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New Joint – Nametag & Nameless

Nametag & Nameless – “BLAOW!” (@Nametag / 2012)

Taken from the Michigan emcee / producer combo’s forthcoming “For Namesake” EP.

New Joint – Jon Connor

Jon Connor – “No Thrillz” (Jon Connor Music / 2012)

Taken from the Flint, Michigan artist’s “Season 2” project.

Duality Complex EP Download – Jus Ra & A.P.

Flint, Michigan emcee Jus Ra teams-up with hometown producer A.P. for this free release via Hi-Hill Recordings which follows on from the label’s quality 2011 projects from producer MoonChild – don’t sleep and download here.

New Joint – MoonChild / Crom Royale

MoonChild ft. Crom Royale – “Dark Minded” (MoonChildMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2011)

Taken from the Michigan producer’s forthcoming online project “Love For The Music Part 2”.

Old To The New Q&A – MoonChild

Michigan-based producer MoonChild’s recent free album release “Love For The Music Part 1” could very easily never have happened. Having considered walking away from the music game due to a number of life pressures and disappointments, the producer realised his passion for Hip-Hop was just too strong for that to happen and this current release is as much about MoonChild proving to himself that he can achieve his goals as it is a succinct eight-track showcase of his soulful, underground sound.

Featuring local lyrical talent such as Magestik Legend, Glory and Jus Ra, “Love For The Music” is the first in a series of releases primed and ready on MoonChild’s own Hi-Hill Recordings that should see the producer’s reputation spreading far beyond state lines.

MoonChild recently fielded a few questions from me via email before no doubt heading back into the studio to continue on his musical journey.

When did you first start producing and who would you credit as your influences?

“I first started producing around 2004. I was making beats before then but basically just for fun, not taking it too serious at all. My brother  and cousin both were doing their thing on the indie level back home in Michigan, so I would have to say they were both musical influences coming up along with my uncle. Around 2005 I started to take producing serious, which is when I released some of my first beats on Robo Robb’s first album “Soulbot: Search For Contentment”. Once that project was released I was determined to keep improving my craft to hopefully one day take my production career to the next level.”

In the press release statement that accompanies “Love For The Music” you mention the tracks were recorded during a time when you were contemplating stepping away from music – what led to you potentially making that decision and what then prompted you to continue?

“Basically, work and school were really took me away from creating music for almost two years. I was still doing my thing, but not at the level I wanted and I began to second guess myself. I was working a full-time job and had just finished my Masters degree, so in many cases it was tough for me to find the time. I also had a couple of projects I was working on fall through, so I was p**sed off about that as well. Once it was time to make that decision I actually decided to leave my 9-5 at the time so that I could devote more time to being creative and focus on the music.”

How hard is it to balance everyday life with a passion for making music?

“It’s pretty damn tough but  I have found that perfect balance again. So I am still able to get a lot of new music done while still making good money in other areas of my life. I would like to be doing music full-time within the next two years, but at the same time I won’t make the jump to music until I am making close to or more than when I’m making now with my current 9-5.”

Obviously being an underground Hip-Hop artist can be a hard road to travel – have you ever been tempted to chase that mainstream success?

“Coming up with my style I always had people telling me I should make more commercial, poppy beats but I refused to. I can’t say that I was never tempted because I knew that maybe it could lead to more money faster,  but it was never something I wanted to work towards or take seriously. I’m glad I stuck to my guns and just stayed committed to creating the music I was a fan of and that I genuinely wanted to make. One of the positive things about the Internet is that artists and producers are no longer trapped by labels and forced into dumbing their music down for sales if they don’t want to. We can basically do everything at this point on the indie level and it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Love For The Music” features a lot of emcees from across Michigan – most Hip-Hop fans know Michigan mainly for the artists that have come out of the Detroit scene – do you feel that Detroit overshadows the other artists the state of Michigan has to offer?

“That’s a good question and I would say that there probably is some truth to that. Detroit is obviously a huge pool of talent for both artists and producers, but other cities like Flint, Pontiac and Ann Arbor all have some high quality artists and producers that are currently doing real big things.”

If you had to name three favourite Hip-Hop albums that you felt truly represented the idea of having a “love for the music” what would they be?

“I’m just going straight off the dome with this answer otherwise I’ll be thinking about it all day. I would say Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint”, Outkast’s “Atliens” and Eminem’s “Marshall Mathers LP”.”

What other projects are coming on your Hi-Hill label?

“Well, we dropped Robo Robb’s “Soulbot 2” album earlier this year which you can cop along with my album at HiHillRecordings.Com. Our next Hi Hill release is going to be my “Love For The Music Part 2” joint, which I’m dropping sometime in November. I also have a project with Flint, Michigan emcees Glory and Fellow Hood who go by the group name Alumni. We’re doing a joint project called “Leap Of Faith / Dogma” which is a dope concept album. We also have four to five new projects dropping through 2012 with various dope indie artists who’re on their grind so make sure you pay attention to MoonChildMusic.Com and HiHillRecordings.Com for new music and future updates.”

Ryan Proctor

Download “Love For The Music Part 1” here.

MoonChild ft. Alumni & Jus Ra – “Children Of The Night” (Hi-Hill Recordings / 2011)