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New Joint – Jah-Monte

Jah-Monte – “$1,500 A Verse After The Vinyl” (KingCallis.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Sadhugold-produced cut off the Ohio-raised, North Carolina-based emcee’s recent album “Infinite Wisdom”.

New Joint – Jah Monte & Flu

Jah Monte & Flu – “You A Shook One Lord You Not God Body” (@JahMonteOgbon / @FluDust / 2020)

Australia’s Flu supplies talented Ohio-born, North Carolina-based emcee Jah Monte with some captivating, piano-laced production for this quality collaboration.

New Joint – Jah-Monte

Jah-Monte – “Infinite Wisdom” (KingCallis.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Produced by Sadhugold.

New Joint – Jah-Monte

Jah-Monte – “Red Wine Lords” (@JahMonteOgbon / 2019)

Short, laidback lyrical workout from the North Carolina-based artist.

New Joint – jaH-Monte

jaH-Monte – “Anime Avi” (@jaHMonteOgbon / 2019)

Produced by Burgbass.

New Joint – jaH-Monte

jaH-Monte – “1,000 A Feature No More Free Verses We Good Over Here” (@jaHMonteOgbon / 2019)

The Ohio-born, North Carolina-based emcee delivers street-smart rhymes over a swinging, jazzy soundscape.

New Joint – jaH-Monte

jaH-Monte – “Don’t Hit Me If You Don’t Have That Bag” (@jaHMonteOgbon / 2019)

The Ohio-raised, North Carolina-based artist combines raw rhymes with a smooth, melodic soundscape provided by producer SHARP.

New Joint – jaH-Monte

jaH-Monte – “Callis Oval Lord’s (Auntie Erica House)” (@jaHMonteOgbon / 2019)

Klumsy Phill-produced track from the Ohio-born, North Carolina-based emcee’s recent “Best Rapper In Charlotte (ReaL liFe 3)” project.