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New Joint – Estee Nack & V Don

Estee Nack & V Don – VIVIR / TRIUMFAR / Y / MORIR PT. 2 (SeriousSoundz.Com / 2023)

Taken from the album “BRAP!”.

New Joint – Estee Nack & Al.Divino

Estee Nack & Al.Divino – “I-RAK” (@EsteeNack / 2022)

The two Massachusetts-based emcees offer refined rawness and skillful microphone techniques on this DJ Mastamind-produced track off the forthcoming “Triple Black Diamonds 2” release.

New Joint – Estee Nack x Sadhugold

Estee Nack x Sadhugold – “NACKMANDELA” / “KINGORKINGDOM” (EsteeNack.BandCamp.Com / 2022)


New Joint – Purpose

Purpose – “Want For More” (@Tragic_Purpose / 2022)

Cool, calm and deadly rhymes from Tragic Allies member Purpose’s new self-produced album “The Tony Camonte Saga: Cost Of Business” which features appearances from Saigon and Estee Nack.

New Joint – Purpose

Purpose – “Long Night That Never Dies” (@Tragic_Purpose / 2022)

Tragic Allies member Purpose drops the lead single from his forthcoming album “The Tony Camonte Saga: Cost Of Business”.

New Joint – Haze / Estee Nack

Haze ft. Estee Nack – “Barry’s White” (@HazeOfMainAim / 2021)

Massachusetts-based microphone fiend Haze hits the target once again with assistance from Tragic Allies lyricist Estee Nack on this dope Killer Kane-produced track.

New Joint – Estee Nack

Estee Nack – “WEDONTSLIP” (EsteeNack.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

The Tragic Allies emcee throws a house party to accompany this smooth, horn-laced cut off his Mr.Rose-produced album “#MINIMANSIONDUST VOL. 4”.

New Joint – Estee Nack & Starker

crush cover

Estee Nack & Starker ft. DJ 2Buck – “Nack Vs Nace” (CrushALotPodcast.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Tragic Allies emcee Estee Nack and NYC’s Starker spit late-night, street-corner cipher rhymes over ill Flu production on this first cut to be lifted from Crush a Lot Podcast’s forthcoming EP “A Score To Settle Vol. 1”.

New Joint – Estee Nack

Estee Nack – “Long Term Loitering” (@EsteeNack / 2020)

First single off the Tragic Allies member’s forthcoming Denny LaFlare-produced project.

New Joint – Estee Nack & Giallo Point

papitas cover

Estee Nack & Giallo Point – “FlyByNight” (EsteeNack.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

The ever-busy Tragic Allies member Estee Nack drops his trademark fiery flow over dramatic, string-laced beats from UK producer Giallo Point on this cut off the pair’s new project “Papitas”.

New Joint – Codenine & Billy Loman / Estee Nack

codenine cover

Codenine & Billy Loman ft. Estee Nack – “Heir Macs” (@RealCodenine / 2019)

Codenine and Estee Nack of Massachusetts crew Tragic Allies join forces with typically impressive results on this lead single off the Billy Loman-produced album “Sane No More”.

New Joint – Estee Nack

higher cover

Estee Nack – “HigherLearnin” (@EsteeNack / 2019)

Righteous rawness from the Tragic Allies emcee produced by Mr. Rose.

The Iron Throne Of Microphones EP Stream – Purpose

purpose cover

Tragic Allies member Purpose celebrates the return of “Game Of Thrones” to our TV screens with this self-produced EP.

New Joint – Codenine & Grubby Pawz

Codenine & Grubby Pawz – “Tommy Jean Jacket” (CityYardMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Taken from the album “Auerbach’s Garden”.

New Joint – Codenine & Grubby Pawz

codenine cover

Codenine & Grubby Pawz – “Tommy Jean Jacket” (CityYardMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Tragic Allies member Codenine has teamed-up with talented producer Grubby Pawz to drop the “Auerbach’s Garden” project,featuring Estee Nack, SmooVth and Spnda.

New Joint – Estee Nack & Crucial The Guillotine / Codenine / Daniel Son

Estee Nack & Crucial The Guillotine ft. Codenine & Daniel Son – “Jorgeramos” (Estee.Nack.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Razor-sharp wordplay from the Tragic Allies member’s Guillotine-produced project “Novela (La Novela De La 9)”.

New Joint – Purpose / Saigon

Purpose ft. Saigon – “Limitless Styles” (TragicAllies.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Taken from the Tragic Allies member’s new B.B.Z. Darney-produced album “The Quintessential”.

New Joint – Codenine

codenine cover

Codenine – “Alarma!!” (@RealCodenine / 2018)

Billy Loman-produced lead single off the Tragic Allies member’s new project “The Codex Leicester”.

New Joint – Estee Nack

Estee Nack – “Excellence” (@EsteeNack / 2018)

Aptly titled dopeness from the Tragic Allies member off the new Fxck Rxp vinyl release.

New Joint – Codenine & Mr Rose

codenine cover

Codenine & Mr Rose – “Yellow Jitney” (@RealCodeNine / 2018)

Smooth-but-rugged flavour from the Tragic Allies emcee’s “9 Roses” project featuring Milano Constantine, Estee Nack, Daniel Son and more.