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New Joint – N.B.S. / Tragedy Khadafi

N.B.S. ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Violent Wisdom” (@NtheBS / 2018)

Taken from the album “SwissVets 2”.

New Joint – N.B.S.

N.B.S. – “Nile River” (@NtheBS / 2018)

Boston representatives Flash and Knuckles drop a track off their forthcoming album “SwissVets 2”.

New Joint – N.B.S. / Edo. G / Akrobatik

N.B.S. ft. Edo. G & Akrobatik – “We On That” (NTheBS.Com / 2014)

Taken from the Massachusetts-based duo’s recent AZA-produced album “Budavets”.

New Joint – N.B.S. / Reks

N.B.S. ft. Reks – “Til The World Ends” (Big Bang Records / 2013)

Alkota-produced track taken from the album “The Smokefest”.

New Joint – N.B.S.

N.B.S. – “All Falls Down” (Big Bang Records / 2013)

Doc Ish-produced track from the album “The Dispensary”.

New Joint – These Handz / N.B.S.

these handz cover 6

These Handz ft. N.B.S. – “Worldwide Beer Spilla” (Born Inna Bush Records / 2013)

New flavour from Sparkii Ski and DJ Grazzhoppa.

New Joint – N.B.S. / Akrobatik

N.B.S. ft. Akrobatik – “The Essence Of Real Rap” (@NTheBS / 2013)

Snowgoons-produced track from the East Coast duo’s album “The Dispensary”.