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The Combat Jack Show: The Chuck D Episode – Combat Jack

combat jack show

Epic three-hour Combat Jack interview with the legendary rhyme animal Chuck D (featuring the Bomb Squad’s Keith Shocklee) discussing his recent war of words with Hot 97, Public Enemy’s history and his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop culture.

See Something, Say Something – Chuck D

Public Enemy’s Chuck D talks to HardKnockTV about his writing process, existing in a digital age and the Bomb Squad.

Tribute To Public Enemy Mix Download – DJ SeanSki

sean ski cover

Veteran NYC turntable terrorist DJ SeanSki has put together this dope tribute to arguably the greatest Hip-Hop group of all-time featuring a number of PE classics plus some of the original tracks sampled by the Bomb Squad in their symphonies of chaos – enter the Terrordome here.

OG Status – Ice Cube

West Coast vet Ice Cube reflects on his first solo album “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” on Shade 45 with Sway.

Fight The Power – Public Enemy

TheHipHopChronicle.Com footage of Public Enemy’s Q&A event in London earlier this week.

Are You Wit Me – Son Of Bazerk

1991 interview with Strong Island’s Son Of Bazerk.