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RIP Double K!

RIP Double K of People Under The Stairs – one of Hip-Hop’s funkiest duos. I was an instant fan of their early work and remember interviewing them during their first UK visit – humble dudes with genuine chemistry and huge talent. Always great to see live, with the pair able to masterfully translate the energy of their music from the studio to the stage. Backed by a brilliant discography which has demonstrated consistent artistic growth over the years whilst always remaining true to the original PUTS sound, with Double K’s contributions remaining golden every step of the way. A sad loss.


Sincerely, The P Album Stream – People Under The Stairs

puts cover

Bringing their twenty year musical journey to a suitably impressive end, Thes One and Double K’s final album is another finely-tuned selection of funky beats, spontaneous energy and proud West Coast attitude.

The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 2 EP Stream – People Under The Stairs

puts pic

West Coast vets Thes One and Double K deliver more of their trademark feel-good b-boy flavour on the second part of their “Gettin’ Off Stage” EP series.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “12 Step Program Commercial” (@PUTS / 2014)

Most artists just throw-up a thirty-second trailer when they have a new album to promote, whereas West Coast duo Thes One and Double K  have recorded a new non-LP track to raise awareness of their forthcoming project “12 Step Program”.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “1 Up Til Sun Up” (@Piecelock70 / 2014)

Lead single from West Coast duo Thes One and Double K’s forthcoming album “12 Step Program”.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “Holiday Party” (PL70.Net / 2013)

Thes One and Double K take a break from recording their latest album “12 Step Program” to get in the seasonal mood and flip an unlikely Paul McCartney sample for our listening pleasure.

Live Review – People Under The Stairs

Venue: XOYO, London  Date: 25 September 2012

Products of the same mid-to-late 90s West Coast underground scene that gave us the likes of Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples, Cali duo People Under The Stairs have spent the best part of the last fifteen years building and maintaining a reputation on wax as one of the most consistent acts of the post-golden-era years.

Having amassed an impressive discography which includes eight full-length albums, longtime friends Thes One and Double K have perfected their own brand of true-school rap, mixing a healthy dose of humour and fun with impeccable production and back-in-the-day lyrical sensibilities.

With seven years having passed since the last PUTS performance in the UK, this one-off London gig in Shoreditch’s intimate XOYO venue presented fans with an excellent opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with one of the game’s most unique acts.

Proving themselves to be as entertainingly unpredictable as always, Thes One began the show by playing a game of original Mario projected onto the stage’s back wall as Double K cut-up James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” in time with the iconic Nintendo theme music. After this leftfield intro the twosome launched straight into the rousing “Selfish Destruction” from last year’s brilliant “Highlighter” album.

The following hour was a masterclass in crowd-rocking, with the pair running through an obviously well-planned set whilst still maintaining an energetic atmosphere of improvisation and lively audience interaction.

Upbeat tracks such as the funk-fuelled “Tuxedo Rap” and “Trippin’ At The Disco” kept heads bobbing relentlessly, whilst Thes One really threw himself into his performance of the self-explantory “Beer”, sharing memories of the duo’s early alcohol-soaked visits to the UK before pouring the contents of his bottle over his head halfway through his verses.

Other unexpected highlights included Thes One banging out some live old-school drum sounds via an adapted piece of vintage studio equipment and the pair dropping a karaoke version of Cypress Hill’s “Hand On The Pump”, with Thes explaining that himself and Double K often recreated their favourite tracks whilst driving around LA together so they decided to try it onstage as well.

Something that was very apparent from looking around the venue was the youthfulness of the crowd, with older heads (such as this particular thirty-something blogger) standing-out amongst an audience who largely appeared to be in their early-to-mid-twenties. This observation also wasn’t lost on People Under The Stairs themselves, with Thes One joking that some members of the crowd looked like they would barely have been born when the two brothers-from-other-mothers began their musical careers.

But that being said, older PUTS tracks such as the hypnotic “San Francisco Knights” were met with the same enthusiastic response and word-for-word rhyming from those in attendance as newer material from more recent projects. All of which is a testament to both the timeless, universal appeal of Thes One and Double K’s music and also the dedication of their younger fans who’ve obviously taken the time to discover the crew’s earlier work, proving that the generational gap in Hip-Hop can be bridged by artists making quality material.

Closing with the melodic 1998 favourite “Time To Rock Our S**t”, the pair retired from the stage after once again thanking the UK for all the support PUTS had received from these shores since their early days struggling to make a name for themselves.

So taking the Los Angeles duo’s passion for their British fans into consideration, let’s hope they don’t leave it another seven years before they return to bless us with more of that good ol’-fashioned feel-good PUTS flavour.

Ryan Proctor

Straight West Coastin’ – Thes One

Thes One of LA’s People Under The Stairs speaks to 88TillInfinity.Com about the PUTS discography and the duo’s musical influences.

Techno-Hop – Thes-One (People Under The Stairs)

PUTS member Thes-One explains the decision to release the group’s eighth project “Highlighter” as the first ever album to be made commercially available using the 24-bit HD-AAC format.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “Talkin’ Back To The Streets” (PL70.Net / 2011)

Smooth-but-funky music to ride to from the West Coast duo’s new album “Highlighter”.


Cuttin’ Out The Middleman – Thes-One

Thes-One of People Under The Stairs talks about his new website PL70.Net which will allow fans to buy music direct from both PUTS and other like-minded artists – People Under The Stairs have been one of the most consistent crews of the last decade-plus and it’s inspiring to see artists out there like Thes-One still so passionate about their music.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “Beer” (OM Records / 2010)

New video for a track from the Los Angeles-based duo’s 2009 album “Carried Away”.

Diggin’ In The Crates – People Under The Stairs

Thes-One and Double K talk about the influence of LA’s underground legends Freestyle Fellowship on their music.

Step Bacc – People Under The Stairs

PUTS performing “Step Bacc” from their new album “Fun DMC” for HipHopOfficial.

Just Havin’ Fun – People Under The Stairs

PUTS on HipHopOfficial’s Artist Of The Week segment promoting their new album “Fun DMC”.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “The Wiz” ( Gold Dust Media / 2008 )

Double K and Thes One give props to their Australian homies on this cool-out cut from the duo’s “Fun DMC” album.

New Joint – People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs – “Step Bacc” ( Gold Dust Media / 2008 )

Taken from the new PUTS album “Fun DMC”.

Putting The Fun Back Into The Funk – People Under The Stairs

Gold Dust Media EPK for the forthcoming “Fun DMC” album from West Coast underground vets People Under The Stairs.

Underground OGs – People Under The Stairs

Los Angeles-based duo People Under The Stairs talk to WhatIsFree.TV during a visit to Australia earlier this year.