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New Joint – Shaw Calhoune

Shaw Calhoune – “Buttoned Up” (ShawCalhoune.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

Maryland’s Shaw Calhoune offers some food for thought on this mellow Four Limbs-produced track from his new “Fly Langston” EP.

New Joint – Fly Anakin

Fly Anakin – “Blicky Bop” (FlyAnakin.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

Produced by Foisey and taken from the Mutant Academy member’s forthcoming album “Skinemaxxx (Side A)”.

New Joint – Priest Da Nomad / DJ Kool / Team Demo / J Hill

Priest Da Nomad ft. DJ Kool, Team Demo & J Hill – “Music Ain’t Loud Enuff REMAKE” (PriestDaNomad.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

DMV emcee Priest Da Nomad turns up the levels and puts a new twist on DJ Kool’s 80s debut single for the latest track to be lifted from his impressive “Receipts” album.

Before The Winner Comes The Fall Album Stream – Grunge Gallardo

Grunge Gallardo (of Virginia’s Opioid Era crew) showcases his formidable rhyme skills on this impressive UKAT-produced album, spitting passionate verses packed with life observations, street knowledge and social / cultural commentary over raw beats.

Receipts Album Stream – Priest Da Nomad

Maryland’s Priest Da Nomad celebrates the past, present and future of his personal Hip-Hop journey on this brilliant new album, with the DMV lyricist revisiting back-in-the-day memories and also offering commentary on the current state of the culture, accompanied by vibrant production from the likes of DJ Rage, Choppy Chope Sound, DJ Spinna and more.

New Joint – BlackEarth

BlackEarth – “Switch Lanes” (WeAreBlackEarth.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Lively lead single off the new “Intensive Care Unit” album from DMV duo Kaimbr and Howard B Knoxz.

New Joint – Grunge Gallardo

Grunge Gallardo – “In The Music” (@GrungeGallardo / 2022)

Virginia’s Grunge Gallardo continues to prepare for the August 22nd release of his solo album “Before The Winner Comes The Fall” with another display of lyrical mastery.

New Joint – Don Anthony & Sinitus Tempo

Don Anthony & Sinitus Tempo – “Baby Genius” (@IAmDonAnthony / 2022)

Maryland lyricist Don Anthony’s introspective rhymes float across the laidback, hypnotic production of Sinitus Tempo with ease on this quality new single.

New Joint – Shaw Calhoune

Shaw Calhoune – “Amaryllis” (ShawCalhoune.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Soul-drenched Clypto-produced cut from Maryland artist Shaw Calhoune’s recent EP “my regards”.

A King Wit Words Album Stream – Kain King

Sharp, accomplished wordplay from Virginia’s Kain King on this latest album release.

New Joint – Fly Anakin

Fly Anakin – “Poisonous Primates” (@FlyAnakin / 2022)

Produced by Foisey and taken from the Mutant Academy member’s recent album “Frank”.

New Joint – Tokyo Cigar x August Fanon

Tokyo Cigar x August Fanon – “Homer Simpson Shirt” / “Enchiridion” (TokyoCigarMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Maryland’s Tokyo Cigar drops heavy-mental wordplay over sublime production from Dallas’s August Fanon off the pair’s forthcoming album “Lexus Money”.

New Joint – Tokyo Cigar

Tokyo Cigar – “Listening To Nashiem And Carlos Broady” (TokyoCigarMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from Maryland sonic scientist Tokyo Cigar’s new “Nickle Bagz” remix EP.

my regards EP Stream – Shaw Calhoune

Quality five-track EP from Shaw Calhoune featuring the Maryland emcee dropping assertive, captivating rhymes over soulful backdrops from the likes of Clypto Beats and Four Limbs.

New Joint – 3 The God Way / Bebe LaMonica

3 The God Way ft. Bebe LaMonica – “Goat Holster” (3TheGodWay.BandCamp / 2022)

DMV giants Kaimbr, Sean Born and Let The Dirt Say Amen deliver the second single from their excellent collaborative album “Mount Olympus”.

New Joint – Priest Da Nomad / Blakka P

Priest Da Nomad ft. Blakka P – “Guess Who?” (PriestDaNomad.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Maryland’s Priest Da Nomad gets some stress off his chest over thunderous beats from Detroit producer DJ Rage on this new single.

New Joint – Fly Anakin

Fly Anakin – “Class Clown” (@FlyAnakin / 2022)

Produced by Foisey and taken from the Mutant Academy member’s quality new album “Frank” which dropped today.

New Joint – Big Shot Manceeni

Big Shot Manceeni – “One Life To Live” (@BigShotManceeni / 2022)

One of the many highlights from D.M.P. / The Proz member Big Shot Manceeni’s recent Nottz-produced album “Culinary Art”.

New Joint – Fly Anakin / Pink Siifu / Billz Egypt

Fly Anakin ft. Pink Siifu & Billz Egypt – “Black Be The Source” (FlyAnakin.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Produced by DJ Harrison and taken from Mutant Academy member Fly Anakin’s forthcoming Lex Records album “Frank”.

New Joint – Ambassador Rick

Ambassador Rick – “1000% Sure” (TheOpioidEra.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Piano-laced rawness from the Opioid Era member’s excellent Lee Grant-produced release “The Tape Nobody Made”.