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New Joint – Scienz Of Life

Scienz Of Life – “Paper Genocide” (JohnRobinson.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

The long-standing SOL crew offer some thought-provoking cultural commentary on this quality new single produced by group member John Robinson.

New Joint – Scienz Of Life

Scienz Of Life – “Stick To Ya Ribz” (@ScienzOfLife / 2022

Underground veterans John Robinson and Invizible Handz encourage us all to seek out “those ill minerals to raise up your spiritual” as they highlight the benefits of a healthy diet on this new single.

New Joint – Scienz Of Life

Scienz Of Life – “Blues Is A Weapon” (JohnRobinson.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

Dope new jazz-influenced head-nodder from underground veteran ID4Windz and John Robinson.

New Joint – John Robinson

John Robinson – “Never Be The Same” (JohnRobinson.BandCamp.Com / 2021)

The Scienz Of Life lyricist encourages listeners to build, educate and elevate during this period of global change on this latest cut to be lifted from his recent release “The LvL Up”.

New Joint – John Robinson

John Robinson – “Anahata” (JohnRobinson.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Mellow vibes and lyrical inspiration on this S1ncere-produced track from the Scienz Of Life member’s new project “The LvL Up”.

New Joint – Scienz Of Life & Eloh Kush / Glorious

Scienz Of Life & Eloh Kush ft. Glorious – “Pyrography” (@Beatvizion / 2020)

It’s time to build! Top-tier lyricism produced by Invizible Handz and taken from the forthcoming SOL / Eloh Kush collabo album “D.A.R.T.S.”.

New Joint – Scienz Of Life & Eloh Kush

Scienz Of Life & Eloh Kush – “Alley Way Wilson” (Beatvizion.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

True-school veterans John Robinson, ID4Windz and Invizible Handz join forces with New Jersey’s mighty Eloh Kush for this sublime display of production prowess and lyrical skills – RIP SOL’s Inspector Willabee!

New Joint – John Robinson

John Robinson – “Intelligent Sexy” (@WhoIsJR / 2016)

Soulful sun-splashed summer vibes from the Scienz Of Life emcee’s “Water The Plants” EP.

New Joint – John Robinson

John Robinson – “Water The Plants” (@WhoIsJR / 2016)

Produced by Scienz Of Life’s ID 4 Windz.

New Joint – John Robinson / Scienz Of Life

John Robinson ft. Scienz Of Life – “Very Nice” (@WhoIsJR / 2016)

The veteran NY emcee reunites with his SOL brothers for this Count Bass D-produced gem.

New Joint – Eloh Kush / Scienz Of Life

eloh kush cover

Eloh Kush ft. Scienz Of Life – “Initiatez” (@ElohKush / 2014)

The New Jersey lyricist joins forces with Scienz Of Life’s John Robinson and ID 4 Windz for this interstellar rap journey.

New Joint – SilentSomeone / John Robinson

SilentSomeone ft. John Robinson – “Grey Skies” (@SilentSomeone / 2014)

Mellow, hypnotic vibes from the Bronx producer’s recent album “I Have Company” featuring El Da Sensei, Sadat X, Shaz Illyork and more.

New Joint – John Robinson & PVD / Sadat X / I.D. 4 Windz

modern vintage

John Robinson & PVD ft. Sadat X & I.D. 4 Windz – “Two Man Mob” (@BrickRecords96 / 2014)

Taken from the forthcoming album “Modern Vintage”.

New Joint – Eloh Kush

eloh kush

Eloh Kush – “Cyanide Sentence” (@ElohKush / 2014)

The New Jersey emcee delivers lyrical “cultural restoration” on this mellow track produced by John Robinson (aka Scienz Of Life’s Lil’ Sci) off the forthcoming “Ebony Ronin” project.

New Joint – WMD & GAL3Y / John Robinson

WMD & GAL3Y ft. John Robinson – “Let’s Build” (@Mr_WMD / 2013)

Former Scienz Of Life emcee John Robinson joins forces with some Tunisia-based Hip-Hop talent for this international head-nodder.

What’s The Scienz? – John Robinson

NY emcee John Robinson a.k.a. Lil’ Sci of Scienz Of Life speaks to TheBeeShine.Com about his personal inspirations and challenges.

New Joint – John Robinson & PVD

John Robinson & PVD – “Miles & Trane” (Brick Records / 2012)

The Scienz Of Life emcee pays homage to two jazz giants on this Pat Van Dyke-produced track from the pair’s forthcoming album.

New Joint – Sidewalk Kal / John Robinson / Invizible Handz

Sidewalk Kal, John Robinson & Invizible Handz – “Astro” (Beatvizion / 2012)

19-year-old emcee Kal teams-up with Scienz Of Life members John Robinson and Invizible Handz for this spaced-out lead single from their forthcoming collabo project “Invizible Sidewalks”.

New Joint – John Robinson & Kyo Itachi

John Robinson & Kyo Itachi – “Mystical Strings” (Shinigamie Records / 2012)

Atmospheric head-nod business off the forthcoming collabo album “The Path Of Mystery” from the Scienz Of Life emcee and French producer.

Brilliant Soundscapes Vol 2. Album Download – John Robinson

NY underground vet John Robinson drops the second installment of his instrumental “Brilliant Soundscapes” series packed with hypnotic, head-nodding beats – peep it here.