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New Joint – Rob Cave & Che Grand

cave cover

Rob Cave & Che Grand ft. Jack Davey & Seb Zillner – “Shallow Pockets” (RobCaveJr.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Rolling, jazzy beats and confident, captivating rhymes from Brooklyn emcee Rob Cave’s Che Grand-produced EP “On Everything I Love”.

New Joint – Donwill

Donwill ft. The MTA – “Service Delay” (@HiPNOTT / 2019)

Taken from the Tanya Morgan member’s new Von Pea-produced solo album “One Word No Space”.

New Joint – Rob Cave & The Other Guys

Rob Cave & The Other Guys – “False Advertisements” (RobCaveJr.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Brooklyn emcee Rob Cave (formerly known as Spec Boogie) drops intricate, thoughtful lyricism on this quality cut from his forthcoming Other Guys-produced project “WORD”.

New Joint – Von Pea & The Other Guys

Von Pea & The Other Guys – “Pardon Me” (@HiPNOTT / 2018)

Taken from the EP “I’m Good Luv, Enjoy”.

New Joint – Von Pea & The Other Guys / Donwill

Von Pea & The Other Guys ft. Donwill – “The Twist” (@HiPNOTT / 2018)

Taken from the EP “I’m Good Luv, Enjoy”.

New Joint – Von Pea & The Other Guys

Von Pea & The Other Guys – “Easy” (@HiPNOTT / 2018)

Horn-laced boom-bap off the album “The Fiasco”.

New Joint – LS Camp

LS Camp – “That’s All” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the album “Back To The Basics (The Boom Bap)”.

New Joint – Von Pea & The Other Guys

Von Pea & The Other Guys – “Louie BK” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the album “The Fiasco”.

New Joint – LS Camp / Masta Ace

ls camp cover

LS Camp ft. Masta Ace – “Too Black” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Uplifting, socially-aware beats and rhymes from the Massachusetts crew’s forthcoming album “Back To The Basics (The Boom Bap)”.

New Joint – Jermiside

Jermiside – “Dusk” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Mellow, laidback mood music from the Atlanta-based artist’s instrumental project “A Moment Between Places”.

New Joint – The Other Guys / Von Pea

The Other Guys ft. Von Pea – “Another Von Intro” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the Washinton-based production duo’s new EP “The Working Class”.

A Moment Between Places Album Stream – Jermiside

jermiside cover

The Atlanta-based Lessondary member puts the mic down briefly to showcase his production skills on this well-executed set of instrumental vibes and stuff.

New Joint – Substantial / Uyama Hiroto

Substantial ft. Uyama Hiroto – “No Turning Back 2.0” (@IAmSubstantial / 2017)

Soulful, jazzy beats and sincere, personal rhymes from the DMV emcee’s recent album “The Past Is Always Present In The Future”.

New Joint – Substantial

Substantial – “Black Of All Trades (V2)” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the Virginia-based emcee’s recent album “The Past Is Always Present In The Future”.

New Joint – Wordsworth & JSOUL

Wordsworth & JSOUL – “What You Gon’ Do” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the duo’s 2016 collaborative EP “Blame It On The Music”.

New Joint – Jermiside

Jermiside – “God Bless RZA” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Lessondary member Jermiside pays homage to the legendary Wu-Tang leader.

New Joint – Substantial / Precious Joubert

Substantial ft. Precious Joubert – “The Sub Way” (HiPNOTT / 2017)

Marcus D-produced track from the Virginia emcee’s new album “The Past Is Always Present In The Future”.

100 Best Albums & EPs Of 2016 (Part Four) – Cappo / A Tribe Called Quest / Ka etc.

Check Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Cappo – “Dramatic Change Of Fortune” (YNR Productions) – Nottingham’s Cappo really put himself in a zone for his latest self-produced long-player, a relatively short yet intense collection of intricate lyricism and atmospheric, boundary-blurring beats which proved the UK emcee isn’t afraid to think outside of the box when it’s time to make music.


Nolan The Ninja – “He(art)” (Left Of Center) – Whilst accurate, using the word ‘passionate’ to describe Nolan The Ninja’s microphone techniques really doesn’t do justice to the Detroit emcee’s approach to his craft. Attacking every track on “He(art)” with both ferocity and skill, the Motor City representative ensured this album bristled with a tangible sense of energy, showcasing his undeniable love for the culture of Hip-Hop in the process.


Levitical – “Do The Right Thing” (Levitical.BandCamp.Com) – With a respectful nod to Spike Lee’s classic late-80s film of the same name, this EP from Detroit duo Dr. Doowap and Marc Arrow was a short, sharp blast of sonic motivation, mixing humour, wit and social commentary with jazzy, soulful soundscapes.


Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – “The Easy Truth” (Mello Music Group) – Backed by the melodic thump of Detroit producer Apollo Brown, Brooklyn’s Skyzoo offered further proof throughout “The Easy Truth” of why he deserves to be described as one of the nicest wordsmiths to have emerged from his beloved BK borough, painting captivating lyrical pictures of Rotten Apple life with genuine skill, empathy and insight. Respect the aura.


Spida Lee – “Rise Of A King” (SpidaLee.BandCamp.Com) – Mixing conscious vibes and street smarts with the unashamedly 90s-influenced production of Natural Doc, UK emcee Spida Lee’s sophomore album was a real joy to listen to, full of unbridled enthusiasm and a desire to give listeners some food for thought.


A Tribe Called Quest – “We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service” (Epic) – Following the sad passing of group member Phife Dawg, the unexpected return of A Tribe Called Quest was bittersweet to say the least. Yet the legendary crew from Queens largely succeeded in turning tragedy into artistic triumph with their sixth album. Capturing the spirit of the classic Tribe sound without simply retreading old creative ground, “We Got It From Here…” was mature, refined Hip-Hop. RIP Phife.


Blakface & Sean Wyze – “The Time Ahead” (Blakface.BandCamp.Com) – West Coast / Midwest trio FunkLogik, $incere and Sean Wyze delivered thought-provoking, down-to-earth lyricism and melodic, sample-driven beats on this well-crafted album, with Guilty Simpson, Illa J and Trek Life on-hand to offer microphone assistance.


Siddeeq Matthew – “King Language” (SiddeeqMatthew.BandCamp.Com) – Mixing true-school values with contemporary styles, this EP from Leicester, England’s Siddeeq Matthew offered street-savvy verses laced with personal reflection, resulting in a unique and thoroughly engaging listening experience.


Ka – “Honor Killed The Samurai” (Iron Works) – Crafted with the precision of a master builder, this impressive self-produced body of work from Brooklyn’s Ka found the NY artist once again showcasing his near-obsessive attention to detail, both lyrically and sonically. Marrying vivid-yet-understated verses full of gritty life observations with his trademark stripped-down soundscapes, “Honor…” had all the makings of a modern-day cult classic.


MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – “Keep Playin'” (HiPNOTT Records) – If you like raw rhyme skills that sound like they were sharpened in golden-era street-corner ciphers coupled with uncompromising, hardcore beats, then this album from Philly wordsmith MarQ Spekt and NY producer Blockhead should have found its way onto your playlist.


Psycho Les – “Dank God, Vol. 1” (PitFight Entertainment) – Still as intoxicated and stone crazy as ever, Beatnuts member Psycho Les called on a long list of microphone heavyweights to feature on this compilation-style project, including R.A. The Rugged Man, Inspectah Deck and Tragedy Khadafi. Strictly underground funk, keep the crossover.



Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey – “Whole Food” (Mello Music Group) – The sonic equivalent of a good home-cooked meal, this collaborative effort from Texas-raised producer Dean and Detroit emcee Vessey offered listeners plenty of musical sustenance, with the pair displaying undeniable creative chemistry throughout the project.


Buddy Leezle – “The Colorful World Of Buddy Benetton” (BuddyLeezle.BandCamp.Com) – Philly’s Buddle Leezle joined forces with producer Mook of Ireland’s Sons Phonetic for this transatlantic collection of fresh, fly and bold flavours inspired by the Illadelph lyricist’s passion for collecting vintage Ralph Lauren and Benetton clothing.


Tab_One & Sinopsis – “Sincerely, Tab” (Tab-One.BandCamp.Com) – Members of North Carolina’s Kooley High crew, emcee Tab_One and producer Sinopsis confidently stepped outside of the group dynamic on this collaborative release, with “Sincerely, Tab” standing as a shining example of organic underground Hip-Hop.


Allstar Stacks – “Rocky Road” (AllstarStacks.BandCamp.Com) – London emcee Allstar Stacks delivered a potent mix of streetwise swagger and sincere introspection on this impressive Session 600-produced project, featuring Ray Vendetta, FlowTecs and K Zorro.


Vandal Savage – “1000th Prestige” (IAmVandalSavage.BandCamp.Com) – Nottingham’s Vandal Savage further cemented his growing reputation as one of the nicest lyricists in the UK Hip-Hop scene with this self-produced EP featuring Juga-Naut, Micall Parknsun and Cappo.


Ray Vendetta & K Zorro – “The Regulator’s Handbook” (RingzOvSaturn.BandCamp.Com) – Triple Darkness member Ray Vendetta and fellow London representative K Zorro brough their alter-egos Daddy Longluv and Jack O’Hartz to the forefront on this quality concept-based project, which featured the UK duo proving there’s no slackin’ in their mackin’ as they put it down for the ladies in a roughneck style and fashion.


Idasa Tariq – “FRAMES” (IdasaTariq.BandCamp.Com) – Sincere, intelligent rhymes from Pittsburgh’s Idasa Tariq which were as thought-provoking as they were personal, with “FRAMES” being a project that was tailor-made for today’s troubled times.


Badly Promoted Geniuses – “Sorry Not Sorry” (BadlyPromotedGeniuses.BandCamp.Com) – Described as being “the result of the overactive imaginations of six miscreants with a penchant for Rap”, the debut album from UK crew Badly Promoted Geniuses was an unpredictable-yet-cohesive collection of beats and rhymes, showcasing the undeniable creativity of Triple Dot Beast, Baron Samedi, Skrabl, Oozhe, Sofa King and DJ Severe.


Ivan Ave – “Helping Hands” (JakartaRecords-Label.BandCamp.Com) – Norway’s Ivan Ave delivered honest, introspective rhymes over producer MNDSGN’s mellow beats on this fine collection of hypnotic mood music.


Fifth and final part coming soon.

New Joint – LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros

LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros ft. P.SO & Donwill – “Hold That (Faybles)” (@HiPNOTT / 2017)

Taken from the NY-based artist’s forthcoming album “Fay Grim”.

New Joint – Jermiside & L-Marr The Star

Jermiside & L-Marr The Star – “Invisible Jewels” (@HiPNOTT / 2016)

Taken from the EP “God Bless The Child”.