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Studies In Grey EP Stream – Super Duty Tough Work

studies cover

The idea of a live band making Hip-Hop is nothing new, but it is a concept that takes real skill to execute effectively and with memorable results. At the top end of the scale, groups like The Roots and the UK’s Mouse Outfit have consistently released incredible music based around the live band format. But when done badly, the end product can sound limp and bland, lacking the thump and grit many Hip-Hop fans demand.

Based on this new “Studies In Grey” EP, it would appear that Canadian band Super Duty Tough Work are definitely masters of their craft, balancing head-nodding beats and nimble rhymes with smooth instrumentation, incorporating jazzy keys, lively bass and punctuating horns.

Essential listening!


New Joint – Opski Chan

Opski Chan – “Keyser Soze” (OpskiChan.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Barry Bones-produced track with D-Styles on the cut taken from the album “Super Duty Tough Work”.