral visuals for the second part of the title track from the West Coast crew’s recent Alchemist-produced album.

New Joint – Durag Dynasty

Durag Dynasty – “360 Waves” (Nature Sounds Music / 2013)

Title track from the West Coast crew’s new Alchemist-produced album.