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New Joint – William Cooper / Killah Priest / Timbo King

William Cooper ft. Killah Priest & Timbo King – “7th Odyssey” (@WilliamCooper_ / 2022)

New Jersey emcee and Black Market Militia member William Cooper drops a new video from his 2015 BP-produced album “God’s Will”.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “95 Bodega” (@KillahPriest / 2021)

The Wu-Tang-affiliated emcee delivers another masterclass in heavy mental lyricism from his new album “Summer End Cafe”.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “Entercourse” (@KillahPriest / 2021)

The Wu-Tang affiliate drops a short-but-effective dose of his usual heavy mental wordplay over a Raekwon classic.

New Joint – Killah Priest & True Master

Killah Priest & True Master – “From Babylon To Louisiana” (@KillahPriest / 2021)

Taken from the album “Divine Intervention”.

New Joint – Cappadonna / Killah Priest

Cappadonna ft. Killah Priest – “Mean Streets” (@RealCappadonna / 2021)

Produced by DJ iNTRiGUE and taken from the Wu member’s new “Black Tarr Zann” album.

New Joint – Killah Priest & Jordan River Banks

Killah Priest & Jordan River Banks – “Saffron” (7echnicolor.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Taken from the Wu-Tang affiliate’s new Jordan River Banks-produced album “The Third Eye In Technicolor” which drops this week.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “Heavier Mental” (@KillahPriest / 2020)

Typically intricate, imagery-laden rhymes from the Wu-affiliated wordsmith.

New Joint – Kxng Crooked & Bronze Nazareth / Hus Kingpin / Killah Priest

Kxng Crooked & Bronze Nazareth ft. Hus Kingpin & Killah Priest – “Outer Limits” (GravitasRap.Com / 2020)

Top-shelf lyricism taken from the Long Beach / Detroit duo’s recent album “Gravitas”.

New Joint – Prodigal Sunn / Killah Priest etc.

Prodigal Sunn – “Vintage” ft. Killah Priest & Shogun Assason / “Giants In The Circle” ft. Dom Pachino (@ProdigalSunn / 2018)

Back-to-back visuals from the Sunz Of Man member’s 2017 project “The Spark”.

New Joint – Judah Priest / Cappadonna / Killah Priest

Judah Priest ft. Cappadonna & Killah Priest – “Lonely” (@IAmJudahPriest / 2017)

Taken from the Staten Island-based Wu-Tang affiliate’s “Dark World” album.

New Joint – Ghostface Killah / Killah Priest

Ghostface Killah ft. Killah Priest – “Starry Winters” (@GhostfaceKillah / @KillahPriest / 2016)

The two Clan soldiers continue to promote their new Wu Goo business venture with this smoothed-out head-nodder.

New Joint – Ghostface Killah / Killah Priest

Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest – “Wu Goo” (@GhostfaceKillah / @KillahPriest / 2016)

Amusing infomercial visuals from the two Wu warriors to support the latest Clan-related business venture.


New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “Quantum Spirit Of Creation” (@KillahPriest / 2015)

The Wu-Tang-affiliate embarks on another epic verbal voyage with this Jordan River Banks-produced track from his recent album “Planet Of The Gods”.

New Joint – Killah Priest / Thoughtsarizen

Killah Priest ft. Thoughtsarizen – “Citrin” (@KillahPriest / 2015)

The Wu-Tang-affiliate unleashes his usual brand of complex lyricism on this Godz Wrath-produced track off his recent “Planet Of The Gods” project.

Planet Of The Gods Album Stream – Killah Priest

killah priest cover

The Wu-Tang-affiliate invites listeners to enter a new chamber of intricate lyricism, complex concepts and heavy-mental ideology on his new 20-track “Planet Of The Gods” album.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “The Color Of Ideas” (@KillahPriest / 2015)

The Wu-Tang-affiliate draws listeners deep inside a verbal vortex on this track off his “Planet Of The Gods” project.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “Lotus Elephant” @KillahPriest / 2015)

Taken from the Wu-Tang affiliate’s forthcoming DJ J-Ronin-helmed project “Prelude To The Planet Of The Gods”.

New Joint – Flip / Tragic Allies / Killah Priest

Flip ft. Tragic Allies & Killah Priest – “Mysteries” (@IllAdrenaline / 2015)

Soul-stirring beats and rhymes from the Austrian producer’s recently-released album “Reflections” featuring A.G., Kev Brown, Pseudo Slang and more.

New Joint – Agallah / Killah Priest

agallah cover

Agallah ft. Killah Priest – “Elders Gave Us Aura – Original Version” (@AgallahTheDon / 2014)

With Killah Priest having recently released visuals for the version of this track which appeared on his 2013 album “The Psychic World Of Walter Reed”, producer Agallah drops the original extended mix for our listening pleasure featuring an additional verse from the Don Bishop himself.

New Joint – Killah Priest

Killah Priest – “The Elders Gave Us Aura” (@KillahPriest / 2014)

The Wu-Tang-affiliated emcee once again proves why he’s considered a master of his craft on this short Agallah-produced track lifted from the album “The Psychic World Of Walter Reed”.