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New Joint – Hus Kingpin

Hus Kingpin – “Weighings Brothers” (@HusKingpin / 2023)

Manny Megz-produced track off the Kingpin’s Bristol-influenced EP “The Tricky Tape”.

New Joint – Kxng Crooked & Bronze Nazareth / Hus Kingpin / Killah Priest

Kxng Crooked & Bronze Nazareth ft. Hus Kingpin & Killah Priest – “Outer Limits” (GravitasRap.Com / 2020)

Top-shelf lyricism taken from the Long Beach / Detroit duo’s recent album “Gravitas”.

New Joint – Chris Skillz / Hus Kingpin / Jay NiCE / Left Lane Didon

Chris Skillz ft. Hus Kingpin, Jay NiCE & Left Lane Didon – “Anarchy’s Archangels” (@ChrisSkillz / 2020)

Raw Zain-produced posse cut from the Delaware emcee’s forthcoming project “Olvido”.

New Joint – Hus Kingpin

Hus Kingpin – “Ski Slippers” (@HusKingpin / 2019)

Taken from the East Coast-raised, West Coast-based emcee’s forthcoming DirtyDiggs-produced “Slime Wave” project.


New Joint – Hus Kingpin

Hus Kingpin – “Wally Face” / Beautiful Murder” (@HusKingpin / 2019)

Back-to-back visuals from the NY-raised, LA-based emcee for two cuts produced by DJ Muggs and VHS respectively.

New Joint – Big Twins / Rigz / Hus Kingpin etc.

Big Twins ft. Rigz, Beanz, Sean Rosati, SmooVth & Hus Kingpin – “Winners Circle” (DrumsetMusicWorks.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Smoothed-out posse cut from the Queensbridge legend’s “Grimey Life” album.


New Joint – DJ Skizz / Milano Constantine / Hus Kingpin etc.

DJ Skizz ft. Nem$, Milano Constantine, Rasheed Chappell, Rim, Hus Kingpin, Apathy & Big Twins – “Jingle Rap” (@DJSkizz / 2018)

Seasonal posse cut featuring a heavyweight line-up of lyricists spreading some holiday cheer across Planet Rock.

New Joint – Kool G Rap / Nowaah The Flood / Hus Kingpin

Kool G Rap, Nowaah The Flood & Hus Kingpin – “Outnumbered” (@TheRealKoolGRap / @TheGreatFlood7 / @HusKingpin / 2018)

The three emcees give the classic “Synthetic Substitution” break a good workout on this WalyO-produced lyrical loosie.

New Joint – Hus Kingpin / Jak Progresso

hus cover

Hus Kingpin ft. Jak Progresso – “Silk Road Killer” (@HusKingpin / 2018)

Razor-sharp rawness produced by Sonny Vintage and taken from Kingpin’s new project “THE WAVO EP”.

DreamTeam Vol. 3 Album Stream – ChainWinners

dreamteam cover

New collection of Gold Chain Music / The Winners joints featuring Planet Asia, Hus Kingpin, SmooVth, SageInfinite and more.

New Joint – Recognize Ali / Da Flyy Hooligan / Hus Kingpin

outlawed cover

Recognize Ali ft. Da Flyy Hooligan & Hus Kingpin – “Wave Lords” (@RecognizeAli / 2018)

The three talented lyricists drop sharp verses over an ill Ugly Face-produced guitar loop off Ali’s third release this year “The Outlawed”.

New Joint – Planet Asia / Hus Kingpin / Marvelous Mag

Planet Asia ft. Hus Kingpin & Marvelous Mag – “I Climb” (@PlanetAsia / 2018)

Taken from the West Coast vet’s recent album “The Golden Buddha”.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2017 (Part Three) – Raekwon / Ded Tebiase / Tesla’s Ghost etc.

Check Part One and Part Two.

Jones Brothers – “Roughs With The Smooth” (FlukebeatMusic.BandCamp.Com) – UK emcees Joker Starr and AnyWay Tha God came with that “street knowledge and supreme wisdom” on this dope collaborative project. Striving to protect Hip-Hop from culture vultures, whilst annihilating anyone claiming to be lyrical competition in the process, the pair stood tall, backed by the loose, funky production of Manchester’s El Ay.

jones cover

Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on – “Chapel Drive” (FxckRxp.BandCamp.Com) – Representing Richmond, Virginia to the fullest, Anakin and Jackson involved every member of their Mutant Academy camp on this well-crafted album. Spontaneous rhymes and straight-out-the-basement beats were combined here to memorable effect, with “Chapel Drive” boasting a fluid, natural vibe that ensured it was high in replay value.

chapel drive cover

Son Of Sam – “Cinder Hill” (SonOfSamMusic.BandCamp.Com) – The idea of a live band playing Hip-Hop is nothing new, just ask Stetsasonic, Brand New Heavies or The Roots. But whilst the concept may not raise the eyebrows it once did, the execution of said concept still takes a huge amount of skill. UK-based musical collective Son Of Sam rose to the challenge on their debut album, with the likes of J-Live, Large Professor and Prince Po all shining on the project’s lively, organic soundscapes.

cinder hill cover

True God – “Inception” (TrueGodImmortal.BandCamp.Com) – Reporting live and direct from inner-city Baltimore, the talented True God delivered vivid, emotionally-charged street-corner sermons with skill, insight and sensitivity throughout this project.

true god cover

Roughneck Jihad – “The Wretched Of The Verse” (JihadTheRoughneckMC.BandCamp.Com) – Veteran West Coast emcee and Third Sight member Roughneck Jihad delivered a non-stop barrage of heavy-mental wordplay throughout this well-crafted collection of underground gems.

roughneck cover

DJ Manipulator & Louie Gonz – “The Loops” (DJManipulatorLouiGonz.BandCamp.Com) – This Massachusetts producer / emcee duo dropped an accomplished project in the form of “The Loops”, an album packed with cocky, street-smart rhymes and dusty, stripped-down beats, with the pair displaying a musical chemistry that gave this release a vibe reminiscent of a lost 90s-era demo tape.

loops cover

Dell-P – “4 Da Art” (Dell-P.BandCamp.Com) – Philly emcee Dell-P continued to build his reputation as one of the nicest lyricists to have emerged from the 215 in recent years with this release. A ‘total package’ wordsmith who sounded just as comfortable delivering heartfelt social commentary as he did spitting claims of microphone dominance, this Illadelph artist quite rightly demanded to be heard with “4 Da Art”.

4 da art cover

Your Old Droog – “PACKS” (FatBeatsRecords.BandCamp.Com) – With the Nas comparisons well and truly behind him, NYC’s Droog stood as his own man throughout this sophomore effort, blending humour, street smarts and razor-sharp wit throughout his verses, backed by production from The Alchemist, El RTNC and 88 Keys.

droog cover

Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost Ltd – “Cocaine Beach” (GourmetDeluxxx.BandCamp.Com) – Epic fly ish from the NY-raised Kingpin, with the likes of Milano Constantine, Vinnie Paz and Planet Asia all passing through to bless the impeccable production of Big Ghost Ltd, resulting in one of 2017’s ‘event’ albums which appeared to grab the attention of nearly all underground Hip-Hop heads upon its release.

cocaine cover

Justo – “Black Ops” (Black Jewel Entertainment)Brooklyn’s Justo picked some choice beats from D.I.T.C. legend Showbiz’s “Rare Breaks” series for this collection of traditional, lyrically-impressive Rotten Apple Hip-Hop.

justo cover

Raekwon – “The Wild” (Ice H20 Records) – Almost twenty-five years since his debut as a member of Staten Island’s mighty Wu-Tang Clan, the Chef proved that his Shaolin sword was as sharp as ever with the release of this solid album. Full of cinematic verses and strong production, “The Wild” was a worthy addition to Raekwon’s discography, with only a couple of unnecessary guest-spots (Lil Wayne / G-Eazy) slowing the project’s momentum.

raekwon cover

Tristate & Oh No – “3 Dimensional Prescriptions” (HieroglyphicsImperium.BandCamp.Com) – Backed by the eclectic, sample-driven beats of  infamous crate-digger Oh No, Gold Chain Music’s Tristate remained consistently impressive throughout this album, with his razor-sharp microphone techniques effortlessly keeping the listener engaged at all times.

3d cover

Ded Tebiase – “Landspeed” (VillageLive.BandCamp.Com) – Talented Bristol producer Ded Tebiase served up more of his drum-heavy, sample-based musical mastery on his latest album, featuring Da Flyy Hooligan, Ash The Author and Benaddict, with all proceeds from the release being donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

landspeed cover

DoamPeace – “Sidetrack” (DoesBros.BandCamp.Com) – The NYC-based DXA crew member educated listeners with pure true-school science on this eight-track EP.

doampeace cover

Big Toast & Ill Move Sporadic – “You Are Not Special” (StarchMusic.BandCamp.Com) – Tired of self-obsessed social media posts, shallow celebrity culture and rampant consumerism? This UK duo had the remedy for all of the above and then some with this sonic reality check. Toast’s blunt delivery and dry wit blended perfectly with Ill Move’s hefty beats, resulting in an album that was guaranteed to bring anyone with delusions of grandeur down to earth with a serious bump.

toast cover

Tesla’s Ghost – “Stretch Lincolns” (TeslasGhost.BandCamp.Com) – Late in 2017, gruff-voiced London lyricist Tesla’s Ghost dropped the perfect soundtrack for the cold, dark wintery nights ahead with this brilliantly-crafted album. Full of ominous, minimalist soundscapes and vivid, uncompromising verses, “Stretch Lincolns” was a strong example of pure, uncut mood music.

tesla cover

El Camino – “El Camino” (Griselda Records) – The next chamber in the Griselda Records takeover came in the form of this self-titled EP from Buffalo’s El Camino; eight tracks of raw, gritty beats and rhymes, with the younger member of the GxFR camp being joined, of course, by Westside Gunn and Conway, plus the late, great Prodigy.

camino cover

Big Twins & DJ Skizz – “Billy Ocean” (DJSkizz.BandCamp.Com) – The Infamous Mobb emcee dropped some typically direct Queensbridge dunn language over old-school R&B grooves on this rugged-but-smooth EP.

billy cover

Figub Brazlevic – “4×4 Palestine Jeep Beats” (FigubBrazlevic.BandCamp.Com) – The nod factor was high on this quality collection of sample-based beats laced with live instrumentation from the German producer.

4x4 cover

Soul King – “The Diaspora” (SoulKingSK.BandCamp.Com) – Likwit Crew affiliate Soul King represented the Cali underground to the fullest throughout “The Diaspora”, with the project also featuring Montage One, Phil The Agony, Born Allah and more blessing beats from DirtyDiggs, DJ Breeze and Default.

soul king cover

Part Four coming soon.

New Joint – Xtreme & Rosati / Hus Kingpin / Rozewood

Xtreme & Rosati ft. Hus Kingpin & Rozewood – “It’s Over” (@Sean_Rosati / 2018)

Taken from the “Bobby Womack Dreams” EP.

New Joint – Hus Kingpin

hus cover

Hus Kingpin – “Vader” (@HusKingpin / 2017)

The Force is strong in this new Gabdulla Tha Butcha-produced cut from the Strong Island emcee.

New Joint – Da Flyy Hooligan / Hus Kingpin

flyy hooligan cover 2

Da Flyy Hooligan ft. Hus Kingpin – “Distress Signals” (@DaFlyyHooligan / 2017)

Agor-produced rawness from the UK emcee’s heavily-anticipated album “S.C.U.M.” dropping October 27th.

New Joint – Redeyes / Hus Kingpin

Redeyes ft. Hus Kingpin – “100 Porsches To The Stars” (@North_Quarter / 2017)

Known for his work within the Drum & Bass scene, French producer Redeyes slows the tempo down for this mellow head-nodder off his forthcoming EP “Blueprints”.

Cocaine Beach Album Stream – Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost Ltd

kingpin cover

Epic, cinematic fly ish from the NY-raised Kingpin, with the likes of Milano Constantine, Vinnie Paz and Planet Asia all passing through to bless the impeccable production of Big Ghost Ltd, resulting in one of the most impressive projects of 2017 so-far.

New Joint – Planet Asia / Rozewood / Hus Kingpin

Planet Asia ft. Rozewood & Hus Kingpin – “Made It” (@PlanetAsia / 2017)

Soulful street science from the West Coast vet’s Sonny Vintage-produced EP “Velour Portraits”.

New Joint – Creestal / Conway / Hus Kingpin

creestal cover

Creestal ft. Conway & Hus Kingpin – “Problemz” (@DJCreestal / 2017)

The French producer links with two of the nicest emcees in the game right now for this stripped-down, guitar-laced cut off his new album “Differences”.