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New Joint – Positive K & Greg Nice

Positive K & Greg Nice – “That’s That” (@DaGreatMinds / 2017)

Upbeat party flavour taken from the golden-era duo’s recent collabo album “Gr8te Mindz”.

New Joint – Positive K / Mr. Cheeks / Greg Nice

Positive K ft. Mr. Cheeks & Greg Nice – “Make It Happen – Remix” (@Positive_K_ / 2016)

Punchline-packed party vibes from the trio of NY microphone vets.

New Joint – The Bodega Brovas / Greg Nice

The Bodega Brovas ft. Greg Nice – “The Vices” (@BodegaBrovas / 2016)

Feel-good party vibes off Headkrack, Travii and Keynote’s new album “L.G.A.”.

New Joint – Positive K / Greg Nice

Positive K ft. Greg Nice – “Make It Happen” (@Positive_K_ / 2016)

Party vibes and punchlines from the two East Coast golden-era greats.

New Joint – Positive K / Greg Nice

Positive K ft. Greg Nice – “Make It Happen” (Creative Control / 2012)

Pos K was always a favourite emcee of mine back in the day from his 80s releases on First Priority through to the underground singles he dropped during the mid-to-late 90s independent boom – on this new cut he showcases his witty, punchline-heavy flow with hook assistance from the legendary Greg N-I-C-E.

Memory Lane – Greg Nice

The inimitable Greg Nice reminisces on battling Biz Markie back in the day.

New Joint – Jorun Bombay / Mantronix / Tricky Tee / Greg Nice

Jorun Bombay ft. Mantronix, Tricky Tee & Greg Nice – “Get Stupid Pt 2 – Beat Box Rap Version” (Jorun_Bombay / 2012)

Producer extraordinaire Jorun Bombay creates a stunning golden-era Mantronix tribute from various demos and acapellas resulting in this authentic edit-heavy masterpiece.

Words From Jorun Bombay:

“This is a pieced together session from various multitracks. I took the original beatbox demo used and sampled for “Get Stupid pt 2” – grabbed the best parts, chopped each element  and repieced them together so it sounds like a one take beatbox (very tedious work). Took the acapella from the OG demo version of “Needle To The Groove” (which had Tricky Tee on it.. bet you didn’t know he was supposed to be on “Needle to the Groove”?) and pieces of MC Tee’s rhymes which were from “Get Stupid Pt 2” and then muted and “Get Stupid” ended up being an instrumental while Tee’s rhymes got recycled for later songs. I took all of these elements and repieced it into the track you are hearing now. And as an extra spice, I added my own Mantronix-ish type stutter chops (yes I did those) and voila! “Get Stupid Pt 2 (Beatbox Version)” with Tricky Tee, MC Tee, Mantronix and Greg Nice. Enjoy! I know it may sound like an authentic Mantronix production because of the chop chop chops..but truthfully, this version wouldn’t even exist before I re-pieced it, mixmatched elements together, produced it and posted it. Big shout out to MC TEE, MANTRONIX, TRICKY TEE and GREG NICE who all have been huge influences and helped shape Hip-Hop in the 80’s and beyond. Go look up their stuff and get knowledged! Be a fan of their music.”