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New Joint – Brothas Keeper

Brothas Keeper – “ONE” (Soul Bro Music / 2020)

Detroit trio TNV, King Cameelio and Rocdwell deliver a slice of soulful goodness off their new EP “Keeper Of My Brotha”.


New Joint – Brothas Keeper

Brothas Keeper – “One” (Soul Bro Music / 2020)

Positive, soulful vibrations off the “Keeper Of My Brotha” release from Detroit trio TNV, King Cameelio and Rocdwell.

New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “Memory Lane” (@Rocdwell / 2020)

The Detroit emcee reminisces on his younger days throughout this piano-laced cut off the recent “Simplicity” album.

Album Review – Rocdwell

rocdwell cover


“SIMPLICITY (The Life That Makes The Songs)”


I first became aware of Detroit’s Rocdwell in 2014 following the release of his “Daily Chronicles” project, an album which showcased the talents of an emcee who was clearly determined to standout from the crowd, injecting his music with honesty, personal experience and a grounded, real-world perspective. Regardless of whether you’d shared similar life situations to those described in Rocdwell’s music or not, it wasn’t hard to connect with the Motor City artist due to the sincerity and feeling conveyed in his verses.

Six years later and Rocdwell’s new full-length release offers more lyrical food for thought, encouraging listeners to step back for a moment from the Matrix of our day-to-day existence, focus on what’s really important in a world full of distractions, and grab life with a renewed sense of purpose.

The opening one-two combination of “SIMPLICITY (Intro)” and “Fresher” makes Rocdwell’s approach to this album abundantly clear, with the mellow Jesse James-produced opening track encouraging people to “Cherish your moments while you got ’em..“, whilst the latter cut is a strong statement of intent, with Rocdwell revealing his feelings of artistic rejuvenation over loose, horn-laced beats from S3oulCIty.

“No Debate” looks at the importance of maintaining self-belief and ignoring negative thoughts as we travel along our individual paths, with Rocdwell reminding both himself and us that he’s “destined to shine, destined to climb” over the understated, soulful bounce of producer Juno.

The crisp, piano-laced thump of the Track PROS-helmed “Memory Lane” provides the ideal musical backdrop for the emcee’s youthful recollections of playing with action figures, Sega Genesis and feeling inspired by Ras Kass, KRS-One and Eminem, whilst the shuffling “Tres Uno Tres” is a heartfelt dedication to Detroit which encompasses both the history of the city as well as current issues such as gentrification (“Pops put me on heavy ’bout the heydays, Stories about The Temptations and The Supremes, Before the riots when all the neighbourhoods was clean…The new Detroit on the up and up though, A hot bed of development but up close, I don’t see much poppin’ where I’m from though, I guess them dollars haven’t made it to our front door…”).

The closing JPMoore Music-produced “Happy” finds Rocdwell providing a poignant reminder that every day is a new opportunity to chase dreams, reach goals and make a change for the better, relying on yourself first and foremost instead of looking for others to take responsibility for your personal fulfilment (“Life goes on, Right or wrong, I recite it in a song, The world keeps turning every three-sixty, five, I’m just glad that I’m alive, With everything that I own, My happiness is mine…”).

What really makes this album work is its overall feel and tone. Given some of the subject matter included here, Rocdwell could easily have ended-up sounding self-righteous or condescending, but instead his conversational flow enables him to comes across like a familiar friend who simply wants to see others succeed and grow.

As De La Soul’s Posdnuos once said on the group’s 1996 classic “Stakes Is High”, life can get all up in your ass, baby, you better work it out. With “SIMPLICITY”, Rocdwell is hoping to give his fan base the motivation to do just that.

Ryan Proctor


New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “No Debate” (@Rocdwell / 2020)

Motivating, life-affirming beats and rhymes from the Detroit emcee’s new album “Simplicity”.

New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “I Thought So” (@Rocdwell / 2020)

The Detroit emcee delivers motivational rhymes from his forthcoming album “Simplicity (The Life That Makes The Songs)”.

New Joint – Rocdwell / Fenix2

rocdwell cover

Rocdwell ft. Fenix2 – “Keep On Moving” (@Rocdwell / 2017)

Soulful, motivational music from the Detroit emcee produced by Sumerio Square.


New Joint – Rocdwell


Rocdwell – “Forget About Yesterday” (@Rocdwell / 2017)

The Detroit emcee drops a gem for Black History Month.

New Joint – Rocdwell & Antlive

Rocdwell & Antlive – “Lost & Found” (MF911.BandCamp.Com / 2016)

Taken from the Detroit duo’s recently-released “Soul Passport” project.

Soul Passport EP Stream – Rocdwell & Antlive

rocdwell cover

Detroit emcee Rocdwell delivers sincere, down-to-earth rhymes over melodic boom-bap from MF911’s Antlive.


New Joint – Rocdwell

rocdwell cover

Rocdwell – “Before The Passport” (@Rocdwell / 2016)

The Detroit emcee gets heads ready for his forthcoming Antlive-produced “Soul Passport” EP with this smooth slice of true-school flavour.

Soul Passport Basement Session – Rocdwell / DJ Strange

Detroit’s Rocdwell drops another promo clip for his upcoming Antlive-produced “Soul Passport” EP.

New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “UNO” (@Rocdwell / 2016)

Live performance of a cut from the Detroit emcee’s forthcoming Antlive-produced “Soul Passport” EP.

New Joint – Antlive / Rocdwell

Antlive ft. Rocdwell – “Corner Kids” (@Detroit_Antlive / 2016)

Hard-knock rhymes from the Motor City artist’s new album “Antstrumentals”.

New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “Studio Reflections” (@Rocdwell / 2015)

Produced by Ghost Museik.

New Joint – Rocdwell

rocdwell cover

Rocdwell – “Shout Out, Much Love” (@Rocdwell / 2015)

The Detroit emcee takes time out to deliver heartfelt thanks to his supporters (including yours truly) on this short-but-sincere cut.

New Joint – Rocdwell

Rocdwell – “It Is Real (Live)” (@Rocdwell / 2015)

Heartfelt rhymes from the Detroit artist’s 2014 album “Daily Chronicles”.

New Joint – Rocdwell

rocdwell cover

Rocdwell – “You Gotta Choice” (@Rocdwell / 2015)

The Detroit lyricist kicks street-savvy wisdom over laid-back production from Micah Braxton.

New Joint – Antlive / Rocdwell / Lil David Ruffin

Antlive ft. Rocdwell & Lil David Ruffin – “The Rain” (@Detroit_Antlive / 2015)

Gritty wordplay and mellow production from the Motor City emcee’s “59th Minute” EP.

New Joint – Rocdwell

rocdwell pic

Rocdwell – “Real Rap, Real Life” (@Rocdwell / 2015)

The Detroit emcee offers passionate, heartfelt rhymes on this captivating new track.