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New Joint – Children Of Zeus

Children Of Zeus – ”Vibrations” (@ChildrenOfZeus / 2019)

Hypnotic, life-affirming soul music from Manchester duo Tyler Daley and Konny Kon’s critically-acclaimed 2018 album “Travel Light”.

New Joint – Children Of Zeus

Children Of Zeus – “Hard Work” (@ChildrenOfZeus / 2019)

Smooth, organic soul from Manchester duo Tyler Daley and Konny Kon’s brilliant 2018 album “Travel Light”.

The Winter Tape Stream – Children Of Zeus

zeus cover

Not content with having released one of 2018’s best albums with their official debut “Travel Light”, Manchester’s Konny Kon and Tyler Daley have dropped a seasonal gift to their fans in the form of this (free!) soulful collection of quality cuts, featuring Black Milk, Peedi Crakk and Milano Constantine.

New Joint – Children Of Zeus / Black Milk

Children Of Zeus & Black Milk – “Won’t End Well” (@ChildrenOfZeus / @Black_Milk / 2018)

New visuals for the dope Black Milk-produced head-nodder from UK duo Tyler Daley and Konny Kon released via Australia’s Low Key Source label.

New Joint – Children Of Zeus / Black Milk

zeus cover

Children Of Zeus & Black Milk – “Won’t End Well” (@LowKeySourceAU / 2018)

Following the well-deserved recognition for their brilliant “Travel Light” album released earlier this year, Manchester duo Konny Kon and Tyler Daley  drop their unique brand of soul-laced Hip-Hop flavour over impeccable production from Detroit’s Black Milk for this release on Australia’s Low Key Source label.

New Joint – Children Of Zeus

Children Of Zeus ft. DRS & [KSR] – “All On You” (@ChildrenOfZeus / 2018)

Mellow Hip-Hop soul off UK duo Konny Kon and Tyler Daley’s long-awaited album “Travel Light” dropping this Friday on First Word Records.

Album Review – Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing

park cover

Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing

“Finish What We Started”

(Village Live Records)

Genuine creative chemistry is something that’s hard to come by in any artistic partnership. It’s something magical that can’t really be fully explained by those involved, but it can definitely be felt, heard and seen by those on the outside of the process.

Chemistry doesn’t even just come down to having talent – two of the most gifted individuals in their respective fields may choose to work together, but if they’re not on the same page creatively then the end result is likely to be hollow and underwhelming.

Thankfully, that isn’t a problem UK duo Micall Parknsun and Mr Thing need to worry about, with their brilliant new album “Finish What We Started” pulsating from beginning to end with an energy that can only be achieved when people share the same drive, focus and passion for what they do.

As two of the most consistent figures within the UK Hip-Hop scene, both Parksnun and Thing have spent years building concrete-solid reputations as reliable purveyors of true-school flavour, with the pair deciding to join forces last year for the well-received single “The Raw” (which is included here in all its rugged glory).

The overwhelmingly positive response to “The Raw” inspired the duo to complete “Finish What We Started”, with DMC DJ champ Mr Thing handling all of the production, leaving Micall Parknsun, a talented producer in his own right, to concentrate on delivering lyrically throughout the project.

The anthemic album-opener “Started” sets the tone in no uncertain terms, as London-raised rhymer Park-E drops confident, self-assured bars over full-bodied, sample-driven beats.

The head-nodding “Certain For The Win” showcases some of Thing’s best work behind the boards, with the former Scratch Perverts member blending slow, deliberate drums and a hypnotic piano sample, topping it all off with some deft cuts.

“Don’t You Care” is a relentless, bass-heavy, soul-laced banger, featuring Parknsun showing the rap game some tough love via no-nonsense rhymes which come from a genuine place of love and concern for the culture (“What happened to the emcees? What happened to stage presence over dope beats? How come we keep on forgetting ’bout its history? It seems we never learn our lesson ‘cos we don’t teach…”).

“Klingon Face” is an up-tempo floor-rocker, with MP being joined by fellow UK wordsmith Joker Starr to trade quick-fire lyrics over explosive break-beats, paying tribute to Hip-Hop’s golden-era in the process. All that’s missing here is a multi-syllable late-80s verse from either Big Daddy Kane or Rakim.

The head-nodding “I’m So Glad” signals a shift in the album’s mood, with Essa (pka Yungun) and Parknsun displaying sincere gratitude for their blessings, which include marriage, fatherhood and family bonds, whilst the stirring “Still Struggling” balances the uncertainty of life as an artist with the responsibilities and financial pressures of the wider world.

An album with real replay value, “Finish What We Started” is the sound of both Micall Parknsun and Mr Thing at the top of their game, mixing old-school values with now-school skills.

Let’s hope neither of them have finished just yet.

Ryan Proctor