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New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino ft. Trumaine Jordan & Easalio – “Trumaine’s Blac Van$” (@MaffewRagazino  2017)

Smoothed-out Crooklyn flavour from the NY emcee’s “Cinco de Maffew” EP.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino – “Free Windsweep (RIP #SeanPrice)” (@MaffewRagazino / 2017)

The Brooklyn emcee delivers sharp rhymes over Drake’s “Free Smoke” instrumental.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino – “Hennessy & Halal” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee flips a Jay-Z classic.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino / Wais P / Fiend

ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino ft. Wais P & Fiend – “Jon McEnroe” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The three emcees pop their lyrical collars and kick game over slick and funky Ecks production.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino – “Killer Ben Fleaux” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee blesses a classic from the late, great Big Pun.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino – “Hennessy & Halal” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn representative drops hard-knock rhymes over Jay-Z’s classic “Can I Live” instrumental.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino / Easalio

ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino ft. Easalio – “Term Of Endearment” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee looks for his ideal woman on this Feb 9-produced track which flips a Stylistics sample Jay-Z fans will be more than familiar with.

New Joint – Easalio

Easalio – “Popular Mechanics” (@Easalio / 2016)

Maffew Ragazino-directed visuals from the Worldwide Paper Gang member’s “July’s Prize” EP.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino ft. Easalio & UFO Fev – “Letherbrainzblow” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

Brooklyn’s Ragazino has the ladies on his mind.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino


Maffew Ragazino – “Snowing In Jerusalem” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee delivers raw, uncut Rotten Apple attitude over atmospheric Sebb Bash production.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino – “Dice Game” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee rolls a lyrical 4, 5, 6 on this Kil-produced track.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino – “Dice Game” (@MaffewRagazino / 2016)

The Brooklyn emcee attempts to roll 4, 5, 6 on this Kil-produced track.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2015 (Part Three) – Spit Gemz / Pete Rock / Apathy etc.

Check Part One and Part Two.

Ka & Preservation – “Days With Dr. Yen Lo” (Mon Dieu Music) – Partly inspired by the classic 1962 film “The Manchurian Candidate”, Brooklyn’s Ka once again teamed-up with producer Preservation to craft this understated masterpiece. Combining minimalist, atmospheric soundscapes with Ka’s vivid-yet-subtle lyrical craftmanship, this project was the sonic equivalent of driving through inner-city New York in slow-motion, looking out the window and watching some of the Rotten Apple’s eight million stories unfolding right in front of your eyes.


Union Blak – “Street English” (Effiscienz) – UK / US duo Sir Williams and Kimba followed-up their 2014 debut for France’s Effiscienz imprint with another quality selection of melodic, uplifting boom-bap and inspirational rhymes, with the pair’s shared love of Hip-Hop and passion for their respective crafts shining through on every track.

union blak

Jise – “The Passion Of Jise” (Creative Juices Music) – Part conceptual, part semi-autobiographical, this intense solo project from Arsonists member Jise One was a dramatic, well-executed sonic roller-coaster which found the Brooklyn emcee pushing the creative envelope as he told emotionally-charged stories from various character perspectives over well-chosen production from the likes of Q-Unique, DJ Insite and Dras79.

jise cover.jpg

Spit Gemz – “Godly Features” (Broken Home) – As one of the illest emcees to have emerged from NYC in recent years, it came as no surprise to hear Queens resident Spit Gemz holding his own against veteran wordsmiths such as Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap and Shabaam Sahdeeq on this potent release. A tour-de-force of verbal skill, “Godly Features” showcased Gemz delivering a standard of lyricism that many artists today could only hope to aspire to.

spit gemz cover

BOOM – “From PG, With Love” (DTMD.BandCamp.Com) – Maryland microphone master BOOM delivered slick, self-assured rhymes over soulful beats on this debut project produced entirely by Dunc of DTMD fame. Representing for his Prince George’s County stomping grounds, the talented artist exuded a quiet confidence throughout this nine-track release which couldn’t fail to endear him to listeners.

boom cover

The Kingdom – “Kingdom Come” (TheKingdomMusic.BandCamp.Com) – Following up last year’s impressive “No Rest In The Kingdom” project, North Carolina-based duo King Draft and Jerm Scorcese returned with the boundary-pushing “Kingdom Come”, an album that successfully blended future-shock soul vibes, dusty samples and accomplished, intelligent wordplay into one cohesive, rewarding listening experience.

the kingdom cover

Pete Rock – “Petestrumentals 2” (Mello Music Group) – Mount Vernon’s legendary Chocolate Boy Wonder emerged from his basement once again with a new collection of instrumental flavours for 2015, expanding on his trademark production style which influenced a generation of beat-makers. Capturing a variety of sonic tones and textures, Pete did his legacy justice here, effortlessly retaining his title of Hip-Hop’s Soul Brother #1.

pete rock cover

Cold Fusion – “The Elixir” (RingzOVSaturn.BandCamp.Com) – Prior to the 2015 release of the Triple Darkness album “Darker Than Black” (previously mentioned in Part One of this list), group members Ray Vendetta and Cyrus Malachi set the year off with this hardcore jewel, meshing their heavy mental wordplay with the gritty, atmospheric boom-bap of HellzEcho production partnership Ringz Ov Saturn and 7th Dan. “The Elixir” stood as proof that there will always be those whose motivation for picking up a microphone runs deeper than simply chasing overnight success, fame and fortune.

cold fusion cover

Starvin B & Fel Sweetenberg – “Soul Museum” (Effiscienz) – Backed by the knocking production of New Jersey’s Fel Sweetenberg, the always-impressive Starvin B added another worthy project to his ever-expanding catalogue with this succinct, straight-to-the-point release for France’s Effiscienz label.

starvin b cover

Chrome & Illinspired – “The All C N I” (B-Line Recordings) – A throwback to the late-80s when the BPMs of hardcore Hip-Hop inspired immediate dancefloor activity, this release from UK duo Chrome & Illinspired was packed with frantic drums, lively loops, fast-paced cuts and high-velocity verbals. If you could listen to this album without breaking into The Running Man at least once, you really needed to get your pulse checked.

chrome cover

Apathy – “Weekend At The Cape” (Dirty Version Records) – Released as a companion EP to 2014’s “Connecticut Casual” album, “Weekend…” found the acid-tongued Demigodz member once again drawing inspiration from his New England surroundings, delivering typically thorny barbs over largely self-produced beats which ranged from the funky to the melancholy.

apathy cover

Maffew Ragazino – “VII Million Stories” (WPG) – A potent dose of traditional Rotten Apple rap, Brooklyn’s Ragazino undoubtedly made his borough proud with this street-savvy combination of hard-knock sentiments, motivational jewels and life lessons.

vii million cover

Mellow Man Ace – “The Lost Decade” (Ultra Slump! Records) – Perhaps one of the most unexpected releases of 2015 came in the form of this album from California veteran Mellow Man Ace. Dropping his own brand of Latin lingo over funky, soulful soundscapes, with the likes of Dinco D (Leaders Of The New School), Jarobi (ATCQ) and Ultra Slump! label-mate Cazal Organism on-hand to offer lyrical assistance, the West Coast emcee delivered a project that was as refreshing as it was nostalgic.

mellow man cover

BRTSound – “Boombap Therapy” (DirtyBeauty) – After checking the title of this release from Russian producer BRTSound, it would have been easy to be misled into thinking you were going to be hearing the work of an unaccomplished beat-head simply attempting to emulate their favourite DJ Premier tracks. However, “Boombap Therapy” was an impressive eight-track effort which found the Moscow music man drawing on both his love of heavy drums and mellow jazz grooves, resulting in what was one of the best instrumental projects heard in 2015.

brt cover

AUTOmatic – “ARISING” (AUTOmatic.BandCamp.Com) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s A.P.R.I.M.E., Trellmatic and JDL Rockwell combined organic, infectious feel-good vibes with down-to-earth rhymes and soulful, organic beats on this polished five-track EP.

arising cover

Nolan The Ninja – “f_ck the hype” (NolanTheNinja.BandCamp.Com) – This highly-anticipated project from Detroit’s Nolan The Ninja showcased the 23-year-old artist’s ferocious flow and gritty delivery to great effect, with the passionate producer-on-the-mic being joined by Phat Kat, Finale and Hassaan Mackey as he verbally attacked a selection of raw, basement-style beats.

nolan cover

UGeorge – “The Many Faces Of UGeorge” (WorldExpo Records) – The Atlanta-based Soundsci member unleashed his brilliant solo project “The Many Faces Of…” towards the end of the year, featuring UGeorge defining the term ‘grown-man rap’ as he invited listeners into the world of the proud “40-year-old rapper”, tackling a number of topics with a true-school attitude over impeccable production from Ollie Teeba, Jonny Cuba, SilentSomeone and more.

ugeorge cover

Lewis Parker & Eastkoast – “MK Ultra” (KingUnderground Records) – Talented UK producer Lewis Parker (aka The Man With The Golden Sound) laced NY-raised emcee Eastkoast with a typically high-standard of beats on this captivating collaborative effort featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq, $amhill and El Da Sensei.

lewis parker cover

Grand Daddy I.U. – “P.I.M.P.” (Steady Flow Records) – The tone of this album from veteran Strong Island emcee Grand Daddy I.U. was summed up succinctly by just one lyric – “I don’t make trap music, I ain’t from down South, I make New York Hip-Hop, ‘Cos that’s what I’m about.” Combining the same blend of slick street talk and cocky bravado heard on his 1990 debut “Smooth Assassin”, the Rotten Apple wordsmith embraced his OG status in no uncertain terms on this release, proving that with age comes wisdom, experience and the right to slap a young buck in the domepiece.

grand daddy cover

Constant Deviants – “Avant Garde” (Six2Six Records) – Two decades after their debut, the Baltimore / NY duo of DJ Cutt and M.I. proved they were still capable of delivering quality beats and rhymes, with their music remaining rooted in the group’s golden-era origins without sounding stuck in the past. Displaying a creative chemistry that deserved to be compared to that once shared by the likes of Gang Starr or Pete Rock & CL Smooth in their prime, this fourth full-length Constant Deviants project found Cutt and M.I confirming a definite mastery of their distinctive brand of authentic East Coast  flavour.

constant deviants cover

Part Four coming soon.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino


Maffew Ragazino – “Gouda” (@MaffewRagazino / 2015)

Crooklyn’s Ragazino drops uncut New York straight talk over the sparse, atmospheric production of Strong Island’s 5ickness.

New Joint – Apollo Brown / Maffew Ragazino / Freddie Gibbs

apollo brown cover

Apollo Brown ft. Maffew Ragazino & Freddie Gibbs – “Who’s That” (@ApolloBrown / 2015)

Taken from the Detroit producer’s new Mello Music Group album “Grandeur” which drops tomorrow.

New Joint – DJ Illogik / Maffew Ragazino

dj illogik cover

DJ Illogik ft. Maffew Ragazino – “Grand Cascade” (Focus1Records.BandCamp.Com / 2015)

The Brownsville, Crooklyn representative drops stone-cold BK attitude on the lead single from Illogik’s forthcoming album “beginningofsomethinGold”.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

maffew cover

Maffew Ragazino – “Summer Nine Five” (@MaffewRagazino / 2015)

Drum-heavy Jimmy Dukes-produced head-nodder from the Crooklyn wordsmith’s forthcoming EP “Eight Million Stories” featuring Thirstin Howl, Roc Marciano, Willie The Kid and more.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

maffew cover

Maffew Ragazino – “Killer Ben Fleaux” (@MaffewRagazino / 2015)

The Crooklyn wordsmith blesses a Big Pun classic whilst continuing to finish work on his forthcoming “Eight Million Stories” project.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

maffew ragazino cover

Maffew Ragazino – “Abu Dhabi” (@MaffewRagazino / 2015)

The Brooklyn emcee delivers vivid verbals over tense, drama-laced production from Alist Fame and Wisponer.

New Joint – Maffew Ragazino

Maffew Ragazino – “Long Kiss Goodnight (Biggie Tribute)” (@MaffewRagazino / 2015)

The Brooklyn emcee celebrates the memory of the late, great Biggie Smalls by reworking a “Life After Death” banger.