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New Joint – Mothership Connection / DJ Cutterz

Mothership Connection & DJ Cutterz – “KC-137” (@Room2Records / 2017)

Spaced-out vibes transmitting live via Manchester from Cheech, Dubbul-O, Goshin, Legion and Cutterz.

New Joint – Free Wize Men / LayFullStop

Free Wize Men ft. LayFullStop – “Starz” (@FreeWize / 2017)

Hazy, soulful Khadu-produced cut from Manchester’s FWM.

New Joint – Dubbul O & Mankub

Dubbul O & Mankub – “In The Mix” (@Room2Records / 2017)

Lively beats and rhymes from the Manchester duo’s new collabo project “Smoka-Motive”.

New Joint – Mothership Connection

Mothership Connection – “Salute” (@Room2Records / 2017)

Cheech, Dubbul O, Goshin and Legion get busy over Mankub production from their new EP “This Train Goes To Junkleberry Junction”.

New Joint – Ellis Meade

Ellis Meade – “Golden” (@EllisMeade / 2017)

Quality beats and rhymes from Manchester’s Room2 Records.

New Joint – Dubbul O & Clay

Dubbul O & Clay – “Commence” (@Room2Records / 2017)

New dopeness from Manchester’s Room2 Records camp.

New Joint – Dubbul O & Pro P

Dubbul O & Pro P – “Hold It Down” (@Room2Records / 2017)

Taken from the album “As We Proceed”.