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New Joint – Shortee Blitz / MysDiggi / Sus Bully

Shortee Blitz ft. MysDiggi & Sus Bully – “Steel Sharpens Steel” (ShorteeBlitz.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

A longstanding pillar of the UK Hip-Hop scene, the mighty Shortee Blitz drops the lead single off his forthcoming production EP “…1st Step”, a lively dose of beats and rhymes featuring the back-to-back skills of MysDiggi and Sus Bully.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Whispering Ninja” (@BackyardBully / 2020)

The London lyricist delicately-yet-directly communicates a message of personal determination in one effective verse, accompanied by the soothing production of Halfpast Seven.

New Joint – Sus Bully x Micall Parknsun

Sus Bully x Micall Parknsun – “Faux” (@BackyardBully / @MicallParknsun / 2020)

Quality collaboration from the two UK Hip-Hop heavyweights.

New Joint – Sus Bully & BlacKeys

Sus Bully & BlacKeys – “Sunset Resonance” (BackYardBully1.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Mellow, hypnotic title track from the London / Milton Keynes duo’s recent collabo EP.

Sunset Resonance EP Stream – BlacKeys & Sus Bully

sus bully cover

Milton Keynes-based producer BlacKeys teams-up with London wordsmith Sus Bully for this soulfully smooth EP full of contemplative rhymes and poignant life lessons.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Lightwork” (@BackyardBully / 2019)

The London emcee flexes his lyrical muscle on this Dukus-produced cut.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Focus” (@BackyardBully / 2019)

Produced by Manny Talvez.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully ft. I Did My Best I Swear – “Thank You” (@BackyardBully / 2018)

Produced by Shocker G.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “The Heist” (@BackyardBully / 2018)

The UK emcee weaves a narrative of struggle and desperation around hypnotic Dukus production.

New Joint – Tha 4orce / Sus Bully

Tha 4orce ft. Sus Bully – “Bright” (@Tha4orce / 2018)

Hard-hitting, thoughtful street knowledge from Tha 4orce’s “Setting Standards” album.

New Joint – Amy True / Sus Bully

Amy True ft. Sus Bully – “A Mess” (@Amy_True / 2018)

Personal, passionate rhymes from the two UK emcees on this Apollo-produced cut.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “My Life” (@BackyardBully / 2017)

Emotional rhymes with a twist from the UK emcee on this melodic Dukus-produced cut.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Lost” (@BackyardBully / 2017)

The UK emcee delivers intense, personal rhymes on this Dukus-produced head-nodder.

New Joint – Sus Bully & 2Mindz

Sus Bully & 2Mindz – “The Good Fight”  (@BackyardBully / 2017)

Taken from the UK / US duo’s collabo EP “Killer Instinct”

New Joint – Sus Bully & 2Mindz


Sus Bully & 2Mindz – “Raise The Stakes” (@BackyardBully / 2016)

Taken from the UK emcee’s forthcoming 2Mindz-produced EP “Killer Instinct”.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Do You” (@BackyardBully / 2016)

The UK lyricist encourages his peers to bring some originality back to the rap game on this Blackeys-produced track.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Escape” (@BackyardBully / 2016)

Produced by Abstract Soundz.

New Joint – Sus Bully / Elijah John

Sus Bully ft. Elijah John – “Dreaming” (@BackyardBully / 2016)

Soulful, motivational O’Nero-produced vibes from the UK emcee.

New Joint – Sus Bully

Sus Bully – “Raise The Stakes” (@BackyardBully / 2016)

Produced by 2Mindz.

New Joint – Sus Bully & Tom Misch

Sus Bully & Tom Misch – “Breathe” (@BackyardBully / @TomMisch / 2016)

Sublime combination of fiery rhymes and mellow production from the UK duo.