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New Joint – J-Love & Prince Original

J-Love & Prince Original – “Acclaimed Ambiance” (@PrinceOriginal2 / 2014)

Taken from the New York resident’s recent J-Love-produced project “One Life To Live” which features AG Da Coroner, Meyhem Lauren and Timeless Truth.

New Joint – J-Love / Whyz Ruler

J-Love & Whyz Ruler – “Misled” (@WhyzRuler / 2014)

Heartfelt hard-knock life rhymes from the Brooklyn emcee’s J-Love-produced project “He Exists” featuring AG Da Coroner, Masta Killa and Meyhem Lauren.

New Joint – J-Love / AG Da Coroner

J-Love ft. AG Da Coroner – “Championship Caliber” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2013)

Purpose-produced track from the album “Pardon My Intrusion”.

New Joint – Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker / Meyhem Lauren / J-Love

Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker ft. Meyhem Lauren & J-Love – “Tactical Strike Force” (@StalkinSeason / 2012)

The first J-Love-produced leak from the forthcoming collabo album “The Last Line Of Defence” from the California-based Treed and Germany’s Knightstalker.

New Joint – J-Love / AG Da Coroner

J-Love ft. AG Da Coroner – “King Piranha” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2012)

“Warriors”-inspired video for this DJ Finesse-produced cut from the album “Most Interesting Man Alive”.

New Joint – Shaz Illyork / Nems

Shaz Illyork ft. Nems – “Watch Me (Wild Out Boys)” (Goblin Music / 2012)

J-Love-produced track taken from the Queens, NY emcee’s recent project “Before It All Happened”.

On The Verge Mixtape Download – J-Love / Nick Wiz / Tragic Allies etc.

NYC’s J-Love teams-up with well-respected Portugese underground Hip-Hop website Illegal-Promo.Com to drop this impressive mixtape project featuring the likes of Rashad & Confidence, Chino XL, Nick Wiz, Audible Doctor and more – download here.

New Joint – M-Phatik Soundz / J-Love

M-Phatik Soundz ft. J-Love – “On The Verge” (Illegal-Promo.Com / 2012)

Produced by Boston’s Confidence and taken from the J-Love-hosted mixtape of the same name.

New Joint – J-Love / AG Da Coroner / Rasheed Chappell / Maffew Ragazino etc.

J-Love ft. AG Da Coroner, Rasheed Chappell, Maffew Ragazino, Prince Original, Tahmell & Camiliano – “Pharmacy Express” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2012)

J-Love takes it to the doctor’s surgery for the lighthearted visuals to this extended B Divine-produced posse cut from his album “The Most Interesting Man Alive”.

New Joint – J-Love / Trife Diesel / Sun God / Du-Lilz

J-Love ft. Trife Diesel, Sun God & Du-Lilz – “Supreme Force” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2012)

Metaphysics-produced raw Rotten Apple rap taken from the album “Most Interesting Man Alive”.

New Joint – Super N.E.S.

Super N.E.S. – “Introducing N.E.S.” (Illegal Promo / 2012)

Nick Wiz-produced track from the Boston artist’s J-Love-hosted mixtape “On The Verge”.

New Joint – Prince Original

Prince Original – “Sacrifice” (AffirmativeYouth.Com / 2012)

J-Love-produced single from the Outdoorsmen affiliate.

New Joint – J-Love / Chanel Nicole

J-Love ft. Chanel Nicole – “Top Of The World” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

Taken from the producer-on-the-mic’s recent project “Egotistical Maniac”.

New Joint – J-Love / AG The Coroner / Wigs / Whyz Ruler

J-Love ft. AG The Coroner, Wigs & Whyz Ruler – “Dark Clouds” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

Produced by Ayatollah.

New Joint – J-Love / Fi-Lo / Thirstin Howl / Mayhem Lauren

J-Love ft. Fi-Lo, Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Meyhem Lauren – “N.Y. Vikings” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

Produced by Bluntologist and taken from the recent album “Egotisical Maniac”.

New Joint – J-Love

J-Love – “Vocal Scalpel” / “Another Victory” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

The producer-on-the-mic drops some quickfire bars on the Ayatollah-produced “Vocal Scalpel” before putting his own twist on Big Daddy Kane’s late-80s classic “Another Victory”.

New Joint – J-Love / Meyhem Lauren / Killa Sha etc.

J-Love ft. Meyhem Lauren, A.G. The Coroner, Take-It & Killa Sha – “Mind On My Money” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

Taken from the forthcoming project “Not Designed To Quit”.

New Joint – J-Love / Meyhem Lauren / A.G. The Coroner / Take-It / Killa Sha

J-Love ft. Meyhem Lauren, A.G. The Coroner, Take-It & Killa Sha – “Mind On My Money” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

J-Love produced NY posse cut from the forthcoming album “Not Designed To Quit”.

New Joint – J-Love / Large Professor

J-Love ft. Large Professor – “Trust Fund Children” (J-LoveOnline.Com / 2011)

Extra P breaks some lyrical atoms on this cut from J-Love’s “Egotistical Maniac” project.

New Joint – Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem Lauren – “Live Sh*t” (MeyhemLauren.Com / 2011)

More Queens niceness from Lauren’s forthcoming album “Self Induced Illness”.

Produced by J-Love.