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New Joint – Allstar Stacks

allstar cover

Allstar Stacks – “Out Of Sight” (@Allstar_Stacks / 2019)

The London emcee drops his trademark brand of self-assured wordplay over hazy, hypnotic production on this latest single.

New Joint – K Zorro

K Zorro – “Poison” (@KGuavara / 2019)

A personal favourite of mine (and one of the many standout tracks) from the talented London-based lyricist’s 2018 album “Winnie’s Passion / Bernard’s Legacy”

ZOO EP Stream – Calvert

calvert cover

How about some hardcore? New Guardz-affiliated producer Calvert delivers an uncompromisingly raw selection of UK flavour, with the likes of Poisonous Poets, Flowtecs and James Ballentine all giving the dramatic beats on offer here a heavy verbal hammering.

New Joint – Allstar Stacks / K Zorro

Allstar Stacks ft. K Zorro – “The Abyss” (@LandGtv / 2019)

Filmed whilst London’s New Guardz camp were on tour recently in Spain, this new video from the forthcoming album “Rare Breed” showcases Stacks and Zorro’s thoughtful, street-wise lyricism, delivered here over mellow, melodic production.

New Joint – K Zorro / Tiece

K Zorro ft. Tiece – “Neverland” (@KGuavara / 2019)

One of my favourite cuts off London emcee K Zorro’s impressive album “Winnie’s Passion / Bernard’s Legacy”, this particular track achieves a memorable blend of soulfully haunting vibes and poignant personal reflection.

New Joint – Allstar Stacks

Allstar Stacks – “Hang It Up” (@Allstar_Stacks / 2019)

The London-based New Guardz member offers some not-so-friendly advice to the competition on this Be Franky-produced cut off his 2017 project “BodyBag King (The Reaper’s Alliance)”.

Winnie’s Passion / Bernard’s Legacy Album Stream – K Zorro

zorro cover

With so much of today’s popular culture dominated by image, hype and empty posturing, it’s always refreshing to hear music from an artist who appears determined to genuinely let the listener into their world, capturing life’s struggles, hopes and regrets along the way. Enter London-based emcee K Zorro with his well-crafted album “Winnie’s Passion / Bernard’s Legacy”, which finds the New Guardz member getting up-close-and-personal as he spills his soul over the fourteen tracks on offer here.