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New Joint – Ras Ceylon / Timbo King / Tragedy Khadafi

Ras Ceylon ft. Timbo King & Tragedy Khadafi – “Frontline Generalz” (@RasCeylon / 2022)

Oakland, California’s Ras Ceylon drops lyrical lessons alongside Wu-Tang affiliate Timbo King and Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi on this pounding Dawit Justice-produced single.

New Joint – Truth / Ras Kass / Large Pro / Tragedy Khadafi / Treach / Joe Fatal

Truth ft. Ras Kass, Large Pro, Tragedy Khadafi, Treach & Joe Fatal – “Entourage” (TruthEmcee.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Queens, NY emcee Truth enlists the talents of some heavyweight Hip-Hop legends for this quality posse cut from his new album “For All Intents and Purposes” which is produced entirely by Da Beatminerz.

New Joint – Will Sully / Tragedy Khadafi

Will Sully ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Young Rebels” (@WillSullyBeats / 2021)

NY’s Will Sully links with Queensbridge legend Tragedy for this Leadgeon-produced track from his new album “Freebase”.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi / Foul Monday

Tragedy Khadafi ft. Foul Monday – “Foul Opus” (@IntelliHoodlum1 / 2021)

Taken from the Queensbridge legend’s new “Hidden Files” release.

New Joint – Darkim Be Allah x Endemic Emerald / Tragedy Khadafi

Darkim Be Allah x Endemic Emerald ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “BX-QB” (NoCureRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Taken from the album “Antediluvian King”.

New Joint – Southpaw Chop / Tragedy Khadafi

southpaw cover

Southpaw Chop ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Laced With Tragedy” (@SouthpawChop / 2020)

Queensbridge legend Tragedy delivers some New York straight talk over the blasting horns and rolling beats of Japanese producer Southpaw Chop.

New Joint – QB Rap-P / Tragedy Khadafi

QB Rap-P ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “BloodLine” (@PRDean / 2019)

Taken from the Queensbridge emcee’s forthcoming project “Dying To Live Vol. 2”.

New Joint – Truth / Tragedy Khadafi

Truth ft. Tragedy Khadafi & DJ JS-1 – “TNT – Large Professor Remix” (Animal Military Records / 2019)

The Queens, NY emcee links with Rotten Apple legends Tragedy and Extra P for this drum-heavy remix of a cut from his recent album “The Fight For Survival”.

New Joint – Truth / Royal Flush / Tragedy Khadafi

Truth ft. Royal Flush & Tragedy Khadafi – “Extreme Measures” (Animal Military Records / 2019)

PF Cuttin-produced lead single from the Queens, NY emcee’s new album “The Fight For Survival” which features input from Large Professor, Ill Bill, Da Beatminerz and more.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2018 (Part Three) – Concept Of Thought / Roc Marciano / Kev Brown etc.

Check Part One and Part Two.

Concept Of Thought – “Misty Blue” (Yogocop.BandCamp.Com) – A truly life-affirming listening experience, emcees Awfew and Illiterate shone some light into the darkness on this beautifully crafted EP. Blessing the jazzy elegance of producer Joe Corfield with a steady flow of positive vibes, the pair delivered verses inspired by both their Brighton stomping grounds and the memory of a friend lost during their youth. Soothing, dream-like mood music.

Ankhlejohn & Big Ghost Ltd – “Van Ghost” (ShaapRecords.BandCamp.Com) – An undeniably good combination, the raspy rhymes of Washington’s Ankhlejohn sat perfectly atop the uncompromisingly raw production of Big Ghost throughout this satisfyingly sinister release. Eerie pianos, unsettling samples and solid drums provided a fittingly atmospheric backdrop for Ankhlejohn’s unique brand of verbal violence.

Fliptrix – “INEXHALE” (HighFocus.BandCamp.Com) –  There was something therapeutic about listening to Fliptrix’ seventh solo album.. The project resonated with a feeling, an energy, a vibration that did more than simply make your head-nod or inspire you to pick-out a few favourite quotables. Possessing a tone, flow and delivery which was as effective puncturing holes in the egos of his competition as it was delivering commentary on aspects of the human experience, all facets of Fliptrix’s artistry were brought together brilliantly on “INEXHALE”, with the project giving a sincere nod of respect to UK Hip-Hop’s past whilst boldly striding forward into its future.

Roc Marciano – “RR 2 – The Bitter Dose” (RocMarci.Com) – Largely self-produced, this sequel to last year’s “Rosebudd’s Revenge” album set off what was an extremely productive year for the Strong Island emcee. Roc’s trademark brand of slick New York pimp talk glided over smooth, old-school soul loops, resulting in an album that sounded like it could be the soundtrack to a yet-to-be-completed “Willie Dynamite” film remake.

Klaus Layer & Figub Brazlevic – “Slice Of Paradise” (FigubBrazlevic.Bandcamp.Com)Featuring an international line-up of collaborators from countries such as the UK, Russia and France, talented German producers Klaus Layer and Figub Brazlevic showcased their shared passion for dusty drums and soulful samples on this impressive long-player.

Skyzoo – “In Celebration Of Us” (First Generation Rich Inc) – Skyzoo’s catalogue is impeccable. Since 2005 the Brooklyn emcee has released project after project which have each seen his writing abilities reach new heights. It could be argued that “In Celebration…” stands as Skyzoo’s greatest piece of work to date. Boasting multi-layered rhymes which reveal new meaning with each listen, plus top-notch production from the likes of Apollo Brown, !llmind and Tuamie, this album found the gifted emcee capturing his life experiences growing-up in inner-city NY with an engrossing blend of subtle inflection and vivid descriptions.

Vinnie Paz – “The Pain Collector” (Enemy Soil / JMTHipHop.Com) – The Jedi Mind Tricks frontman delivered another heavy dose of his trademark righteous rawness on his fourth solo album, balancing punch-you-in-the-face aggression with moments of poignant reflection. This project definitely wasn’t made for the faint-hearted, but if you were expecting the Philly legend to drop anything other than uncompromising, hardcore Hip-Hop then you obviously haven’t been paying attention over the last twenty-plus years since JMT’s debut.

Bumpy Knuckles & Nottz – “Pop Duke Volume One” (BumpyKnuckles.BandCamp.Com) – Bumpy Knuckles (aka Freddie Foxxx) has made a career out of lyrically slapping wack emcees with absolutely no regrets. The man’s place in Hip-Hop’s history books is unshakeable. This collaborative project with producer Nottz found Bumpy fully embracing his OG status, showing the game some tough love in his usual gruff manner, dropping jewels in the process.

WateRR & DirtyDiggs – “Wizard Of The Crystal” (WateRR.BandCamp.Com) – Chicago emcee WateRR delivered slick, swaggering wordplay over the dusty loops of West Coast production outfit DirtyDiggs on this concise EP. Featuring the likes of Supreme Cerebral, Recognize Ali and Nowaah The Flood, this release was all about lyricism and genuine rhyme skills. Show and prove.

Kev Brown – “Homework” (KevBrown.BandCamp.Com) – Clocking in at an ambitious twenty-nine tracks, this welcome return from Maryland-based producer-on-the-mic Kev Brown captured the sound of a master at work. Blending  gritty sample chops with understated wordplay, the talented music man delivered an effective sonic lecture demonstrating how a student can become the teacher.

Parallax – “Auditory Vision” (ParallaxOfficialStore.BandCamp.Com) – Delivering on the potential displayed throughout his impressive 2014 EP “Depth Perception”, London lyricist Parallax dropped his official debut album “Auditory Vision”, an accomplished, well-executed project featuring personal, thought-provoking rhymes and quality production from the likes of Ded Tebiase, DJ Nappa and Wickstarr.

OC From NC – “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (OCFromNC.BandCamp.Com) – Having spent recent years proving himself to be an exceptionally consistent artist thanks to a string of quality projects, North Carolina’s OC added another release to his already impressive catalogue, with “It’s Not You, It’s Me” featuring the talented lyricist’s usual mix of boisterous bravado and thoughtful life observations.

Chairman Maf – “Ginger” (ChairmanMaf.BandCamp.Com) – This sixth instrumental album from UK producer Chairman Maf showcased the Sheffield music man’s ever-sharp ear for a soulful sample. Ranging from upbeat quirkiness and sophisticated smoothness to raw boom-bap, Maf proved himself to be a genuine chairman of the board with this masterful collection of dusty-fingered dopeness.

Funky DL – “Dennison Point” (FunkyDL.BandCamp.Com) – Having already dropped the impressive “Blackcurrent Jazz 3” earlier in the year (included in Part One of this list), multi-talented UK artist Funky DL looked back to his youth for the inspiration behind this brilliantly crafted concept album, with the longstanding Hip-Hop vet reminiscing on his time growing-up in East London over his trademark jazzy, true-school production.

Tragedy Khadafi & BP – “Immortal Titans” (FBDistribution.BandCamp) – Having influenced various Queensbridge legends such as Nas, Mobb Deep and Killa Sha, the Intelligent Hoodlum joined forces with producer BP to deliver his timeless brand of project poetry and pyramid wisdom over concrete-cracking beats. Aura check!

Summers Sons – “Undertones” (SummersSons2.BandCamp.Com) – London-raised, Bristol-based blood brothers Turt and Slim showcased their organic, jazz-influenced stylings on this quality collection of mellow head-nodders. The perfect soundtrack to warm, hazy July evenings, “Undertones” was a satisfyingly soothing listening experience. You gots to chill.

Nujericans – “A La Mala” (Nujericans.BandCamp.Com) – New Jersey representatives Sol Zalez and Joey Dynomite dropped their debut collection of raw-yet-funky beats and rhymes, with the pair offering a nod of respect to the 90s East Coast underground whilst maintaining their own flavour and sonic personality.

Shuko – “1996” (Shuko.BandCamp.Com) – German producer Shuko paid homage to the mid-90s with this brilliantly crafted collection of drum-heavy, sample-based instrumentals, respectfully offering a sonic nod to the likes of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest in the process.

Joe Corfield – “Patterns” (RadioJuicy.BandCamp.Com) – Having already blessed two of 2018’s finest releases with his trademark production sound (Fliptrix’s “Inexhale” and Concept Of Thought’s “Misty Blue”), UK music man Joe Corfield kept the momentum going with this sublime selection of hypnotic, jazz-influenced instrumentals via Germany’s Radio Juicy imprint.

Juga-Naut & Sonnyjim – “The Purple Door” (EatGoodRecords.BandCamp.Com) – Two of the UK’s finest joined forces for this brilliant collection of well-crafted verses and ill beats, with Nottingham’s Juga-Naut proving yet again why he deserves to be mentioned in any conversation regarding the dopest emcees currently gripping microphones, whilst Sonnyjim flexed his production muscle like a true master, flipping some quality samples throughout..

Part Four coming soon.

New Joint – Comet / Tragedy Khadafi

Comet ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Pinhead” (@Team_Madmen / 2018)

NYC’s Comet teams-up with Queensbridge legend Tragedy for this Supreme Da Almighty-produced single off his forthcoming album “Cataclysm”.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi & BP

Tragedy Khadafi & BP – “Immortal Titans” (@IntelliHoodlum1 / @BP11701 / 2018)

Title track from Queensbridge legend Tragedy’s new BP-produced release featuring Nature, Apathy, Hus Kingpin and more.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi & BP

tragedy pic

Tragedy Khadafi & BP – “Story Never Told” (FatBeatsRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Queensbridge legend Tragedy airs out some issues with former mentor Marley Marl on this cut off the forthcoming BP-produced project “Immortal Titans”.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi & BP

trag pic

Tragedy Khadafi & BP – “Upper Echelon” (Common Virtue Records / 2018)

Queensbridge legend Tragedy drops his trademark brand of half-righteous, half-foul wordplay over tough BP production from the duo’s forthcoming album “Immortal Titans”.

New Joint – N.B.S. / Tragedy Khadafi

N.B.S. ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Violent Wisdom” (@NtheBS / 2018)

Taken from the album “SwissVets 2”.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi

Tragedy Khadafi – “Lift Ya Glass” (@IntelliHoodlum1 / 2018)

Vintage Rotten Apple flavour from the Queensbridge legend’s 2017 project “The Kuwait Tapes”.

New Joint – Frost Gamble & Tragedy Khadafi

rare cover

Frost Gamble & Tragedy Khadafi ft. ZotheJerk – “Roses” (22Entertainment.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Queensbridge legend Tragedy drops some street science on this track off the forthcoming “Rare Fabric” EP produced by Winnipeg’s Frost Gamble.

New Joint – Raw Wattage / Tragedy Khadafi


Raw Wattage ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Arrest The Future President” (@Raw_Wattage / 2016)

South Carolina duo P. Watts and DJ FX team-up with QB legend Tragedy for this timely track lifted from their forthcoming album “N.E.W.S. (Not Everyday Words for Society)” executive-produced by Large Professor.


New Joint – Discourse / Tragedy Khadafi

Discourse ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Be About It” (@Discourse_CC / 2016)

Queensbridge icon Tragedy blesses a track from Australian producer Discourse’s forthcoming album “Megalomaniac” with his usual brand of street knowledge.

New Joint – Tragedy Khadafi

Tragedy Khadafi – “T.M. (Message To Killa Black)” (@TragedyKhadafi / 2016)

The Queensbridge icon drops new Doggie Diamonds-directed visuals for this Nashiem Myrick-produced track off his 2001 album “Against All Odds”.