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New Joint – Melanin9

melanin 9 pic

Melanin9 – “Martian Dust” (@Melanin_9 / 2015)

The London lyricist travels at magnificent speeds around the universe via intricate verses on this hypnotic Eets-produced track.

New Joint – M9 / Tesla’s Ghost

M9 ft. Tesla’s Ghost – “Mont Blanc” (@Melanin_9 / 2014)

New visuals for this dope Anatomy-produced track previously featured on the vinyl-version of the Triple Darkness member’s 2012 album “Magna Carta”.

New Joint – Triple Darkness

Triple Darkness – “Knuckle Dust” (@TripleDarkness_ / 2013)

Rugged Ringz Ov Saturn-produced posse cut from one of the most talented crew’s in the game featuring Blasphemy, Black Prophet, Ray Vendetta, Melanin9, Cyrus Malachi, Tesla’s Ghost, Iron Braydz and Solar Black.

New Joint – Melanin9

Melanin9 – “Pistola Freestyle” (Melanin9.Com / 2012)

The talented UK emcee drops some thought-provoking lyricism over a Jay Electronica instrumental – M9’s new album “Magna Carta” drops December 3rd.

RappertagUK#19 – Melanin9

London’s lyrically-gifted M9 represents the Triple Darkness camp in this latest instalment of the RappertagUK series.

New Joint – Melanin9

Melanin9 – “Organized Democracy” (M9Ether.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

After smashing the Suspect Packages stage at last weekend’s BoomBap Hip-Hop Festival, talented London emcee Melanin9 delivers some hard-hitting heavy-mental lyricism from his forthcoming album “Magna Carta”.

New Joint – Melanin9 / Madame Pepper

Melanin9 ft. Madame Pepper – “The 7 Blues” (@Melanin_9 / 2012)

Hard-hitting cinematic visuals to accompany this heartfelt tale of inner-city blues from talented London lyricist M9’s highly-anticipated album “Magna Carta”.

New Joint – M9

M9 – “Godz Ink Remix – Buckwild Tribute” (Melanin9.Blogspot.Com / 2011)

The talented London emcee dusts off an unreleased track from the vaults whilst working on his new forthcoming solo project.

New Joint – Global Faction / Cyrus Malachi / Rewd Adams etc.

Global Faction ft. Phoenix Da Icefire, Logic, Rewd Adams, Cyrus Malachi, Skriblah & M9 – “Vigorous Denial” (GlobalFaction.Bandcamp.Com / 2011) 

This immense People’s Army-affiliated posse cut is nasty – Chemo on production.

New Joint – Cyrus Malachi / M9

Cyrus Malachi ft. M9 – “Hell’s Garrison” (No Cure Records / 2011)

Endemic-produced track from the Triple Darkness member’s solo project “Ancient Future” which dropped today – definitely one of the year’s best albums so far – read my review here.

Dark Ages – Triple Darkness

UK trio Triple Darkness performing cuts from their recent album “Anathema” at London’s Wyld Pytch Records.


“Gods Of The New Millennium”

“Snakes And Ladders”


Triple Darkness Interview (Originally Printed In Hip-Hop Connection 221 / Pete Rock Cover / April 2008)


“The whole essence of the group is about coming with the illest lyricism, but combining that with some knowledge as well. I’m hoping that when people start to get into what we’re talking about, it might help them change their ways spiritually, mentally and physically.” Over a decade since Mobb Deep first told us about a war going on outside no man is safe from, gruff east London emcee Cyrus Malachi is reminding HHC that the struggle still continues on the frontlines today, but Triple Darkness are here to make a difference.

Originally a duo, the “vision” of Triple Darkness began in 2003 when Hackney homeboys Cyrus and Nasheron started rhyming together, but it wasn’t until 2005 when Malachi returned home from a brief jail stint that the pair really started to take their musical aspirations seriously. Hooking-up with talented producers Beat Butcha and Chemo, the twosome also added M9 to their ranks, with the west London rapper having recently achieved some solo notoriety by releasing his own gritty but thought-provoking material.

“We are a conscious group,” says Cyrus when asked about the trio’s multi-layered references to everything from stopping gun crime on British streets to ancient Egyptian history and the Illuminati. “But conscious rap comes with its own stereotypes and can be very predictable. So we’ve tried to use everything we’ve seen growing-up around poverty and depravity to show people they need knowledge of self to survive in this world. I’m not afraid to speak out about issues I see affecting the black community.”

Although it would be easy to write off some of the more esoteric content heard on TD’s debut album ‘Anathema’ as the result of too much time spent listening to Killah Priest and Tragedy Khadafi, the group share a genuine thirst for any information that can help them make sense of the “paradoxical” modern world we live in, even if that sometimes means entering the shadowy area of conspiracy theories and unseen global powers. “When I started reading up on the reasons behind certain historic events and different secret societies it just blew me away,” says M9. “It all started to come together like a jigsaw for me and I realised that the whole idea of the New World Order is something that’s very serious. It’s such a big part of my life that it’s only natural it would also be a big part of my rhymes.”

Nasheron, meanwhile, has concerns closer to home, such as the influence of today’s popular thugged-out hip-hop on the younger generation. “It romanticises a certain lifestyle without showing the full reality of it,” begins the passionate lyricist. “I’ve yet to see someone live that street life and it be all rosy. There’s always a price to pay. These kids today doing all sorts of madness, it’s like their mental growth has been stunted because of this sh*t.”

“‘Anathema’ deals with the muck and the mire,” states Cyrus in a parting reference to the group’s unapologetically hardcore project. “But the underlying theme is that we need to rise up out of the social conditions we find ourselves in.”

Ryan Proctor

Triple Darkness – “Anathema” (Higher Heights / 2008)