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New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Sleight Of Tongue” (@KamanchiSly / 2019)

Lead single from the UK Hip-Hop pioneer’s latest album “Kamanchi Sly XIII Of England”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Sleight Of Tongue” (@KamanchiSly / 2019)

The Hijack legend continues his relentless work ethic and returns with the lead single from yet another new album “Kamanchi Sly XIII Of England”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “The Great Adventures Of Kamanchi Sly” (@KamanchiSly / 2019)

Hijack legend K-Sly returns to burn with this lead single from “The Domination Mentality”, the UK emcee’s seventh album release in the last two years!

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Set The Microphone On Fire” (HipHop73.Com / 2019)

The Hijack legend returns with this bass-heavy Britcore roller from his new album “HIPHOP73”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “No Pils” (@KamanchiSly / 2018)

Taken from the UK legend’s forthcoming project “Me And My SP”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “King K” (@KamanchiSly / 2018)

Fast-paced beats and rhymes from the UK legend’s recent self-produced album “Ultimate BBoy 92”,

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly / Original Killah

Kamanchi Sly ft. Original Killah – “Stockwell Murderer” (@KamanchiSly / 2017)

Rough, rugged and raw Britcore vibes from the Hijack legend’s new album “Slycriminality”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “The Rant” (@KamanchiSly / 2017)

Having recently dropped his “Slycriminality” album, UK rhyme vet keeps the momentum going with this fiery freestyle.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Destroy All Lines” (@KamanchiSly / 2017)

Raw, funky b-boy flavour from the Hijack legend’s new album “SlyCriminality”.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “UK Fresh” (@KamanchiSly / 2017)

The Hijack legend celebrates the foundations of British Hip-Hop on this cut from his new album “Slycriminality”.

New Joint – Hijack

Hijack – “Gold Standard” (@KamanchiSly / 2016)

The UK legends drop a brief promo for their new line of Hijack merchandise.

New Joint – Hijack

Hijack – “Doing What We Wonna Do” (@KamanchiSly / 2016)

New visuals from the legendary UK crew.

New Joint – DJ Fingers / Kamanchi Sly

jailhouse cover

DJ Fingers & Kamanchi Sly – “Jailhouse (Supa) Rock (Down)” (MujBeats.BandCamp.Com / 2016)

Recorded live at last year’s Study Of The Purest Form all-dayer in London, UK Hip-Hop vets Kamanchi Sly and DJ Fingers get busy the original way.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Son Of Noise

DJ Supreme ft. Son Of Noise – “R.I.P.” (@UKDJSupreme / 2016)

Pritt Kalsi-directed visuals for this Britcore banger from Hijack legend DJ Supreme and Son Of Noise’s Curoc, featuring cuts from DJ Mada and DJ Renegade.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Incredible MC” (@KamanchiSly / 2014)

The legendary Hijack emcee returns with his first single in a decade, featuring the UK pioneer dropping rapid-fire rhymes over sample-heavy self-produced beats.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sky – “Emotional Rappers – Part 2” (@KamanchiSly / 2014)

A second short, sharp blast of lyrical firepower from the veteran UK style warrior.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Emotional Rappers” (@KamanchiSly / 2014)

The Hijack legend blasts wack emcees and gives props to some Hip-Hop greats on this short-yet-fiery track.

New Joint – Kamanchi Sly

Kamanchi Sly – “Let There Be Drums” (@KamanchiSly / 2014)

The unmistakable voice of legendary UK Hip-Hop crew Hijack returns with some potent rhymes for your domepiece.

Pow! Automatic… – Hijack

Footage of legendary UK crew Hijack performing their 1989 classic “The Badman Is Robbin'” at last weekend’s 4our Pillars event in London.

Live Review – 4our Pillars

mcm k-sly

Photo By Karen “InchHigh” Dabner McIntyre

Venue: The Underdog Gallery, London  Date: 7 December 2012

UK Hip-Hop has definitely had its fair share of ups-and-downs over the years, from industry indifference and a constant battle for attention with our Stateside counterparts, to low sales and an often unsupportive British music press. But regardless of the obstacles and adversity homegrown artists have endured throughout the decades, Hip-Hop culture has thrived in the UK, from the early days of London’s 80s Covent Garden scene to the numerous present day events held throughout the country seeking to keep the torch alight.

With this in mind, the organiser’s behind London’s 4our Pillars night (namely 90s Britcore favourites Son Of Noise) are also looking to do their part to ensure the traditional elements of Hip-Hop remain intact on our shores, whilst also celebrating the foundations of the British Hip-Hop movement.

Held at London Bridge’s intimate Underdog Gallery, this event was about so much more than just a crowd of people passing the time under one roof as they waited for the headlining artists to hit the stage. This second 4our Pillars session felt more like a family reunion than simply your standard Hip-Hop night.

Surrounded by impressive graffiti pieces from ArtJaz, Gasp and Dep, a mixture of fans, friends and artists rubbed shoulders as DJ Devastate of Demon Boyz fame and Hardnoise’s DJ Mada dropped an impressive selection of golden-era gems from the likes of Schoolly D and Main Source.

Highlights of the night included the mighty Killa Instinct tearing the place up with their 1992 Music Of Life classic “The Bambi Murders”, Son Of Noise themselves delivering a dose of their own distinctive brand of hardcore Hip-Hop, plus Caveman’s MCM and Hijack’s Kamanchi Sly passing the mic for an impromptu freestyle session with Germany’s DJ Stylewarz spinning some classic breakbeats.

An electric performance from UK b-boy crew The Soul Mavericks set off camera flashes from all directions, whilst Rodney P and Skitz were also on-hand to ensure the momentum continued.

With people having travelled from Wales, France and Italy to attend, the 4our Pillars crew succeeded in their mission to deliver an event grounded in Afrika Bambaataa’s ethos of peace, love, unity and having fun. The venue was filled with positive vibes and a genuine energy, with everyone in attendance clearly there out of a shared passion for true-school Hip-Hop.

Some technical sound issues and last minute line-up changes did nothing to dampen the collective enthusiasm of the crowd, with the spontaneous, organic feel of the entire night only adding to the feeling of being at a monumental old-school jam.

An overall brilliant experience and a testament to the timeless talent that made up the 80s / 90s UK scene, 4our Pillars may have been born out of the need to pay homage to the history of British Hip-Hop, but on this particular night we witnessed some new history being made as well.

Ryan Proctor

Footage of Kamanchi Sly and MCM freestyling at 4our Pillars.