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Thursday Throwback (Part 18) – Masta Ace Incorporated

Masta Ace Incorporated – “The I.N.C. Ride” ( Delicious Vinyl / 1995 )

As the sun’s now finally shining here in the UK I thought it was only right to post this mid-90s summertime classic as this week’s Thursday Throwback – that Isley Brothers loop still sounds so dope.

Classic Cuts – Masta Ace

Ace drops a couple of choice gems from his solo discography during an EMC show in Atlanta this past weekend.

“Born To Roll”



Warm It Up Ace! – Masta Ace

Ace takes a break from promoting the recent EMC album “The Show” to perform Big Daddy Kane’s classic “Warm It Up Kane” at Hip-Hop Karaoke in Toronto.


Posse In Effect – EMC

Underground supergroup EMC (Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, Strick) talk about the concept behind their recently released (and very impressive) album “The Show”.

As I Reminisce – Masta Ace

Early-90s interview with former Juice Crew member Masta Ace.

Steady Bootleggin’ – Masta Ace / EMC

Former Juice Crew Allstar Masta Ace records a PSA prior to his recent Los Angeles gig regarding the leaking of EMC’s upcoming album “The Show”.

God’s Gangster – Quincey Tones / Nas / Jay-Z


UK-based producer Quincey Tones puts a new twist on the “American Gangster” remix craze with this project featuring Nas vocals over all-new beats crafted from the same sample sources as Jigga’s cinematic opus.

Download “God’s Gangster” here and also be on the lookout for Quincey Tones production on pending releases from Masta Ace’s eMC crew and newcomer Nino Bless.