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New Joint – Theory Hazit

Theory Hazit – “They Only Clappin Cuz You Finished” (@Soulspazm / 2020)

The Portland, Oregon-based emcee mixes sharp wit with constructive criticism as he offers his observations on the present-day rap game.

New Joint – R.A.W. / Fame

raw cover

R.A.W. ft. Fame of M.O.P. – “Glisten” (@RAWnycOfficial / 2015)

NY’s DJ Skizz continues to build on his already impressive catalogue of dope releases, teaming-up with veteran Brooklyn wordsmith Problemz (of Missin’ Linx notoriety) to record the forthcoming “Right Amount Of Wrong” EP for Soulspazm Records.

New Joint – Grand Agent / Tribeca

Grand Agent & Tribeca – “Invisible” (Soulspazm Records / 2014)

Philly meets NYC as the two veteran emcees join forces for their new “Tribeca-Grand Mega EP”.

52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2013 (Part Four) – Verb T / Ghostface Killah / Ugly Heroes etc.

Verb T – “I Remain” (High Focus Records) – The UK lyricist reconfirmed his status as one of the most consistent talents to be found within the British Hip-Hop scene with this impressive self-produced project. Mixing the mundane grind of daily life with a creative imagination, “I Remain” offered another vivid look into the world of Verb T.

verb t pic 5

Ka – “The Night’s Gambit” (BrownsvilleKa.Com) – Painting more detailed images of NYC’s darkside, Brooklyn’s Ka dropped another understated opus of haunting brilliance that stayed with the listener long after the final track faded into silence.

ka cover

CM Jones – “Perfect Hand Off” (Ascetic Music) – With the power of technology at their disposal, French producer Creestal and New Jersey-based emcee MoShadee didn’t let thousands of miles prevent them from building a musical chemistry that ensured this multi-layered mix of soul, jazz and boom-bap sounded like it had been recorded by a pair of Hip-Hop heads who’d known each other since childhood.

cm jones cover

Hannibal Stax & Marco Polo – “Seize The Day” (Soulspazm Records) – As one of the most recognisable voices of the Gang Starr Foundation, the debut album of Crooklyn lyricist Stax might have been years in the making, but it definitely arrived right on time. Backed by the thunderous, neck-snapping beats of Marco Polo, Hannibal took it back to a time in Hip-Hop when gimmicks were frowned upon and emcees relied purely on skills and mic presence to keep a listener’s attention. Brooklyn’s in the house!

hannibal stax cover

Cyrus Malachi – “Black Athena” (First Son Records) – The Triple Darkness emcee continued to build on his brand of intricately written, mind-expanding Hip-Hop with this latest collection of intense bangers produced by the likes of 7th Dan and HellzEcho that could shake the foundations of the pyramids.

cyrus cover 1

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – “12 Reasons To Die” (Soul Temple Music) – Backed by the soulful live instrumentation of Adrian Younge, the Wally Champ dove headfirst into this brilliantly-executed cinematic concept album based on an outlandish plot that made the average kung-fu flick seem straight forward.  Joined by Wu swordsmen such as Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and Masta Killa, Ghostface navigated his way through betrayal, love and murder in this musical martial arts thriller.

ghostface cover

Ugly Heroes – “Ugly Heroes” (Mello Music Group) – Comprised of producer Apollo Brown alongside emcees Verbal Kent and Red Pill, Ugly Heroes provided a poignant soundtrack for people everywhere pushing their way through the everyday struggle, dealing with the pressures of day-jobs, family responsibilities and the unexpected knockout blows thrown by life. One of the year’s most sincere and heartfelt albums.

ugly heroes cover

7 G.E.M.S. – “Golden Era Music Sciences” (Ill Adrenaline Records) – Massachusetts-based Tragic Allies members Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine joined forces with Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi for this collabo project that was best described by its own title. Full of rugged, boom-bap beats and street-influenced god-body lyricism, “Golden Era Music Sciences” combined all of the correct elements from Hip-Hop’s periodic table for this true-school experiment.


Jack Diggs – “Dirty Finger Nails” (Revorg Records) – Deeply autobiographical and sublimely produced, TPS Fam member Diggs dug into his personal history as well as his record crates on this quality album which showcased the talents of an individual who clearly lives, breathes and sleeps the culture of Hip-Hop.

jack diggs cover

The Mouse Outfit – “Escape Music” (TheMouseOutfit.Com) – The Manchester-based crew of live musicians, deejays and emcees offered listeners a diverse melting pot of musical styles on this infectious album covering Hip-Hop, reggae, jazz and soul in the process. Highlighting the distinct lyrical flavour of veteran UK emcee Dr Syntax whilst introducing the likes of Sparkz and Black Josh to a wider audience, “Escape Music” was honest music made for all the right reasons.

mouse outfit cover

Ryan Proctor

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New Joint – Marco Polo / The Doppelgangaz

Marco Polo ft. The Doppelgangaz – “R U Gonna Eat That” (MarcoPoloBeats.Com / 20130

The Canadian producer links with the Groggy Pack duo for this track from the album “PA2: The Director’s Cut”.

New Joint – Marco Polo / Talib Kweli / DJ Premier

Marco Polo ft. Talib Kweli & DJ Premier – “G.U.R.U.” (Soulspazm / 2013)

Dope video for the Polo-produced tribute to one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the microphone from the forthcoming album “PA2: The Director’s Cut”.

New Joint – Maylay Sparks / Chukk Rukkuz

Maylay Sparks ft. Chukk Rukkuz – “Bucknasty” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

New visuals from veteran Philadelphia lyricist’s 2012 album “Shotgun Wedding”.

New Joint – Ruste Juxx

Ruste Juxx – “Countdown To Def” (Soulspazm / 2013)

Taken from the NY emcee’s “Ready To Juxx” album.

New Joint – DJ Skizz / Masta Ace / Nature

DJ Skizz ft. Masta Ace & Nature – “Metal Bars” (Soulspazm / 2013)

Taken from the album “B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience)”.

New Joint – Marco Polo / Organized Konfusion

Marco Polo ft. Organized Konfusion – “3-O-Clock” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

The talented Canadian producer reunites Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po for this track from his forthcoming album “PA2: Director’s Cut” which also features Masta Ace, Inspectah Deck, Large Professor and more.

New Joint – Blame One & J57 / Akie Bermiss

Blame One & J57 ft. Akie Bermiss – “How Much Times Left” (Soulspazm / 2013)

Soulful boom-bap from the duo’s new album “Walk In The Sun”.

New Joint – DJ Skizz / Hannibal Stax / Big Noyd / Panchi

DJ Skizz ft. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd & Panchi – “Triboro Thoro” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

Taken from the producer’s forthcoming album “B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience)”.

New Joint – Marco Polo / Talib Kweli / DJ Premier

marco polo cover

Marco Polo ft. Talib Kweli & DJ Premier – “G.U.R.U.” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

With Friday April 19th being the third anniversary of Guru’s untimely passing, Marco Polo unveils this fitting tribute to the Gang Starr legend from his forthcoming album “PA2: The Director’s Cut”.

New Joint – Craig G

Craig G – “Originality” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

Produced by LMNO and taken from the album “Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man”.

New Joint – Caucasion

Caucasian – “Boom Bap Blueprint” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

Sivey-produced track from the Texas-based emcee’s forthcoming album “Diggin’ The Shelf”.

New Joint – KON Sci

KON Sci – “Possibilities” (Soulspazm Records / 2013)

Self-produced track from the North Carolina-based artist’s forthcoming album “And Beyond”.

52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2012 (Part Five) – Brother Ali / Soundsci / Timeless Truth etc.

Beneficence – “Concrete Soul” (Ill Adrenaline Records) – This veteran New Jersey emcee’s latest album boasted enough featured golden-era talent to make true-school enthusiasts think they’d woken up back in the 90s, with the likes of Lord Tariq, El Da Sensei and Da Beatminerz all making solid contributions to this impressive release. But Beneficence didn’t allow himself to become a guest on his own project, ensuring his forthright lyricism kept him centre-stage throughout.

beneficence cover

Brother Ali – “Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color” (Rhymesayers Entertainment) – The Minneapolis-based Ali has long been one of Hip-Hop’s most interesting and inspiring emcee’s, with this fifth full-length project finding the lyricist teaming-up with Seattle producer Jake One to delve into politics, economics and spirituality, resulting in a rousing soundtrack for society’s everyman to struggle to.

brother ali cover 2

Juga-Naut – “Battle Of The Bulge” (Juganaut.BandCamp.Com) – The talented UK emcee delivered some serious verbal darts on this self-produced EP which also featured fellow Nottingham wordsmith Vandal Savage, with the pair expertly wielding vivid imagery and metaphors to paint potent pictures of lyrical excellence.

battle of the bulge cover

Craig G – “Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man” (Soulspazm Records) – Irrespective of the actual music contained on this project, the former Juice Crew member would have still gotten props for one of the year’s best album covers. The ever-reliable Queensbridge emcee did, however, also have the beats and rhymes to add extra weight to the sentiment expressed in said artwork, with Craig executing non-stop lessons in timeless lyricism over production from the likes of Marco Polo, Jake One and Da Beatminerz.

craig g cover 2

George Fields – “From The Sticks” (GeorgeFields.BandCamp.Com) – With influences ranging from Pete Rock to D.I.T.C., this young producer from Dorset, England concocted a soulful mix of heavy drums, filtered basslines and floating horns on this instrumental release which only appeared to hint at the quality to come from Fields in the future.

george fields cover

Soundsci – “Formula 99” (Crate Escape Records) – Combining the transatlantic talents of UK producers Jonny Cuba (Dynamic Syncopation) and Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) with Stateside emcees Audessey (Mass Influence), U-George (Hemisphere) and Oxygen (Sputnik Brown), this polished underground gem was packed with quality beats, entertaining rhymes and all-round good vibes, with the group’s far-flung members clearly proving themselves to be on the same sonic page throughout.

soundsci cover

The Doppelgangaz – “Beats For Brothels Vol. 2” (Groggy Pack Entertainment) – Fresh off the cult success of their 2011 “Lone Sharks” project, NY duo Matter Ov Fact and EP returned with this largely instrumental project, compiling a head-nodding selection of atmospheric, dusty-fingered tracks perfect for late-night strolls shrouded in one of the Ghastly Duo’s trademark black cloaks.

beats for brothels cover

Murs & 9th Wonder – “The Final Adventure” (Jamla Records) – The Living Legends emcee and Little Brother producer ended their successful musical partnership on a high-note with this final release in their series of collaborative albums. Choosing the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it route, the project contained typically soulful production from 9th matched with Murs’ own unique brand of personal reflection and entertaining story-telling.

murs cover

Meyhem Lauren – “Respect The Fly S**t” (L-R-G.Com) – Having spent recent years building a reputation via various mixtapes and collaborations with homie Action Bronson, 2012 will go down as the year Queens, NY’s Meyhem Lauren truly stepped into the spotlight in his own right. Recorded in a Texas hotel suite over two days during the SXSW music conference, this spontaneous Tommy Mas / Harry Fraud-produced project contained plenty of Lauren’s obligatory clothes and food references over a choice selection of samples, with the likes of Roc Marciano, Thirstin Howl and AG Da Coroner bringing new meaning to the term ‘room service’.

meyhem lauren front

K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – “The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III” (Kinetik.BandCamp.Com) – A shining example of an artist who has consistently striven to perfect his craft, this latest intalment in his “Kinesis Thesis” series found London emcee K.I.N.E.T.I.K. delivering his finest creative moment to date, wrapping up his positive, thoughtful rhymes in melodic soundscapes which perfectly matched the emotional tone of his subject matter, which ranged from the plight of inner-city youth to pondering the responsibilities of fatherhood.

kinetik cover

Timeless Truth – “Rock-It Science” (RTTNC) – Having kick-started 2012 with the brilliant “Brugal & Presidentes” EP, NY duo Solace and OPrime39 ended the year by making good on their promise to release their official debut long-player. A punchy collection of boom-bap bangers, the pair evoked images of graffiti-covered subway trains, Timberland boots and Polo gear as they travelled back-to-the-future, bridging the gap between the Rotten Apple’s Hip-Hop golden-era and the present day. Queens get the money.

timeless truth rock-it cover

Ryan Proctor

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New Joint – Hannibal Stax

stax cover

Hannibal Stax – “Str8 Smashin'” (@HannibalStax / 2012)

The gruff-voiced Gang Starr affiliate fires the first shot from his forthcoming mixtape “The Honorable” with this rugged Marco Polo-produced banger.

New Joint – JR & PH7 / The Kid Daytona

JR & PH7 ft. The Kid Daytona – “Humid Nights” (Soulspazm Records / 2012)

Soulful mood music from the production duo’s recent album “The Good Life”.

New Joint – JR & PH7 / Hezekiah / Thomas Clay

JR & PH7 ft. Hezekiah & Thomas Clay – “Poppin’ Fly” (Soulspazm Records / 2012)

Soulful vibes from the German production team’s album “The Good Life”.