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New Joint – Nems / Eddie Kaine / Ill Bill / Rim

Nems ft. Eddie Kaine, Ill Bill & Rim – “Tha Boro” (@Nems_FYL / 2021)

Coney Island’s Nems shows love to the borough of Brooklyn with this dope Deli Beatz-produced posse cut from his recent album “Congo”.

New Joint – Gorilla Twins (Ill Bill & Nems)

Gorilla Twins (Ill Bill & Nems) – “Bong!” (@IllB1ll / @Nems_FYL / 2020)

Punch-you-in-the-face-rap produced by Shortfyuz and taken from the Brooklyn duo’s “Gorilla Twins” collabo album.

New Joint – Gorilla Twins (Nems & Ill Bill)

Gorilla Twins (Nems & Ill Bill) – “Highs & Lows” (@Nems_FYL / @IllB1ll / 2020)

The two Brooklyn emcees get raw, honest and personal on this dope Stu Bangas-produced cut off their recent “Gorilla Twins” collabo album.

New Joint – Astro Vandalist / Ill Bill / D.V. Alias Khryst / DJ Eclipse

astro cover

Astro Vandalist ft. Ill Bill, D.V. Alias Khryst & DJ Eclipse – “Violence & Lyricism” (@AstroVandalist / 2020)

The French producer teams-up with two NY heavyweights for this slice of understated hardcore brilliance off the forthcoming “Background Radiation” album.

New Joint – Ill Bill & Stu Bangas / Goretex / Slaine

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas ft. Goretex & Slaine – “World War Hulk” (@IllB1ll / @Stu_Bangas / 2019)

Taken from the album “Cannibal Hulk”.

New Joint – Ill Bill & Stu Bangas

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas – “Cannibal Hulk” (CannibalHulk.Com / 2019)

Rowdy, rugged title track off the new Bill / Bangas collabo album, which features Vinnie Paz, Goretex and DJ Eclipse.

New Joint – Ill Bill & Stu Bangas / Goretex

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas ft. Goretex – “Hulk Meat” (@ILLB1LL / @Stu_Bangas / 2019)

Ominously grimy beats and rhymes from the Ill Bill / Stu Bangas collabo album “Cannibal Hulk”.

New Joint – Q-Unique / Ill Bill

Q-Unique ft. Ill Bill – “Cult Leader & Capital” (@QUniqueMusic / 2018)

Produced by Sicknature and taken from the NY emcee’s recent album “The Mechanic”.

New Joint – Heavy Metal Kings / Goretex

Heavy Metal Kings ft. Goretex – “Bad Hombres” (@EnemySoil / 2017)

Produced by the UK’s Giallo Point and taken from the new Vinnie Paz / Ill Bill album “Black God White Devil”.

52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2013 (Part Three) – Ill Bill / J-Zone / Dirt Platoon etc.

Ill Bill – “The Grimy Awards” (Uncle Howie) – The Brooklyn emcee kept one foot in the gritty past of NYC and the other striding towards an apocalyptic future as he shed light on both his influences and pivotal life moments throughout this extremely personal project. With production from the likes of Large Professor, DJ Muggs and DJ Premier, Bill dropped arguably his most impressive work to date (and an honorable mention has to go to Q-Unique for one of the year’s best verses on “L’Amour East”).

ill bill cover

Omniscence – “Sharp Objects EP” (Omniscence.BandCamp.Com) – Having made his name in the 90s with underground classics such as “Amazin'” and “Touch Y’all”, the North Carolina punchline king returned like he hadn’t missed a beat, displaying his agile lyricism on this EP built on the strong, jazzy head-nodding sonics of Australian producer Debonair P.

omniscence cover

Dam-Funk & Snoop Dogg – “7 Days Of Funk” (Stones Throw) – Getting back to his G-Funk roots, Snoopzilla got in touch with his inner Bootsy Collins by uniting with talented producer Dam-Funk for this synth-heavy blast of retro goodness that sounded like Tha Dogg Pound had gatecrashed a 1983 Bar-Kays jam session. Ooooweeee!!!


J-Zone – “Peter Pan Syndrome” (Old Maid Entertainment) – Providing theme music for thirty-something Hip-Hop heads everywhere faced with the cold realities of growing-up, Zone Loc’s latest opus found the Queens, NY producer-on-the-mic navigating the pressures of full-time employment, property ownership and relationships with his usual blend of sarcastic humour and musical inventiveness.


DJ Skizz – “B.Q.E. (The Brooklyn-Queens Experience)” (Gawd Of Math Music) – Amidst ongoing debates around the topic of New York rap losing its identity, producer DJ Skizz enlisted the likes of Masta Ace, Al’ Tariq and Rasheed Chappell for a hardcore shot to the dome that needed to be listened to whilst wearing a hoodie and Timberlands to be fully appreciated.

dj skizz cover

Strange Neighbour – “The Heisenberg EP” (Revorg Records) – Taking his inspiration from the anti-hero of cult TV show “Breaking Bad”, UK producer Strange Neighbour got busy in the lab and cooked-up this drum-heavy batch of bangers featuring the varied lyrical styles of Phoenix Da Icefire, Oliver Sudden, Big Toast and more.


Durag Dynasty – “360 Waves” (Nature Sounds) – The Alchemist continued to spend the year churning out ridiculously dope beats with this full-length crew effort from Planet Asia, Tristate and Killer Ben. With the West Coast trio each spitting sharp lyrical darts, Alchemist’s stripped-down beats provided the right amount of thump to ensure said darts exploded on impact as intended.

durag dynasty cover

Chairman Maf – “1976” (ChairmanMaf.BandCamp.Com) – UK producer Maf’s debut full-length instrumental project was a masterclass in creating mood music. Ranging from ethereal boom-bap to intergalactic soul, “1976” took the listener on an unpredictable sonic journey which had a worthwhile destination around every corner.

chairman maf cover

Skyzoo & Antman Wonder – “An Ode To Reasonable Doubt” (Loyalty Digital Corp) – The Brooklyn lyricist paid homage to Jigga’s classic debut respectfully and creatively on this Antman Wonder-produced EP. Retreading the musical steps of golden-era Hov definitely meant attempting to fill some big shoes, but this brilliant eight-track release found Skyzoo adding just as much to “Reasonable Doubt” as he was taking. No regrets here.

skyzoo cover

Dirt Platoon – “War Face” (Shinigamie Records) – Straight off the streets of Baltimore, duo Raf Almighty and Snook Da Crook cracked the concrete beats provided here by French producer Kyo Itachi like a pair of lyrical jackhammers. Rough, rugged and raw, “War Face”  left your eardrums feeling like they’d just been pummelled by the neighbourhood bully.

dirt platoon cover

Tommy Tyler – “The Golden Section” (SonsPhonetic.BandCamp.Com) – The Irish emcee delivered a moody, hypnotic five-track EP that drew the listener into a sombre world further enhanced by the bass-heavy production of Mook. Music to listen to with the lights off.

tommy tyler cover

Ryan Proctor

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New Joint – Q-Unique / Ill Bill

Q-Unique ft. Ill Bill – “Listen To The Words” (Q-Unique.Com / 2013)

Arsonists / Non-Phixion collabo from the Rotten Apple emcee’s album “Marvels Team-Up”.

New Joint – Snowgoons / Apathy / Sicknature / Celph Titled / Ill Bill

Snowgoons ft. Apathy, Sicknature, Celph Titled & Ill Bill – “Black Snow 2” (@Snowgoons / 2013)

Rugged title track from the German production crew’s forthcoming album.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “Acid Reflux” (IllBill.Com / 2013)

Large Professor-produced track from the NY emcee’s album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – DJ Skizz / Lil’ Fame / Ill Bill

DJ Skizz ft. Lil’ Fame & Ill Bill – “Vio-Lence” (DJSkizz.Net / 2013)

Taken from the forthcoming album “B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience)”.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “Paul Baloff” (IllBill.Com / 2013)

Twisted animation off the New York emcee’s album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “How To Survive The Apocalypse” (IllBill.Com / 2013)

The NY emcee offers some advice on what to do during the last days with this Psycho Les-produced track from his recent album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “World Premier” (Fat Beats / 2013)

The NY emcee drops a dedication to the man behind the boards on this DJ Premier-produced track from his album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “Exploding Octopus” ( Uncle Howie / Fat Beats / 2013)

Dramatic visuals for this self-produced concept-driven track from the Non-Phixion / La Coka Nostra member’s forthcoming album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – Ill Bill

Ill Bill – “When I Die” (Fat Beats / 2012)

Reflective rhymes from the Non-Phixion / La Coka Nostra emcee’s forthcoming album “The Grimy Awards”.

New Joint – Ill Bill / El-P

Ill Bill ft. El-P – “Severed Heads Of State” (Uncle Howie / 2012)

Taken from the La Coka Nostra emcee’s forthcoming album “The Grimy Awards” which features OC, Cormega, Mayhem Lauren and more.