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Epiphany EP Stream – AG & John Robinson

epiphany cover

Mellow, jazz-influenced dopeness from the Red Apples camp produced by Ray West.

New Joint – AG & John Robinson

red apples pic

AG & John Robinson ft. Blu & Dave Dar – “Penelope” (@RedApples45 / 2017)

Smooth, jazz-influenced title track from the NY duo’s new Ray West-produced collabo EP.

New Joint – AG & John Robinson

AG & John Robinson – “They Watching” (@RedApples45 / 2017)

Mellow, jazz-influenced flavour produced by Bronx music man Ray West,

New Joint – AG / John Robinson

they watching cover

AG & John Robinson – “They Watching” (@RedApples45 / 2017)

The two NY rhyme vets warn of the dangers of the digital age over mellow, jazz-infused Ray West production.

Red Apples 45 Vintage 1991 EP Stream – Various Artists


Bronx-bred producer Ray West blows the dust off some early-90s basement demos featuring the raw talents of 2 Mad, Poetic Prince, Double R and more.

New Joint – D Flow & Ray West

D Flow & Ray West – “Soliloquy” (@RedApples45 / 2016)

Cinematic visuals for this minimalist instrumental piece from the Bronx duo’s new EP “Three Sides To Every Coin”.

New Joint – AG / Sadat X / Ray West


AG ft. Sadat X – “Busters Train” (@RedApples45 / 2014)

Piano-laced bonus track off the vinyl reissue of Andre The Giant’s dope 2010 Ray West-produced album “Everything’s Berrii”.