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The Ruler’s Back – Slick Rick

Extensive interview with the legendary Slick Rick in NYC as part of the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy World Tour talking about the recording of his classic 1988 debut album “The Great Adventures Of…”.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


New Joint – Sway

Sway – “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (Dcypha / 2010)

With some help from Ghostface’s “Mighty Healthy” instrumental and a visual nod to Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, UK rapper Sway asks fans to fill in the blanks of some classic Hip-Hop lyrics on this tribute to some of the game’s legendary artists.

Seasons Greetings – Treacherous Three / Doug E. Fresh

Treacherous Three ft. Doug E. Fresh – “Santa’s Rap” ( Atlantic / 1984 )

Happy Christmas y’all!!!

Normal blogging service will resume in the New Year.

The Slick Rick Years – Doug E. Fresh / MC Serch

Doug breaks down his early memories of working with Slick Rick on Hip-Hop classics “The Show” and “La-Di-Da-Di”.

Strictly Legends – MC Serch / Doug E. Fresh / Chuck D / Charlie Murphy

More great interviews from MC Serch / SerchliteTV.

Doug E. Fresh

Chuck D

Charlie Murphy

Back Together Again – Doug E. Fresh / Slick Rick

Short clip of the two old-school legends performing their 1985 hit “The Show” at Akron, Ohio’s First Annual Hip-Hop Showcase this past weekend.

Fresh Is The Word – Doug E. Fresh

1986 Dutch TV interview with Doug E. Fresh in Harlem.

Old-School Legends – Melle Mel / Dana Dane / Crash Crew / Lovebug Starski / Busy Bee / T-Ski Valley / Mighty Mike C / Biz Markie / Doug E. Fresh / Kurtis Blow / Grandmaster Caz

Recently rediscovered GrandGood.Com footage of last year’s Old-School Jam in NYC’s Jackie Robinson Park hosted by Lovebug Starski.

Melle Mel

Dana Dane

Crash Crew

Lovebug Starski

Busy Bee

T-Ski Valley

Mighty Mike C (Fearless Four)

Biz Markie

Doug E. Fresh

Kurtis Blow

Melle Mel & Grandmaster Caz

Still Risin’ To The Top – Doug E. Fresh

The World’s Greatest Entertainer talks to Blackademics during a recent visit to Los Angeles.


Stay Fresh – Doug E. Fresh / Galactic / Chali 2na

Doug E. Fresh performs his classics “The Show” and “La Di Da Di” with Galactic and Chali 2na at the 2008 Jammy Awards in NYC.

Part One

Part Two


Edutainment – KRS-One & The Stop The Violence Movement 2008

The official video preview of the Blastmaster’s recently rejuvenated Stop The Violence campaign and the forthcoming “Self-Construction” all-star posse cut.

No disrespect to any artist who gave up their time to participate in this worthy and much-needed cause, but let’s hope some of the faces in the above clip actually practice what they preach when it comes time for them to drop another album. Sixteen bars about peace and unity on a KRS project isn’t going to hit home particularly hard with the record’s intended audience if you’re back to killing a thousand people on your next joint, beefing with other rappers and screaming “I’m a gangsta” every two seconds. Time will tell.  

Bonus Clip #1

KRS-One talks about the history behind the original Stop The Violence Movement and the reasons for its 2008 counterpart.

Bonus Clip #2

The Stop The Violence Movement – “Self Destruction” (Jive Records / 1989)

The World’s Greatest Entertainer – Doug E. Fresh

Beatboxing legend and old-school icon Doug E. Fresh is interviewed at the opening of Tampa’s Hip-Hop Soda Shop.