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100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2019 (Part Five) – Little Brother / 38 Spesh & Big Ghost Ltd / Foreign Beggars etc.

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Little Brother – “May The Lord Watch” (LittleBrotherNC.Com) – An absolute masterpiece of an album, this reunion project from Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh found the two North Carolina emcees offering mature, honest views and opinions on life, career and society, backed by the soulful thump of producers such as Khrysis, Nottz and Focus.

little brother cover

Ded Tebiase & Ash The Author – “Apex” (VillageLiveRecords.Com) – Succeeding in their shared mission for 2019 which was to “step the levels up”, this joint effort from UK producer / emcee combo Ded Tebiase and Ash The Author was full of sublime, drum-heavy beats and sharp, charismatic wordplay. Tebiase proved himself to be a true master of his craft here, blending the influence of golden-era greats with his own sonic personality, whilst Ash remained lively and engaging throughout. Brilliant musical team-work.

apex cover

Sleep Sinatra – “Sources Of Nature” (GourmetDeluxxx.BandCamp.Com) – Delivering more of that “intricately manufactured quality product” that he’s become known for, Sleep Sinatra continued his run of consistency with this Custodian Of Records-produced project. Showcasing his impressive brand of thoughtful, introspective wordplay over melodic, full-bodied beats, the Nebraska-based emcee once again proved himself to be a lyricist who is clearly invested in elevating the art of rhyme.

sleep sinatra cover

Kev Brown & J Scienide – “Drum Machine Tape Cassette” (KevBrown.BandCamp.Com) – The DMV duo shared their undeniable creative chemistry throughout this full-length collabo project, packed with impressive beat science and accomplished verses. Grounded in a satisfyingly raw and spontaneous dusty basement sound, this album proved itself to be a joy for crate-diggers and lyric-lovers alike.

brown scienide cover

Knowledge The Pirate – “Black Cesar” (FXCKRAP.BandCamp.Com) – Following up 2018’s “Flintlock” album, East Coast emcee Knowledge The Pirate dropped more street-related rhymes from an OG’s perspective on this Elemnt-produced project. Detailed, cinematic verses sat perfectly atop a meticulously crafted selection of loops and samples.

cesar cover

Big Tone + House Shoes – “Big Shoes” (StreetCornerMusic.BandCamp.Com) – Years of combined personal Hip-Hop history were poured into this collaborative effort from Big Tone and House Shoes, two individuals who each played a key role in the Detroit Hip-Hop scene during a pivotal period for the city in terms of it receiving attention on a global scale. Aside from dope bars and quality production in abundance, this album resonated with experience, passion and determination.

Ronnie Bosh – “All People Expect” (HighFocus.BandCamp.Com) – Full of character and understated swagger, this long-awaited debut album from London’s Bosh definitely delivered the goods. Mixing punchline-heavy verses and concept-driven tracks with infectious hooks and the well-executed production of Dirty Dike, this was a slow-burner that offered something new each time you played it.

Murs – “The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over” (MursRaps.Com) – Time has proven again and again that when former Living Legends member Murs gets together with producer 9th Wonder, good music is guaranteed. This concise project from the LA lyricist (featuring additional musical input from 9th’s Soul Council) continued that tradition. Murs’ talent for blending humour, social observations and emcee arrogance was in full effect here, backed by brilliantly tailored production which gave his personality-filled rhymes just the right amount of sonic kick.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Bandana” (Madlib.BandCamp.Com) – Following up 2014’s brilliant “Piñata”album,  sonic odd couple Gibbs and Madlib once again demonstrated that opposites really do attract, with Freddie’s Indiana-influenced gangsta rhymes sounding right at home over the eclectic, unpredictable sample-heavy soundscapes of the West Coast producer.

DJ Muggs & Crimeapple – “Medallo” (SoulAssassins.Com) – Another fine example of Cypress Hill’s Muggs keeping his ear to the underground, this release found the LA-based producer linking with New Jersey’s Crimeapple, an artist who has steadily built a buzz for himself over the last few years with his sharp lyrical wit. The sparse, stripped-back sonics heard here gave the East Coast artist’s verses plenty of room to breathe, allowing Crime’s skills to be fully appreciated.

MED & Guilty Simpson – “Child Of The Jungle” (BangYaHead.BandCamp.Com) – An entertaining meeting of two sonically like-minded individuals, this joint effort from Cali’s MED and Detroit’s Guilty Simpson was organic, impressive and thoroughly enjoyable. The pair delivered blue-collar bars throughout, backed by some of the finest production of the year from the likes of Madlib, Nottz, Apollo Brown and more.

Griselda – “WWCD” (ShadyRecords.Com) – Having flooded the market in recent times with a string of quality solo projects, Buffalo’s Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher finally delivered the crew album that Griselda fans had been waiting for. Produced by Daringer and the UK’s Beat Butcha, this project was another dose of uncut street music, with the trio showing no signs of running out of hard-knock stories to tell.

Nolan The Ninja – “SPORTEE” (MelloMusicGroup.BandCamp.Com) – Detroit’s Nolan The Ninja rhymes like his life depends on it, and that sense of urgency was felt throughout this 5YNot-produced album; a well-crafted collection of vibrant, energetic verses, broken beats and crackling samples. The Motor City artist’s passion for Hip-Hop could clearly be heard on every track included here.

Micall Parknsun & Giallo Point – “The Magnum Opus” (GialloPoint.BandCamp.Com) – Arguably the hardest working producer of 2019, Giallo Point closed the year out alongside fellow UK representative Micall Parknsun, delivering this epic sixteen-track project packed with robust rhymes, understated, drama-fuelled loops and strong appearances from the likes of Da Flyy Hooligan, Juga-Naut, Jehst and more.

38 Spesh & Big Ghost Ltd – “A Bullet For Every Heathen” (38SpeshAirVinyls.BandCamp.Com) – Continuing his relentless work ethic of recent times, Rochester, NY’s 38 Spesh teamed-up with the mighty Big Ghost Ltd for this impressive display of gritty, street-related beats and rhymes. Vivid verses matched with atmospheric production ensured this project stood-out from those in a similar lane.

Sean Price & Lil Fame – “Price Of Fame” (SeanPriceLilFame.BandCamp.Com) – Tag-teaming like a heavyweight Hip-Hop wrestling duo, the late, great Sean Price and M.O.P.’s Lil Fame delivered some good old-fashioned Brooklyn hard-rock flavour on this rowdy collection of stripped-down beats and New York straight talk. BK all day!

junclassic – “SIZE: Husky” (junclassic.BandCamp.Com) – Veteran Queens, NY emcee junclassic dropped a new addition to his already extensive catalogue of unique Rotten Apple rap in the form of this quality Husky-produced project, which mixed true-school sensibilities with moments of musical experimentation.

Klashnekoff – “Iona” (Klashnekoff.BandCamp.Com) – UK rap legend Klashnekoff has always had a talent for injecting heartfelt emotion and personal experience into his verses, but on this particular project (his first for seven years), the London emcee proved that his pen game had elevated to even higher heights since we last heard from him. A concept-driven album, based around the loss of his mother, K-Lash poured raw honesty and feeling into every track here, resulting in a genuinely soul-stirring listening experience.

Pounds x Buckwild – “Trafficante” (Pounds.BandCamp.Com) – Rochester, NY’s Pounds paired his gruff, street-savvy delivery with the dusty-fingered production of Diggin’ In The Crates legend Buckwild for this brooding collection of East Coast head-nodders. Appearances from Roc Marciano, Benny The Butcher and Crimeapple added further lyrical weight to the project.

Foreign Beggars – “Matriarchy” (ForeignBeggars.BandCamp.Com) – Since the 2003 release of their classic debut album “Asylum Speakers”, London’s Foreign Beggars crew have built a strong reputation for delivering genre-blurring beats and rhymes of the highest standard. This final long-player from the group was a brilliant blend of styles, offering a grateful nod to the late-90s / early-2000s UK Hip-Hop scene the Beggars came out of, whilst embracing the more contemporary sounds of the present day. Sonically refreshing and lyrically inspiring, this was a fitting way for the FBs to say farewell. Thanks for the musical memories!


New Joint – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff – “M.B.K” (@Klashnekoff / 2019)

The UK legend blends sharp, forthright rhymes with Funky DL’s mellow production on this lead single from the forthcoming album “IONA”.

New Joint – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff – “M.B.K.” (@Klashnekoff / 2019)

When Hackney’s Klashnekoff dropped “Daggo Mentality” via 2001’s Wordplay Records compilation “Word Lab 2”, he hit the UK Hip-Hop scene like a lyrical force of nature alongside his Terra Firma crew, with further releases such as “Zero” and “Murda” becoming instant classics and cementing K-Lash’s reputation as a true microphone master.

Fast-forward eighteen years and the London-based legend has just dropped the lead single from his forthcoming album “Iona”, produced by fellow Hackney representative and all-round talent Funky DL, an individual with plenty of his own Hip-Hop history to speak on.

“Iona” is released on November 8th.

New Joint – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff – “Hand On Heart” (@Klashnekoff / 2017)

Personal, sincere verses from the legendary London lyricist.

Lickin’ Shots – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff spits some bars for B-iLLATV following a recent performance in Cambridge to promote his new project “F.T.L.T.”.


New Joint – Logic & Last Resort / Klashnekoff / Lowkey

Logic & Last Resort ft. Klashnekoff & Lowkey – “True Talk” (Overstand / 2012)

Title track from the South London emcee’s recent collabo album with producer Last Resort.

New Joint – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff – “Clear My Throat” (SBCC / 2011)

The UK vet goes in over the DJ Mark The 45 King / DJ Kool favourite for his mixtape “F**k The Long Talk”.

Let Off! – Klashnekoff

Footage of Klashnekoff performing his classic UK anthem “Murda” at London’s Speakers Corner event last week.

Rewd Awakening Album Download – Rewd Adams

Blessing fans with this official free album, the UK’s Rewd Adams (aka Skandal) delivers his usual brand of self-assured rhymes over beats from the likes of M-Phazes, Beat Butcha and Jon Phonics – download here.


1. – Rewd Awakening
2. – Rookie
3. – This
4. – Everyday (Feat. Black The Ripper)
5. – Go
6. – Wish Myself Away (Feat. Graziella)
7. – Hurt
8. – Drift Away (Feat. Black The Ripper)
9. – Struggle (Feat. Neenah)
10. – I Know
11. – Questions
12. – Promise
13. – Kill ’em With The Flow (Feat. Klashnekoff & P Money)

Love H.E.R. Madly Download – Figment

Essex-based producer Figment remixes tracks from UK acts such as Stig Of The Dump, Mystro and Klashnekoff with samples from iconic rock group The Doors – download here.


1. I Rep – Jai

2. Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2 – Delusionists

3. Everyman – Lost Souls Ft Cuts by Reptar

4. Seven – Conflix, Crucifix, Teej, Wordsmith, Genesis, Marlon Brandy, Squared & Jim Morrison

5. Braindead – Stig of The Dump ft RA The Rugged Man

6. Game of Soldiers – Delusionists

7. Recycled Rhymes – Blokeyman ft Cuts by DJ Lok

8. Banishment – Mystro

9. All I Got – Klashnekoff

10. Rise – Lewis Parker ft Cuts by DJ Lok

11. Microphone Mussolini – Diss1, Dan Dastardly, Agonist & Figment

12. The Aim – Asaviour

New Joint – Skandal / Klashnekoff / P-Money

Skandal ft. Klashnekoff & P-Money – “Kill Em Wit The Flow – Remix” (Kilamanjaro / Halal Beats / 2010)

Taken from the forthcoming “Quick Snack” EP.