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New Joint – Archie Shepp, Raw Poetic & Damu The Fudgemunk

Archie Shepp, Raw Poetic & Damu The Fudgemunk – “Tulips” (DamuTheFudgemunk.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Taken from the ambitious “Ocean Bridges” collabo album from jazz legend Archie Shepp and Redefinition Records regulars Raw Poetic and Damu The Fudgemunk.

New Joint – Kev Brown

Kev Brown – “Superman III” (@REDEFrecords / 2018)

Smooth, mellow flavour from the Maryland producer-on-the-mic’s “Homework” album.

New Joint – Kev Brown

Kev Brown – “Passion Energy Heart” (@REDEFrecords / 2018)

Taken from the album “Homework”.

New Joint – Kev Brown

Kev Brown – “Feeling” (@REDEFrecords / 2018)

Piano-laced head-nod vibes from the Maryland producer’s recently-released album “Homework”.

New Joint – Kev Brown

Kev Brown – “Look At The Way The Words Move” (@REDEFrecords / 2018)

Taken from the talented Maryland-based producer-on-the-mic’s long-awaited new album “Homework”.

New Joint – Kev Brown

Kev Brown – “Blueprint From The Masters” / “Non Destructive Chop” (RedefinitionRecords.Com / 2018)

Dusty-fingered basement flavour from the veteran Maryland-based producer-on-the-mic’s forthcoming album “Homework”.

New Joint – Damu The Fudgemunk & Flex Mathews

damu cover

Damu The Fudgemunk & Flex Mathews ft. Blu & Insight The Truncator – “Burners” (@REDEFrecords / 2018)

Dope collabo cut from the Redefinition Records camp.

New Joint – Raw Poetic & Damu The Fudgemunk

Raw Poetic & Damu The Fudgemunk – “Think Back” (@RedefinitionRecords / 2017)

Taken from the duo’s genre-blurring album “The Reflecting Sea” released yesterday.

New Joint – Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic

reflecting cover

Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – “Think Back” (@REDEFrecords / 2017)

Musical visionary Damu and Panacea’s Raw Poetic push artistic boundaries on their new album “The Reflecting Sea (Welcome To A New Philosophy)”, with this lead single effectively showcasing what to expect from the project – live instrumentation mixed with Hip-Hop sensibilities and intelligent wordplay.

New Joint – K-Def / Artifacts

redef logo

K-Def ft. Artifacts – “Left In My Dust” (@RedefRecords / 2017)

New Jersey allies K-Def, Tame One and El Da Sensei deliver some heavy-duty boom-bap on this limited edition vinyl release.

New Joint – Insight The Truncator & Damu The Fudgemunk

Insight The Truncator & Damu The Fudgemunk – “It’s Over” (@REDEFrecords / 2017)

Smooth-yet-hardcore flavour from the duo’s recently-released album “Ears Hear Spears”.

New Joint – Insight The Truncator & Damu The Fudgemunk

Insight The Truncator & Damu The Fudgemunk – “Rather Unique 2” (@REDEFrecords / 2017)

Taken from the duo’s recently-released album “Ears Hear Spears” on the ever-reliable Redefinition Records label.

New Joint – Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk

insight cover

Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk – “All Human” (@REDEFrecords / 2017)

Boston wordsmith Insight makes a welcome return to the mic with the Damu The Fudgemunk-produced album “Ears Hear Spears”.

The Unpredictable Gemini Album Stream – K-Def

k-def cover

Veteran producer K-Def channels his many years of musical experience into this impressive showcase of sample-driven excellence.

New Joint – K-Def / Blu / Damu The Fudgemunk / Kunal


K-Def ft. Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk & Kunal – “Strawberry Lemonade” (@REDEFrecords / 2016)

Taken from the veteran New Jersey producer’s forthcoming album “The Way It Was”.

New Joint – K-Def / AG / Damu The Fudgemunk

k-def cover

K-Def ft. AG & Damu The Fudgemunk – “Gotta Get Away” (@REDEFrecords / 2016)

Bonus vocal track from the veteran New Jersey producer’s forthcoming instrumental project “The Unpredictable Gemini”.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2015 (Part Two) – Skyzoo / Starvin B / Kingpin etc.

Check Part One here.

Estee Nack & Purpose – “14 Forms: The Book Of Estee Nack” (Ill Adrenaline Records) – Massachusetts microphone fiend Estee Nack joined forces with his Tragic Allies comrade Purpose to craft this shining example of quality underground Hip-Hop. Combining rugged intellect with raw street knowledge, the passionate wordsmith guided listeners through his inner-city world whilst keeping his third-eye wide-open, backed by the melancholy-yet-melodic boom-bap of Purpose.

estee nack cover

Iomos Marad – “Liberation – The Voice EP” (IomosMarad.BandCamp.Com) – In a time when so many artists are satisfied with simply filling their music with shallow, one-dimensional rhymes, veteran Chicago emcee Iomos Marad released this veritable feast of sonic soul food; a life-affirming collection of thoughtful Hip-Hop which sought to motivate, educate and illuminate in equal measures.

iomos marad cover

Skyzoo – “Music For My Friends” (First Generation Rich) – Whilst the lyrical content may have differed, the tone of Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo’s third full-length solo project reminded me of Jay-Z’s 1996 classic “Reasonable Doubt”. Drawing on his younger years for inspiration and taking the listener deep into his hopes, dreams and concerns, the gifted artist painted verbal pictures rich in the imagery of inner-city New York, making you feel as if you were sat right there on the album cover’s illustrated stoop, listening to Sky choppin’ it up with his close-knit crew.

skyzoo cover

Sparrow The Movement – “The Jacob Theology (Book 1)” (Jamdan Records) – NY-bred, Baltimore-based emcee Fla-Fla balanced religious beliefs and life observations with his undeniable passion for Hip-Hop culture on this brilliantly-executed concept album featuring quality production from The Custodian Of Records, Supreme War Clique and Constant Deviants.

sparrow cover

Cappo & Nappa – “Rebel Base” (KingUnderground Records) – With talented UK producer DJ Nappa digging deep into his crates for a sublime selection of sample material both familiar and obscure, this project from the mighty Cappo further solidified the Nottingham artist’s reputation as one of the most complete emcees in the game, as tracks like “Get Live” and “Elite Marine” overflowed with intricate, laser-precise lyricism.

rebel base cover

Starvin B – “The Foreigner” (Stay Suave Music) – The first of an impressive four projects released by the Queens, NY representative in 2015, “The Foreigner” found Starvin B going global and benefiting from the skillful production of Switzerland’s Sauce Jacqson. Recorded in just one week, the album was not only a testament to the Rotten Apple emcee’s undeniable talent, but also his strong work ethic which manages to balance both quantity and quality.

starvin b cover

Res One – “Delph Efficacy” (SplitProphets.BandCamp.Com) – Split Prophets member Res One’s debut solo album showcased the Bristol resident at his creative best. With a thick cloud of weed smoke hanging over every one of the nineteen tracks on offer here, the UK emcee blessed some of the finest production heard in 2015 from the likes of Badhabitz, Simiah and Evil Ed, ensuring “Delph Efficacy” will still stand as a superior example of British Hip-Hop for years to come.

res one cover

Raw Poetic & K-Def – “Cool Convos In Quantum Speech” (Redefinition Records) – Nimble, intelligent wordplay, expert sample-based production and soulful, feel-good vibes made up the sonic foundations of this impressive collaborative project from talented Washington emcee Raw Poetic (of Panacea fame) and veteran New Jersey producer K-Def.

cool convos cover

Heresy – “Heresy” (Polar Entertainment) – Led by UK-raised, US-based Hip-Hop vet Monie Love, this all-female crew (including Dominique Larue, Carolina Dirty and MyVerse) kicked back against today’s mainstream notion of female rappers being all about image-over-talent, demonstrating raw rhyme skills without sacrificing their femininity whilst backed by production from J. Rawls and Black Sheep’s Mista Lawnge.

heresy cover

Kingpin – “Art Of Survival” (KingpinLondon.BandCamp.Com) – Reflecting the realities of life in inner-city London via genuine insight and personal experience, Kingpin’s second solo album was as much about motivating the minds of those living in the circumstances described throughout this project as it was about opening the eyes of those on the outside looking in. Intelligent street music.

kingpin cover

Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs – “Nautica Nagas” (Gold Chain Music) – West Coast wordsmith Asia is one of those blessed emcees who can honestly claim to have gotten sharper throughout his career, having made the journey from being a student of the game when he debuted back in the late-90s  to becoming a present-day master of the artform. Backed by the production of fellow Left Coast resident DirtyDiggs, this EP found PA delivering his usual brand of seemingly effortless lyricism over instrumentals that ranged from stripped-down and bass-heavy to hypnotic and soulful.

nautica cover

Figub Brazlevic – “EXPEDITion Vol. 1: From Ghettos To Galaxies” (FigubBrazlevic.BandCamp.Com) – Man Of Booom member Brazlevic provided a truly engrossing listening experience in the form of this flawlessly crafted instrumental album. Soaked in the influences of dusty-fingered 90s East Coast boom-bap, the tracks heard here also found the German producer living up to the project’s title, bringing a jazzy, spaced-out vibe to the proceedings which landed on the right side of experimentation.

figub cover

The Mouse Outfit – “Step Steadier” (TheMouseOutfit.BandCamp.Com) – Having carved out their own creative space within the UK Hip-Hop scene with 2013’s “Escape Music” album, Manchester, England’s Mouse Outfit further solidified their reputation for delivering unique homegrown flavour with this follow-up. Once again incorporating a variety of musical influences outside of Hip-Hop, including jazz, soul and reggae, the live band collective enlisted the lyrical talents of emcees such as Sparkz, Verb T and Dr. Syntax to ride the rhythms of their bubbling, organic soundscapes.

mouse outfit cover

C-Rayz Walz – “ALMIGHTY: The 12 Jewels” (Sun Cycle Industries) – Described by Bronx-raised emcee Walz himself as being “the rhythmic scroll to decode your soul when your third eye zones”, this ambitious Five Percent-influenced project featured a lengthy list of guest emcees, including Oxilla Born, Spit Gemz and Agallah, spitting a relentless barrage of gritty street righteousness over sample-heavy, straight-out-the-basement production. Postive energy activates constant elevation.

c-rayz cover

CZARFACE – “Every Hero Needs A Villain” (Brick Records) –  Once again combining their shared passion for Hip-Hop and comic books, Boston’s 7L & Esoteric and Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck donned their sonic super-hero costumes a second time for this follow-up to their self-titled 2013 project. With allies such as Large Professor, JuJu of The Beatnuts and Meyhem Lauren bringing their own special powers along to battle any rap villainy that stood in their way, the elements of “Every Hero…” came together just like cereal and Saturday morning cartoons.


Skuff – “Level” (Audio Danger Records) – Delegates Of Culture member Skuff dropped arguably the best project of his career in the form of this succinct eleven-track package of true-school beats and rhymes. Backed by stellar production from DJ Nappa, Leaf Dog and Chairman Maf, the Cambridge-based emcee achieved a good balance between personal reflection and lyrical showmanship here, proving that his love of the mic definitely hasn’t diminished over the years.

skuff cover

The Deity Complex featuring Unseen – “Supreme Architecture” (The Deity Complex) – Chicago-based producers Supreme Scientist 7, Golden Luohan and Chief Abbot Haderach Wu Mei blessed NY emcee Unseen with a dope selection of unique, jazzy soul-laced beats on this well-executed release. With the Rotten Apple rhymer’s “gold sceptre rap” conjuring up images of subways and street-c0rner ciphers, this EP delivered further proof that there’s always quality Hip-Hop being made in the underground for those who’re prepared to take the time to search for it.

deity cover

Arablak – “Fresh Heir – Chapters 1-3” (Arablak.BandCamp.Com) – Released as three separate EPs but intended to be listened to as a complete project, Atlanta-based Arablak’s “Fresh Heir” series found the self-proclaimed “cross between KRS, Common Sense and Fresh Prince” utilising his authoritative flow and drawing on personal experience to deliver a striking collection of intelligent, introspective blue-collar Hip-Hop.

arablak cover

Cazal Organism – “On My Grown S**t” (Ultra Slump! Records) – With this young LA resident having already gained a cult following for his production, Cazal decided to up the ante by also handling microphone duties on this debut vocal project, dropping charismatic rhymes over an eclectic selection of beats that ranged from space-age boom-bap to dusty-fingered soul loops.

cazal cover

The BoothBoxers – “The Enigma Code” (BoothBoxers.BandCamp.Com) – Burnley, England trio Seekz, Morgz and DJ Trauma created an uncompromising masterpiece in the form of their “Enigma Code” project. Carrying on tradition by blending vintage Britcore attitude and 90s boom-bap flavour with a now-school perspective, the crew succeeded in crafting an album which simultaneously paid homage to the heritage of UK Hip-Hop whilst still bringing something unique to the table.

boothboxers cover

Part Three coming soon.

New Joint – K-Def & 45 King

redef logo

K-Def & 45 King – “Zulu Strings” (@REDEFrecords / 2015)

The two veteran producers combine rolling drums and dramatic strings for this pounding track off their forthcoming collabo project “Back To The Beat Vol. 2”.

New Joint – K-Def

k-def cover

K-Def – “Reminiscent Of The Golden Era” (@DJKDef / 2015)

The veteran New Jersey producer delivers his usual high-standard of neck-snapping beats off his forthcoming instrumental album “The Unpredictable Gemini”.

New Joint – Klaus Layer

Klaus Layer – “Society Collapse” (@REDEFrecords / 2015)

Drum-heavy title track from the German producer’s forthcoming 2016 album on the Redefinition Records imprint.