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The South London Ciphas Volume 1 – 184 & The Purist / Stig Of The Dump / Enlish etc.

Producers 184 and The Purist present the first instalment of “South London Ciphas” live and direct from their studio featuring Stig Of The Dump, Enlish, Shrapnel, Mad Hatter and Lee Galize.

Will Rap For Change Documentary Trailer – Life / Stig Of The Dump etc.

Trailer for the forthcoming Dean Huson-directed documentary “Will Rap For Change” featuring Rodney P, Brother Ali, Life, Stig Of The Dump, Evidence and others debating underground status and mainstream appeal.

Epic Barz – Stig Of The Dump

The UK’s Stig drops some typically boisterous lyrics on DJGone.TV.



Love H.E.R. Madly Download – Figment

Essex-based producer Figment remixes tracks from UK acts such as Stig Of The Dump, Mystro and Klashnekoff with samples from iconic rock group The Doors – download here.


1. I Rep – Jai

2. Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2 – Delusionists

3. Everyman – Lost Souls Ft Cuts by Reptar

4. Seven – Conflix, Crucifix, Teej, Wordsmith, Genesis, Marlon Brandy, Squared & Jim Morrison

5. Braindead – Stig of The Dump ft RA The Rugged Man

6. Game of Soldiers – Delusionists

7. Recycled Rhymes – Blokeyman ft Cuts by DJ Lok

8. Banishment – Mystro

9. All I Got – Klashnekoff

10. Rise – Lewis Parker ft Cuts by DJ Lok

11. Microphone Mussolini – Diss1, Dan Dastardly, Agonist & Figment

12. The Aim – Asaviour

Jump Off MC Battle – Professor Green / Stig Of The Dump

Short trailer for next week’s much-hyped Jump Off battle in London between Green and Stig.

Lyrical Exercise – Stig Of The Dump

UK freestyle favourite Stig Of The Dump at last week’s Speakers Corner event in London.