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New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon – “Ice Cold” (DrSyntax.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

UK emcee Syntax deals with the ageing process in his typically humorous manner on this cut from the Pete Cannon-produced album “Let’s Talk”.

New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon / Gardna

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon ft Gardna – “Sock It To ‘Em” (DrSyntax.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Lively, speaker-thumping beats and rhymes from the UK duo’s “Let’s Talk” album.

New Joint – Ocean Wisdom

Ocean Wisdom – “Don” (@HighFocusUK / 2018)

Fast-paced rhymes from the UK emcee on this Pete Cannon-produced roller off his forthcoming album “Wizville”.

New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon – “Best Friends” (@DrSyntaxRaps / @PeteCannonBeats / 2016)

The UK pair show some love on this playfully soulful cut off their recent EP “The Tonic”.

New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon – “Downtime” (@DrSyntaxRaps / @PeteCannonBeats / 2016)

Break out of the nine-to-five grind with this track from the UK duo’s new release “The Tonic EP”.


New Joint – Moose Funk Squad

Moose Funk Squad – “Getting Paper” (@MooseFunkSquad / 2016)

The UK collective drop an anthem for the nine-to-fivers with this Pete Cannon-produced banger.

New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon / Upfront / Res One

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon ft. Upfront & Res One – “Hear my beats rattle” (DrSyntax.BandCamp.Com / 2015)

Funky boom-bap and witty wordplay from the emcee / producer combo’s new album “Elaborate Anoraks”.

New Joint – Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

dr syntax

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon – “Yeah!” (@RealDrSyntax / @PeteCannonBeats / 2015)

Always-entertaining Manchester wordsmith Dr Syntax comes correct with punchline-heavy verses over dope Pete Cannon production from the duo’s forthcoming “Elaborate Anoraks” project.

New Joint – Black Josh & Pete Cannon

Black Josh & Pete Cannon – “Know About It” (@BlahRecords / 2015)

90s-influenced head-nodder taken from the UK duo’s forthcoming EP “Smoking Kills”.

New Joint – Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax / DJ Woody

Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax ft. DJ Woody – “On My Terms” (DrSyntax.BandCamp.Com / 2014)

Head-nodding down-to-earth vibes from the UK duo’s “Killer Combo!” album.

New Joint – Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax / Jehst / Del The Funky Homosapien

Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax ft. Jehst & Del The Funky Homosapien – “Do What We Wanna Do” (Tactical Thinking Entertainment / 2014)

Ill transatlantic collaboration from the UK duo’s new album “Killer Combo”.

New Joint – Dirty Dike / Stig Of The Dump / Verb T etc.

Dirty Dike ft. Stig Of The Dump, Dr. Syntax, BVA, DatKid,Verb T, Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr. Key, Fliptrix & Leaf Dog – “Future Posse Cut One Thousand” (High-Focus.Com / 2013)

Epic posse track produced by Pete Cannon and taken from Dike’s new album “Return Of The Twat”.

New Joint – Verb T

Verb T – “Where You Find Me” (High-Focus.Com / 2012)

Amusing visuals for this Pete Cannon-produced track from the UK emcee’s recent album “The Morning Process”.

Album Review – Verb T

Verb T

“The Morning Process”

(High Focus Records)

A decade since making his first major impact on the UK Hip-Hop scene with the Harry Love-produced Low Life Records single “Showbitchiness”, London-based producer-on-the-mic Verb T tops off what has been a busy twelve months as a member of the Four Owls collective with a new addition to his already impressive list of solo album releases.

Since his earliest projects Verbs has always been his own man on the microphone, delivering performances of understated brilliance which have displayed an equal mastery of both witty emcee bravado and heartfelt self-reflection. Refusing to follow trends or make hollow attempts to fit in with rap stereotypes, the talented lyricist’s preference for making honest, sincere music has endeared Verb T to many over the years and helped build a loyal fanbase which is only sure to have grown now that he’s aligned himself with the High Focus camp.

The sound of a talented Hip-Hop head settling into adulthood, “The Morning Process” finds Verbs hitting his thirties, looking back to simpler times of his past, showing concerns about the future, but, ultimately, being grateful for his blessings in the present.

With beats supplied by a tight team of producers (Leaf Dog, Chemo, JJ Malone, Pete Cannon and T himself), the musical backdrop of “The Morning Process” perfectly matches the album’s lyrical content, leaving the listener with the impression that a lot of thought and effort went into this project to ensure the music was actually felt as well as heard.

The crisp drums and sliding horns of “Said And Done” find the UK emcee delivering a “Verb tutorial”, encouraging people to focus on achieving their goals and to never settle for mediocrity no matter where they might be in life (“Shape up, it’s never too late to make progression” an animated Verbs rhymes towards the end of the track with an earnest tone).

JJ Malone’s brilliant tension-filled production heard throughout “On The Edge Part 1” finds the wordsmith taking his own advice in the first verse, as he describes how his constant hardwork and struggle to further his music career means that “failure ain’t probable” before turning his attention to the competition (“You rappers sound artificial like E numbers”) and throwing a little social commentary into the mix as well.

“Snake Plissken” features Nottingham’s Cappo and London’s Skriblah joining T on a lyrical journey to break away from the pressures of modern, techno-driven big-city life over soothing, dreamy keys, whilst the loping Pete Cannon-produced “Where You Find Me” presents the low-key emcee attempting to pull further away from the non-stop hassles of everyday life as Verbs describes himself as a “hermit” whilst ignoring phone calls, chillin’ on his couch and dealing with “agrophobic s**t” when he steps outside his front door.

The hauntingly hypnotic “Love Me, Leave Me” is a bittersweet analysis of the complex nature of relationships with an emotionally-charged Verb T walking a thin line between passion and obsession as he admits the impact his own shortcomings have had on a failed partnership.

Closing the album is the uplifting Kosyne-assisted “Red Ink”, with the pair delivering optimistic verses over JJ Malone’s melodic boom-bap as they attempt to spread a little love through headphones everywhere and inspire belief in the power of hope to overcome adversity.

Whilst Verb T may get to grips with some seemingly weighty subject matter throughout “The Morning Process” at no point does the emcee veer into self-righteous or preachy territory. Instead, the lyricist’s subtle approach to his craft and willlingness to share his own personal triumphs and misses make him an easily relatable character, with their being enough space left around the beats and rhymes heard here for the listener’s own thoughts to float alongside Verb T’s take on life, love and Hip-Hop.

Another quality release from High Focus and a brilliant addition to the thoughtful emcee’s own catalogue, “The Morning Process” easily ranks as one of the most impressive album releases of 2012. Don’t sleep!

Ryan Proctor

Verb T – “Said And Done” (High Focus Records / 2012)

New Joint – Jam Baxter / Ed Scissortongue

Jam Baxter ft. Ed Scissortongue – “Borrowed Time” (High-Focus.Com / 2012)

Pete Cannon-produced track from the UK emcee’s new album “The Gruesome Features”.

Cannon Fodder – Pete Cannon

UK producer Pete Cannon in the lab proving why his beats have been used by the likes of Kyza, Nutso, Stig Of The Dump and Dr. Syntax.

Afar Lifelong Travel Through Sound Mixtape Download – L.I.F.E. Long / DJ Afar

Download this new mixtape from NYC lyricist and Stronghold affiliate L.I.F.E. Long here – featuring appearances from Raekwon, Prince Po and Lil’ Dap plus production from Pete Cannon, Sci-Fi Stu and Finsta.


01.) Intro (Produced by Irealz) (Cuts By DJ Afar)
02.) War Inna Babylon (feat. C.A.T.) (Produced By Kolor Brown)
Worldwide (Produced By Waxaholics)
The Heist (feat. Power In Numberz Fam Rhyme Therapy I.S.R. Terrestrial Papo) (Produced by Zel)
Veteran (feat. DJ JS-1) (Produced By BlackSparx)
Get Up Off It (feat. Melodic Yoza) (Produced By BlackSparx)
Samurai Code Of Honor (feat. Prince Po & U.G.)
When The Pen Hits The Paper (feat. Pryme Prolific & Tone Liv)
Get Up (feat. Premonition) (Produced By K-O Beats)
Other Worldz (feat. Terrestrial Papo & Irealz)
Energy Substance (feat. I.S.R.) (Produced By Xifedy)
Deep Thinkers (feat. Elohem Star) (Produced By Sci-Fi Stu)
Motive (feat. DJ Connect) (Produced By Big Ape)
Broke (feat. Nutso) (Produced By Pete Cannon)
Dollars & Sense (feat. Nena Bleu) (Produced By Finsta)
Crimewave (feat. Raekwon & Irealz)
Morgan Freeman 2 (feat. Atari Blitz & Lil Dap) (Produced By Khrome)
Mind Over Matter (feat. Venomous) (Produced By Mishaps) (Cuts By Afar)
19.) Journey (feat. DJ Devestate) (Produced By Big Ape)
Damn Beers (feat. Rhyme Therapy)
Winter (feat. Iomos Marad) (of Allies Crew) (Produced By Aneeway)
As He Goes On (feat. Breez Evahflowin & Kid Lucky)

New Joint – Nutso / Panchi / Torae / Punchline

Nutso ft. Panchi, Torae & Punchline – “Street Corner” (Poor Pocket Muzik / 2011)

Nice clip for the NY emcee’s Pete Cannon-produced salute to the five boroughs.

New Joint – Nutso / L.I.F.E. Long / F.T.

Nutso ft. L.I.F.E. Long & F.T.  – “Broke” / “Rock Out” (Poor Pocket Muzik / 2011)

Both tracks produced by the UK’s Pete Cannon and taken from the NYC emcee’s EP “Guilty Your Honor”.

New Joint – Nutso / Panchi / Torae / Punchlyne

Nutso ft. Panchi (NYGz), Torae & Punchlyne – “Street Corner” (Poor Pocket Musik / 2011)

A blazin’ new Rotten Apple anthem which ironically is produced by the UK’s Pete Cannon.